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So I really need to update my ICONS more than anything else right now, it feels, but then I might actually feel compelled to post/comment more, and that would be strange.

I've not written a lot lately because...Not a lot has been happening. I'm stagnating just a little bit, going about from day to day and not doing terribly much in the way of Exciting Adventures. I'm still working hard at David's Bridal, and enjoying it for the most part. Going to attempt to hang out with a coworker again tomorrow evening, provided she doesn't FORGET ME AGAIN. (Bad form, D. Very bad form!!)

Things with the boy have been going pretty well, we're actually taking a ROAD TRIP early next week. We're both working on the 4th, so we're driving down to my old stomping grounds in GA the next day, so he can finally meet MY friends. Should be fun! Also, I miss ye olde Borro. Haven't been down in 7 months, which is an absolute travesty.

I recently got hooked on Criminal Minds. My mom had been watching it on TV regularly for months and my dad and I had been making fun of her for it regularly for months. Until I somehow got sucked in and went and decided that this was something I REALLY needed to watch from the beginning. I've now seen all but the very most recent episode because I don't like the idea of not having more waiting for me. This is made possible by the fact that it's on TV all the time so I can get sucked into an ep (or 4) I've already seen.

Let me tell you about CM and why I love it:
 • It's smart. You're expected to keep up, to figure things out as they go along, sometimes before the characters do, depending on the format of the particular episode. Also, every episode begins and ends with a quote. I like that, I like quotes. I like them using them effectively. It also does smart THINGS. I read in a review somewhere that most of the time in TV/Film, when they try to emphasize the whole boy/girl next door, your neighbor, someone normal aspect of a bad guy, they use unassuming actors. CM does this too, but they also will cast faces that are familiar to us from positive roles, casting against type and doing it well!
 • The characters. The plotlines may have been what intrigued me, but what made me want to watch it all was the way the characters interacted with the plotlines. Characterization in such a smart show has GOT to be consistent, and the characters in CM are just completely engaging and hard to turn away from. I'll readily admit that Reid is my favorite, and not just because Matthew Gray Gubler is gorgeous. It's how smart the character is that gets me, and how socially inept his intelligence has made him. That awareness that no one is quite like him is delightful, as is the fact that he doesn't try to be like everyone else in order to be liked. Also, the random statistics. There isn't a single character on the show that I don't adore though. Garcia is badass from her oracle-bunker of all things known and unknown, Morgan is badass (also gorgeous) with an interesting past, plus the way he flirts with everything that moves is great, as is the fact that he can love people and it not be about sex. Hotch, oh Hotch. You have to warm up to him a little, but he reminds me of my dad with the stoicness but dry sense of humor. JJ is just...she's JJ and the idea of her not being on the show kills me because she's like the breath of normality in the midst of all these crazy genius profilers (and tech goddess). Prentiss's determination is gorgeous, and her nose is adorable. I love watching her and her trying to balance everything- the job, her mother, her religion. Elle broke my heart, but I loved her fiercely too. Gideon, well come on! It's Mandy Patkin and if you ever watched Dead Like Me and DIDN'T adore Rube, you're insane. Rossi had to grow on me, but after a while you can't help but love his ego & questionable contacts. and I ♥ the non-teammembers too. >.> (KEVIN!!) I think I may have abused the word "badass" and other synonyms in this long ramble.
 • While each episode (sometimes 2 if it's a 2-parter) has its own coherency, it's own beginning, middle & end, if you ARE watching in order, you can see everyone grow in small ways. There are some huge, catastrophic sorts of things that have to be dealt with, and you get to see them come back up, even entire SEASONS later. And it's not even in-your-face about it either, they expect you to remember why Reid absolutely does not want any narcotics in the hospital and the scene is that much more effective for it.
 • I return: it's smart. It's a show about getting into the minds of the people we don't want to understand and understanding them so that they can be stopped. It's a fascinating concept, something that I can't help but be interested in. As a result, the unsubs (unknown subjects, usually the bad guy!) have to be more fleshed out. Everything they do means something, even if the meaning isn't obvious in the least. And the more you know about the world, the more fascinating each case becomes.

Yeah, so that went on for a while. For my birthday I did get a sony ereader which I love to absolute pieces and while I've mostly just been using it on my lunch breaks (getting through 5 seasons of CM takes some time, okay), I've gotten through almost the first two of the Dresden Files novels, which I've thoroughly been enjoying. I plan to deviate from that next and hit up some classic SciFi (I've got some Asimov on the list). It's great to be able to read for fun again, and also fun to be able to carry a ton of books in a tiny little package.

I think one of the things my intellectual pursuits have made me realize lately, however, is that I really do live more inside my own head than I think most of the rest of the world does. I thrive on stories, on imagination. I think my life would be far the poorer without it, but it might be easier for me to live up to my own expectations.

In my mind, I'm capable of being the main character, but in reality, I feel more like an extra. And I'm not sure what I need to do to break free (other than not work in SALES of all things.......) Nothing feels good or important enough, and I feel like I'm never going to escape the feeling of in-between-ness that I've been fighting for the past 6 years or so. Someday, I hope, my life will actually start. But until then, everything still feels so temporary. But I refuse to stay an extra forever, I just may need a few more degrees to get there.


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