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So it's like, two weeks away. I've gotta finish everything! HOW DID IT GET SO LATE IN THE GAME. It feels like I've been waiting for this forever (kinda have) but all of a sudden it's CRUNCH TIME.

And I have nine costumes in various states of readiness. NINE. For one weekend. I don't know if this is at all sane (actually, I know it's probably not, but what's a girl to do?), so I'm thinking about...not bringing all of them. Well, not all the Amy Pond ones at least.

Here's what I've got-
Amy Pond
-Night Terrors
-God Complex
The last two haven't aired yet, Night Terrors airs the week of con so on top of the fact that I'm wearing it for a specific shoot, I'm definitely bringing that one. I really like the God Complex costume, but it's not going to air by then so won't be very recognizable and involves ANOTHER jacket. So I'm thinking I might leave that one at home. The other one I might not take is Vincent and the Doctor because the teal coat is bulky and I'm still not done with the scarf. Blah! The others are fairly easy- I caved and bought A SHIRT, ANY SHIRT for The Doctor's Wife, and I already need the boots for that for Night Terrors, so. Also, people will know what that IS. Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone is just too comfy not to bring.

-Dalek Tea Service (Victory of the Daleks Dalek dress! With tea tray! I'm still making this)
-MegaGirl (From Starship. I have all the base parts and the components, it just needs to all be put together)
-Lily Evans (Basically done, leaving robes for another year)
-Kaylee Frye (Also basically done, I need to run the jumpsuit over with my car or something though to distress it some)

Yuppp. That's where I'm standing there. Sorry I never update, guys. I'm working some things out in my own head right now and am making decent progress, but it's not easy. It's probably the opposite of easy, actually, but I have DragonCon to look forward to right now, so that's always going to cheer me up. There are so many people who will be there that I can't wait to see! [ profile] ninepointfivemm for one, [ profile] another_myself for another, then all the people who don't do LJ (or very rarely) like Joe & JD & various con friends...

We just got a new girl at the store who used to do the anime con circuits, so maybe when I eventually leave, they at least won't be left without a geek.

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