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• I joined a new RPG for the first time in....ages. I'm playing Merlin at [ profile] planetrecursion. So far, it's amazingly hilarious.

• A large cockroach fell down the collar of my shirt last night. I stripped on the balcony and ran. Anyone hiding in the woods at 1 am got a show, otherwise? I'm still a bit unsettled about the fact that a roach just fell down my shirt. As has been pointed out, that takes talent. A talent I would rather not have, thank you.

• I applied to a real job. Teaching English at a local private school. We'll see how that goes! But teaching...might really be what I end up doing. I suppose we'll see! Many other things still on the cards, of course.

• I've also realized the strange thing that happened when I didn't get into UNC: I didn't actually run. I saw that there's an airline hiring flight attendants, based in Houston, and was momentarily severely tempted to go for it, but something about my life here makes me happy, even when I'm a raging ball of pissed off and upset, and I didn't really want to leave. In a way, that's sort of a first for me, because I thought of the people in my life before I went off on another adventure.

Maybe I'm finally growing up. I'm not sure what I think of that.

• Bonus note: Addicted to Criminal Minds.

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