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A few things! First off, I have been working on my Geek Knowledge lately. If I have you on FB, you probably realize this. If I have you on twitter, you MIGHT. If I harass you on aim (you know who you are!) yeah, you're almost definitely aware. (If you would like to be harassed on aim, I'm themegaloooo there, IM me and tell me who you are and we can start the painfully awkward cycle of me blurting things out at random, then going silent as I have strange issues sometimes where I don't want to be distracting, lol.)

 • A few weeks ago I got the sudden, inexplicable urge to watch Stargate Atlantis. This is made somewhat hilarious by the fact that I've still only watched half of SG-1 and that was 2 years ago so it's a bit hazy. But I pulled it up on netflix and just started going right on through it all, I got utterly and completely hooked. In a massive way. I completely loved it. I was very confused about what to do with myself when I finished and started going back to the beginning of SG-1 (seriously need a refresher on what the hell is going on there so I can actually FINISH THE SERIES) but ended up needing a Stargate Break. I mean, several episodes a day for weeks, while awesome, my attention-span eventually lagged. xD So I decided to...
 • Go back and work on finishing BSG. I started watching it back in March, and cannot for the life of remember what show I ended up getting side-tracked too. Actually, I think it might have been Ugly Betty from when my sister came up for her spring break and was on a kick of it and took over the TV. Long & short of it is that I never went back. SO, I finally finished S2 and have watched the first few episodes of S3. This is my conclusion so far about BSG: EVERYTHING THAT CAN GO WRONG, WILL. And just when you think it is actually about to be too depressing for LIFE, something uplifting will happen and they'll play the pipes and drums and you get the warm fuzzies inside. And they do insane things like give Apollo a beer belly and the most RIDICULOUS LOOKING JOWLS EVER. I miss his abs. Seriously, those were pretty abs to look at. Someone tell me the abs of awesome come back!! (If they don't or if he dies, just don't say anything.) And so I paused after Exodus pt2 because it had one of those warm happy moments and decided, of ALL THINGS, to start re-reading...
 • The Hunger Games. Because apparently when BSG is not crushing my soul with sadness, I need something else to do the trick. This got slightly awkward as I was reading the first few chapters in the break room at work today while I was eating my lunch and because I know what happens, I was just sitting there, reading, and tearing up like a ridiculous person. And I had to go back out and be smiley and sell wedding gowns like ten minutes later. THAT WAS FUN. (not) Especially since [TMI]I ended up in cramp awful pain central right after. Pain, hot sweats, passing desire to vomit, etc. Took three ibuprofen and still ended up leaving a little early :([/TMI]. But yeah. I just finished THG again and am debating if I want to go on to reading the second two. I probably will, in the end.

As for other things: I quit smoking. Well, sort of. I quit smoking CIGARETTES and have been trying out the e-cigs. If you have not heard of them, what they are is a water-vapor based electronic cigarette. The result is DRASTICALLY fewer chemicals, no known carcinogens, no tar, no smell, no ash, no huge amounts of litter. No going outside & freezing. It's pretty cool and has made me realize JUST HOW AWFUL cigarettes actually are. Just over a week after I got it, I tried to smoke a real one and ended up hacking up a lung. That was really weird. And awful. And it's weird to think about the ash and everything going into your body in retrospect once it's no longer an everyday thing. I smoked for five years and I literally stopped buying them and stopped smoking them at all within DAYS of getting my e-cig. Everyone has been really proud of me, including myself, and I am slowly converting everyone I know. My GRANDMOTHER bought one, and I am so proud because she has lung problems already from smoking and would quit and then go back all the time once she started feeling healthier and I really hope it works out for her. :) That's my major life update, really.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that I wrote something I'm actually quite pleased with. It's funny because it was in response to a texted question of "what do you live for," and I literally texted the whole thing. I have edited it a little bit since then, but it comes down to this:
Stories. Lay your stories at my feet and I will be happy. Give me your tales dripped in history, in politics, in the supernatural, in the technology not yet conceived in our own reality. Give me the characters and their interactions, let me see them grow and change. Let strangers become friends and enemies the one constant. Show me what happens after the end; the adventures and the domestic, the conclusion and the day-to-days that follow. Tell me the same tale six ways. Let me be absorbed into another world for a time, if only in the confines of my own imagination. Lay all your stories at my feet and I will be content.

I like it.

Annnnnnnd this post is, by far, long enough.

Though WTF my paid account ran out and it left me with ZERO DOCTOR WHO ICONS. WTF.
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