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SO. It's been a while since I've posted one of these. Sept 2009, actually. Over 2 years using the SAME LAYOUT, my god. Obviously, I was pretty fond of my Merlin Fanatic layout, and it was pretty cool. Cool enough that I kept MOST of the coding I painstakingly did for it on this one. Sherlock, obviously. If you're up on the fandom and/or on tumblr, you have probably seen the whole graffiti fiasco. As a fandom->real life movement, the IDEA is pretty cool. But the execution of damaging public & private property that a lot of people have been embracing...that is NOT cool. And also not legal. Which makes it doubly not cool. Seeing the post-it's, snow writing, fliers, etc however did give me the idea. Click through to [ profile] themegaloo to see my approach! Seriously, I'm damn pleased with how it's turned out, though there are a few tweaks I still want to make. Once I do that, I might offer it up for others to use as well, haven't decided yet. I sort of want to jazz up the entry boxes somehow but I haven't decided with WHAT yet. Suggestions welcome.

OH and PS- my tumblr matches, and wasn't THAT a pain and a half.

EDIT: And I completely broke it on accident trying to change an image, but it's back now. And on that note, if for some reason you see something TOTALLY NOT LOOKING LIKE A LAYOUT WITH A STONE WALL AND SHERLOCK & JOHN AND EVERYTHING....god, please tell me.
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