May. 17th, 2012 02:35 am
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I'd say I'm going to get better at posting and commenting but...I'm probably not going to. Oops. I DO STILL READ ALL THE THINGS.

So my last update was not quite a month ago, which is pretty good for me, right? I had just gotten my wings and was at home, waiting to go out on my IOE, where they sent me out with a working crew, let me tag along behind and ask questions for a few flights, and then made me do the work with one of the FAs tagging along making sure I did it right and then made me do it and my FA sat back and wrote down what I did wrong and right and made sure I could do it on my own.

Neverwracking? Oh hell yeah. Funny thing is, anything that could go wrong basically did. We had a 30 minute delay waiting for maintenance to get out there and tape up a broken tray table, we had ground-stops due to an airport being over-crowded, we had delays for other maintenance issues, and then my last two flights were CANCELED due to weather. We got out to the runway, were told there was a delay, so we waited and I brought everyone water. Then the delay got worse, so I brought out the cart and gave everyone sodas and snacks, and then it got worse again, so we went back to the gate and let everyone off. Sat on an empty airplane, got clearance, re-boarded all the passengers, and then they canceled the flight.

That was...fun. AS A RESULT I didn't get to actually finish my IOE. I went home and sat around and waited. Finally, they called me back out and I deadheaded all over Texas before meeting up with my NEW crew to work my last two flight. They went a lot smoother, and PASSED! I came home the next day, was put on a reserve schedule, figured out how all the websites work, bid for my June schedule, hung out with my roommate (who really is sweet!) and whined about not working. Crazy, right?! Still getting paid for it, JUST BORED. Today, I found out I had gotten one of the open flights that's listed on our server. SUNDAY I start my first non-training flight!! I'll be flying to NYC, to Elmira, to Burlington and Detroit. Not in that order. I have it all written down. And I go back and forth a lot. BUT I AM EXCITED. WORKING! FLYING!! JOYOUS DAY!

And then I figured out that since the bidding for June is over, they put up a preliminary schedule. And it's not a reserve schedule. So, starting in June, it looks like I'm a full-on flight attendant, if that schedule turns out to be true!

And now I'm texting my roommate from across the hall because neither of us can sleep. I'm so ready to be doing things again!
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