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I am REASONABLY sure that I've talked about Starship on here before, and if not I'm sorry because I really should have. (It's a musical by Starkid- those crazy people who made musical parodies of Harry Potter, all of the above can be found on youtube. Starship is a musical that is basically Starship Troopers meets Ants meets Avenue Q and Darren Criss wrote the songs.) BUT that's not the point.

I had a strange moment on my way to work this afternoon (which was insanely busy and I sold a dress, just the dress, that totaled at over $1000, AWESOME.) where I actually grabbed my ipod and decided to listen to it. It was on the Starship album so I figured WHY NOT, and just backed it up to the beginning of whatever song had been last played (it was last played at DCon when [ profile] ninepointfivemm were forcibly introducing it to people).

Which has resulted in this song being stuck in my head for ABOUT 11 hours now. Minus when I was running around too fast to have anything in my head but where to find the next dress, of course.

Yes, I had to share it with you all. A FEW THINGS ABOUT THIS SONG:
  1. It is strangely inspiring considering the actual context of the scene. Seriously, the line I have on repeat is "what you see right there is a prisoner who's sitting on top of the key- you've got to kick it up a notch if you ever want to be free." But the actual goal of the scene is for Pincer (giant scorpion) to convince Bug (little bug) to become a human and lure the other humans back so he can eat their brains. I'm not kidding. (SEE, GO WATCH THE SHOW PEOPLE, IT'S REALLY FUNNY AND I'M NOT EVEN TELLING YOU THE BEST BITS.) SO with that on repeat in my head I'm getting a CONSTANT REMINDER TO DO SOMETHING WITH MY LIFE and giggling a lot. At the same time. It's sort of ridiculous.
  2. Dude has a seriously hot voice. No really, go listen to him. It's all jazzy and really hot. Further proof of my Thing for musicians. Also, WATCH THE SHOW and see how utterly derpy his other character is.
  3. I can't stop thinking about how hilariously epic it would be to make a four-person costume of Pincer (yep, still the giant scorpion) and bring it to DragonCon. There are obviously some flaws in this plan- making the thing, transporting the thing, having people to WEAR the thing, not dying while wearing the thing, etc. But I just have this IMAGE of Pincer on the escalators. And in the parade, because it would be epic in the parade. And as Jessi pointed out, I want to be a claw.

And now I'm amused that I just managed to post a fair bit about my life all surrounded by one song. Sung by a giant scorpion puppet. Oh, life.

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