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Since I haven't done one of these since just post-DCon, here's what's going on!

Actually, I just realized that I never mentioned on here properly that the boy I was with I have not been with since pre-DCon. Oops. If you had no idea, then the rest of this is probably going to make you go "whoa" a bit. If you did you've probably heard half of this already.

The job is still going well, even though I know that it's not what I'm going to do FOREVER, I'm still holding off on looking for anything else until at least after Bridal Christmas. Because I'd be an idiot to pass up on that. The time period from Jan to about April is absolutely insane in the bridal world and since I'm now one of the most experienced consultants going into it, I stand to make a fair amount of money.

Which is good because I'm about to blow a lot of it in the next month as [ profile] ninepointfivemm and I are headed down to Orlando in December. Because I was starting to feel like a really bad HP fan for not having gone to the Wizarding World yet. I've already taken care of hotel and airfare, so the next expenses are going to be the actual TICKETS TO THE PARKS (can't be in Orlando and not see Disney!) and then I still have to not be completely broke so I can live my life in the meantime. It's a pretty fun balancing act. Really. BUT! WIZARDING WORLD! I'm stoked. :D

Which brings me to the amusing Dating Life of Meg. Let's see, we have had...
• An Engineer. Who is terrible about staying in touch & as such I basically gave up on a long time ago.
• A Punk. Who I knew through the ex, so this was always a bad idea.
• A Nigerian Doctor. Who was very fun to talk to, but I also had just about zero chemistry with. Met this one on OKC, but he's also very busy doctoring, so that's just sort of...fizzled out pretty easily.
• A Fireman, who is currently my neighbor and changed my tire once before asking me out. He's a nice guy, decent enough chemistry, but just does not hold my interest and seems to think calling me to wake me up and do things on my day off is completely ok. Warning: Waking me up and expecting me to say "yes, of course I want to hang out with you right this minute" is idiotic. I am asleep. It's not happening.
• A Student. Who's kinda sneak-attacked me with awesomeness in the past few days. I like this one.

I'd say that's a pretty good list for uh, two months. Considering the fact that I've outright ignored a lot of messages on OKC, the list could be much longer. I was going to tell a fun OKC story, but I think I'll save it for later.

This has been your Random Update On My Life, which is likely not that interesting to anyone who is Not Me, but I put forward just in case it is. ♥ to you all!

Now back to my regularly scheduled bout of ST fanfic and random lollygagging about on the internet as I think of the best way to fulfill the next LJ Idol prompt. Fun times!

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