Jun. 15th, 2011

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DCon is September, right? I should NOT be starting to panic about getting everything done before then, RIGHT?! The post I mde back in Feb about everything I was planning to do is here but let me break this down for my own sanity.

Things to do for various Amy costumes-
-size watch
-buy tights
-finish red scarf
-find some sort of alt shirt for Doctor's Wife
-Not start any more costumes.

NOT TOO BAD RIGHT? Considering I have 5 Amy costumes, basically, if I finish all that.
(TOA/FAS, VatD, Doctor's Wife, What Are Little Boys Made Of and God Complex. Not sure what to do with the fact that two eps will have not aired and I jumped the gun too fast there yet...)

Things to do for Lily Evans-
-Wand/Robe (might get to this this year, might not)

Things to do for Kaylee-
-GET THE DAMN COVERALLS IN THE MAIL. Tracking says should be here tomorrow. I already have the patches to put on it, but I need to chop the sleeves and draw the stuff and distress the hell out of it. And then decide exactly which costume I'm doing. Won a ebay auction for an ok pink floral shirt, cost almost nothing, so when that gets here I'll see what it really looks like and how much of an option it is before I go from there.

I'm waffling between the pilot costume or the promo pic costume, which are basically the same but I HAVE THE UMBRELLA from the pilot so it seems silly not to do that but if I do I'll need a aqua brocade jacket which I may or may not have to MAKE and a workable shirt that somewhat resembles the Karen Kane one and pink flipflops. If I do the promo pic jacket I can Not Worry About Carting Around An Umbrella and probably use my black doc for boots, but still would need to get the necklace. OH DEBATES. WE'LL SEE WHAT THE EBAY SHIRT IS LIKE.

Things to do for MegaGirl-
-EVERYTHING. Though I am thinking that I'll likely do shoes similar to Amy's in Beat Below so that if I ever do get around to that one, I'll have them? I have lots of bookmarks for this costume though, so I should be OK. Just...have to start.

Things to do for Gaila-
-EVERYTHING. honestly not sure if I'll make it to this costume this year. Depends what my funds look like when I finish EVERYTHING ELSE.

Final note-
eleven weeks. not long enough!!

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