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These are things which you know if you follow me on twitter:

• My grandfather died on Sunday and I'm flying out to Texas for the funeral tomorrow. It was incredibly sudden and unexpected and happened in his sleep. I'm okay, I really am. But it's sort of a strange lack of balance. (Not that I was ever very balanced, the amount of bruises I have right now from running into things is really sad.) Just the fact that he always HAS been there, I talked to him like, a week before. He wasn't sick or anything, but he'd had bypass surgery 24 years ago. I'm sad, but I'm not devastated because I'm glad he went quickly and peacefully and was babysitting the night before, because he was always so full of life that I think wasting away would have killed him on an emotional level. He made his mistakes, but he was a good man and he was really happy for the past several years. His wife, Carmen, and he founded and ran a ministry in the Philippines and he'd been sober and happy. You can't help but admire a man who made mistakes, but still found something that made him really happy. These past few years he and my grandmother had even been friendly, which took a long time. I'm going to stop word vomiting about this now because I don't really know what to say about it except the fact that he was my grandfather and I loved him and the world feels a little strange knowing that he's no longer in it.

• I didn't get into the program I wanted at UNC.

Which leaves me at loose ends. I love my job at David's Bridal and I'm good at it and have a lot of fun, but I can't see making it my life. So I don't have a plan anymore, and while I can always reapply for a later term, well. I'm one of those passing believers in karma and sort of think that maybe I didn't get it because I wasn't meant to, and there's something more perfect for me out there.

So, flist, what do you think I should be doing with my life? I'm open to ideas and inspirations!

and really, you guys don't need to respond to the first part of this, I'm really awkward at replying to sympathies and will quickly try to change the subject. I just felt that I couldn't not say something, because it is the major event of my life right now. I know that you are all lovely people. ♥

Amusing sidenotes:

• MY MOTHER NICKED MY RED CARRY-ON. So I'm traveling off balance tomorrow with a blue bag.
• For possibly the first time in six years, I've packed BEFORE the wee hours/morning of my flight. And also did all the little squeezy bottles & compact makeup stuff. ([ profile] angryhamster has seen my primary makeup carrying case and it really is scary.)
• I completed dalek cullen.
• I fail at the internet lately.
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SO AS MANY OF YOU KNOW, I am meant to be traveling back to Dublin this week for graduation.

As all of you SHOULD KNOW, airspace in the UK&Ireland keeps getting shut down.

As everyone has told me for ages and I frequently disbelieved because *I* had never had an issue, Delta is crap.

I CANNOT figure out if my plane is actually going to get off the ground in New York or not. I'm meant to fly into JFK from Raleigh on Tuesday and then fly from there to Dublin that night, arriving at 10:30am Wednesday morning. Fairly typical, pretty used to it.

But this blasted volcano and its spewing ash all over the place and making air travel downright dangerous is Not Good. See, if this were just a vacation I would shift my schedule about, make big puppy eyes at my bosses, etc. But no, no indeed this is for GRADUATION which is THURSDAY. And yet in my stalking of the internet I keep coming across all the stories of those stranded and thinking my reason less valid because I'm putting myself in a position to get stranded instead of trying to get home to a job, a sick or pregnant relative, a son's wedding, a place where I'm not bankrupting myself for hotel costs, etc. I see all these things on the RTE site of people asking those traveling for pleasure to reschedule and feeling a bit bad because I know I won't. I want to be there, I miss it desperately and this, this right here is my opportunity to go back and DAMNIT, VOLCANO!! AND I NEED TO GRADUATE.

Where's a TARDIS when you need it.

That aside, work's been going well enough but I'm learning what it is to be really LIKED at a job. I'm meant to be part-time, right? Which when I was interviewing was defined for be as being under 35 hours. I've been regularly working close to 40 and actually getting SENT HOME EARLY because they don't do overtime and I need to get out of there before I'm on overtime hours. I've had some really good days lately, thought today was not my best. Felt really weird and tired all day for no apparent reason and it had me all off-balance. Annoying. Also was talking to a coworker today who said she didn't think I was going to make it when I first started because of the scared-shitless expression on my face the first few days. WELL YOU LEFT ME ALONE AT THE FRONT DESK. A position I wasn't trained for and didn't know what to do with because when people called I didn't have the INFORMATION to be competent. Bah. Proved them rather wrong though.


REALLY I just want an answer to all the flight questions, want to know if I'm going over or not. Once I'm THERE I don't care too much about the ease of getting home, I have the day after I (hopefully) get back off and if flights get terribly delayed I'll have no problem in ringing them up and explaining the situation because there will be nothing else I COULD DO should that happen. And I know enough people that I could manage somehow.

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So [ profile] ninepointfivemm is off on her way back to Georgia now and I POSSIBLY have an hour before I have to go to work. Really, the "on call" idea is all fine and well, but I'd rather be on call AFTER I'm already there. Pls just schedule for the morning and make the on-call after if we're still needed?

In that vein, giving me St. Patrick's day off, but not the day after? CRUEL. I've pretty much stopped any resemblance of how I used to drink, but I had a bit of a Dublin throw back for the holiday (I have come to the conclusion that it is Not a Classy Holiday and any attempts to treat it as such are stupid), which made going to work at 11 the next day...not very fun. But you know, I can deal. It's not the first time I've had to be capable when I feel vaguely like death! My coworkers got a kick out of it, especially when my WATCH STOPPED WORKING and I consequently had no idea that I was done for the day.

I had one of the BEST brides yesterday though, she was adorable and tiny and her wife-to-be was very sweet and she just was so HAPPY and she giggled and was having such fun (plus she bought headpieces which means GOOD THINGS for my weekly report thingy!!) Not everyone I work with is buckets of fun, but I have had a few I really enjoyed helping, and she definitely makes the list.

So yeah. I have possibly an hour to kill. Trying to decide if it's worth it to turn on something to watch or not, hmmm.
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It wasn't too long ago that I did something like this for my laptop, which felt like it was on it's last gasps as the time, physically. However, my father is like a laptop surgeon with access to artificial limbs that look and act just like the originals (but without the little stickers telling you what it's got on in the inside) and as such, my baby is pretty much back to perfect again. Except that dying jet engine noise, but god knows how I'd make that one stop.

However, there was no hope for my dying phone. I'd been using a Palm Centro since I got back stateside in September, and let me tell you- that phone was a hot mess. My mom had gotten it refurbed from ebay, them lost it and gotten a new phone that she could use easier and then it was found again so then they put my number on it because it was at least a bit better than my geriatric LG flip phone. To put it simply- I'd been due an upgrade since 08, according to Verizon. The Centro was pretty cool at first, but obviously a bit outdated and the QWERTY wasn't the easiest in the world to use. I adjusted, got used to it, made it work for me and got pretty handy with those tiny-ass keys. But then the OS started breaking down, programs would RANDOMLY STOP WORKING, it would sometimes shut off the phone part and then turn back on again, making strange noises, etc.

So last week when I got my first paycheck, I made a detour by the Verizon store with the sole purpose of getting the Palm Pre+. Now in a world of people obsessed with iPhones and Blackberries and going a bit *_* over the new Android OS, right down to the up-and-coming Nexus One... Yeah, there are probably a lot of people going WTF DID YOU GET ANOTHER PALM FOR. And to them, I will explain as I had to explain to the sales rep: I like it, it's slick, I believe a phone SHOULD FIT IN MY POCKET, I don't want a touchscreen QWERTY, but I think a touchscreen in and of itself is a fun idea. I've been using the centro for ages so the size of the buttons on the Pre doesn't bother me (when he brought that up I waved the centro at him and he laughed and said 'good point'), the idea of them sliding out is something I've been enamored of since I saw [ profile] angryhamster's phone ages back and I do not want a bberry, thanks. No offense to the many and varied bberry users out there, I've heard tons of great things but I like being a little different and having a phone that's really weird for everyone else to use. Also, my camera phone has a flash. Take that, iPhone fanatics!

So those are all the reasons that nothing would deter me from my love of this phone. These are all the reasons I love it.

• It is small, sleek and fucking gorgeous. Don't believe me?

It's gorgeous. The graphics are crisp and clear, the sound quality is really good. It's loud enough for me to hear easily, the alarm wakes me up with no trouble, and I can turn those down without any hassle if I ever want them quieter for some reason. There's also the nice little switch on top that turns it on silent instantly, or vice-versa.

• It's got a wonderful touchscreen interface with easy to learn gestures, though I'm finding myself screwing up on scrolling on my laptop now, oops. It's a marvel of multitasking I can have 50 applications open and flick between them in three different views- icons card view, or full screen view. A full swipe across the bottom of the screen when an app is in full screen flicks to the next app, a half-screen swipe goes back in the application. Zooming in and out is a snap, I can access the launcher from any view, everything just FLOWS. Turning the phone sideways re-orients the screen. It's responsive, and while load times for newly-opened applications can take a few seconds, YOU CAN LEAVE THEM OPEN.

• It has a QWERTY keypad and when you slide that out, it automatically wakes up the phone without you having to unlock it (you can wake it up with the use of a button and a quick upward swipe on the touchscreen as well). Typing while not in a full-screened app searches the phone for applications and contacts, then offers the option to search the web- google (or bing, your choice), wiki, twitter or google maps. WHICH ARE ALSO REALLY SLICK AND NICE (I got lost today and had to use that one). The spacing on the keys is much improved from its centro predecessor, making typing a lot easier.

• It's webOS. This means that my entire phone is backed up daily. If I ever lose or break it, it can be restored by just...logging in, really. Inversely, if it's ever stolen, all the data can be wiped remotely. This also sort of explains how the internet is so seamlessly integrated into it.

• THE TOUCHSTONE. I don't have this yet, but I am itching to get one. It's a charger, of sorts, that you just set the phone down on. Seriously, it's a little stand, magnetic, that you set the phone down on and it just AUTOMATICALLY CHARGES IT. Furthermore, if you set the phone down while on a call, it automatically swaps to speakerphone. It also gives you a "nightstand mode," which I'm not sure of the details for yet, but I want it like burning.

• It is really fucking pretty and is like having my laptop (WITH INTERNET) with me wherever I go. Which is obviously a huge perk to a constantly connected person such as myself. I've even loaded it up with TV shows to watch on my lunch breaks. It's has 16G of space and can sync with iTunes. In short, I am in love with this phone and am pleased with peaches over everything about it.

I apologize to anyone who got stuck listening to me gush over it the past few days, but I really love this phone.

So I'm going to shut up now and try to stop talking about what little geniuses Palm are for making my PERFECT PHONE, and go...idk, enjoy the rest of my day off.

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So, did I mention I actually got the job? OFFICIALLY. Filled out paperwork today, go in for my first day of training tomorrow. HOORAY. But not what I clicked "post an entry for."

GIVEN THAT, I had so not intended to be out as late tonight as I just was. WTF. Was out with Matt at one of his friends' place and it's usually pretty chill and quiet with people just hanging around drinking beers.


I got to dance around and sing with youtube vids like I was back in Dublin. And then we (and by "we" I mean me and a few of the guys, one of whom was VERY DRUNK and had no idea what he was doing and was basically being steered by yours truly) did the Cupid Shuffle.

OH HOW IT BURNS! There was also JOURNEY and JACKSON FIVE and DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT get the idea. I put on Mika once and discovered that RANDOM GUY I DIDN'T KNOW IS FROM SCOTLAND.

This is not coherent. It is merely to express my joy at getting to cut loose and dance and scream the female part of Dirty Glass at a line of guys because I am apparently the only girl they know who knows the damn song.


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My Valentines was...okay it was pretty brilliant. I had a lot of fun and gave Matt a card shaped like the TARDIS (hand-made, of course) with an invisible ink message that became visible when he pointed his newly-acquired (not via me) sonic screwdriver at it.

He loved it. Which I think makes me the perfect geeky girlfriend. I have told him that when I have the income to afford the yarn I WILL make him the Tom Baker scarf, because that's actually pretty easy beyond the fact that it requires a lot of yarn in colors I don't currently own. Otherwise, I've been considering the best way to make a Dalek scarf upon suggestion by one of his friends. I am thinking a 2-D image of a Dalek on one end and the word EXTERMINATE spanning the length of the scarf. But, once again, short on yarn. Think that's all for random Geek Projects at the moment.

I actually fell off the fandom radar a few days ago after deciding on a whim to watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Which is a most excellent show, provided you don't embarrass easily and/or aren't going to collapse into oh my god what fits when you see Torchwood's PC Andy demanding that Not-Really-Rose-Tyler bleet like a sheep during sex set to the Tale of the Lonely Goatherd from Sound of Music.

....You wish I were kidding. I'm actually not. (SEASON 3, KIDS!) It's a really easy series to watch though, as the episodes are only 22ish minutes long and there are only 8 per season.

But because of that, I found myself falling out of fandom, as noted, to read through all the archives of Belle de Jour's blog, aka the blog the show was based on. Note: based. They're very different, but both very enjoyable. I just finished doing that, actually, and am about to turn in and get some shut-eye.

The job hunt has BASICALLY ended except for the minor problem of both them and me being completely incapable of getting ahold of my previous employer. As it turns out, he's been ill. I have no idea why this means he can't answer his phone or listen to his voicemail or have someone else doing so or having someone answer the phone at the barn or having anyone paying attention to emails...Yeah. ...HEY [ profile] extendedtrot!! Trying to get ahold of John and/or Eleanor here. TELL THEM TO CALL ME. (should have thought of that one earlier--!)

NOT THE POINT THOUGH. The point is once I properly GET THIS JOB there are clearly a few things mentioned in this post I must do:
• Buy Large Quantities of yarn
• Buy all the Belle de Jour books
• ....Profit somehow?

Yeah it's sort of late/early, as per usual, and I'm not tired as such, but probably should make willing to sleep. We'll see how that goes.

Gutted that there's no Chuck OR White Collar this week. Rather pleased for the Chinese Pair Skaters though. Shut up, I've been watching figure skating since I was tiny, it's like, the only winter games sport I care about at all (Equestrian being the only summer game I care for). Will be glad when this is all over again though so I can have my shows back! Not that it's to blame for WC being bumped: that's all on the dogs with the unhealthy obsession for Lady Gaga. No idea what I'm talking about? You clearly haven't been watching USA, because I cannot seem to purge the damn ad from my brain fast enough before it's back on again.

Seriously. Shutting up and signing off now. Tata!


Jan. 30th, 2010 10:58 am
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So let's talk about SNOW. And the fact that even North Carolina, which is considerably Less South than Georgia, still doesn't really know what to do with it. Particularly out in the Eastern part because the ocean usually keeps it a few degrees warmer.

I honestly didn't believe it when I got a call yesterday from David's Bridal about how my "come see what the store is like on a busy day" thing would possibly be canceled on account of weather. This is probably from growing up in Georgia and how every time they would say IT'S GOING TO SNOW it...............didn't. Well, there were a handful of times that it did, BUT NOT MANY! And we're not getting into the Augusta Ice Storm of 04 right now, that's an entirely different wintery monster.

POINT IS, all day yesterday I was looking at the bright sunniness that was the weather and the Just Over Freezing that was the temperature and going "It's not going to happen, it's going to miss us by like, 30 miles again, it's so not going to snow." Then I was over at Matt's and we were watching stuff on Netflix and it was flurrying! Exciting! Watched another episode of...something. (I think it was when we were watching Dead Like Me) and then we looked out again and OMFG THAT IS NOT FLURRIES, THAT'S TOTALLY STICKING! Which was mad because it was 60 degrees on Thursday and the ground should have been way too warm for that. But there were a good couple of inches on the ground.

So we had a little snowball scrimmage and I got snow stuck in my glasses for a bit, but it's all good!

This morning I get up early-early for me and am just WAITING for the call that says WE'RE CLOSED TODAY, LET'S RESCHEDULE and watching the news and seeing them be all stay off the roads unless you have to, etc, hang out with us here on your TVs! So I was seriously expecting that call. I took my cellphone with me into the bathroom so I would hear it if it rang while I showered.

No call.

Eventually it gets close to when I'm meant to be there and my dad and I decide, well, they might be open? So he goes and digs out the car, I get completely ready, and we drive very slowly over there. Only got stuck on piled-up snow once. But like I said, this is still the south. No one was plowing or salting or whathaveyou, you couldn't see the lines on the road, everyone was just crawling along. We get there. THEY'RE OPEN! I go in and talk to them and make them go :O YOU TURNED UP! and in the end, the point was to see a busy day at the store. They'd had a ton of cancellations. So I'm rescheduled for tomorrow and I get to go back to sleep and enjoy the snow.

But it's still funny. And I think I got some accidental mad bonus points for going in IN THE SNOW!!

IN SHORT: SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So it dawned on me earlier as I was participating in
THE Merlin Friending Meme!
Which is not something I normally do, but hey, I like new people? But it dawned on me that I've barely updated in like, a few months. So hello, world! I'm alive.

So what's going on in the world of Meg QUICK RECAP!!

• Still looking for a job. Someday, this search will be lucrative.
• Applying to UNC at Chapel Hill for the archival science program. Went and visited it last week after mum dragged me into Raleigh with her so that I could judge her students' science fair projects. I wondered most of the morning how I got talked into these sorts of things as it involved me waking p at 4:45am. PAINFUL! But Chapel Hill is lovely and I only got a little lost. It's definitely where I hope to be next year.
• I'm still dating Matt. And like, officially dating him. On facebook even. Which still sometimes strikes me as surreal because I've been living in that transitory world for so long, where I'm always leaving for a long ways away very soon so there's no use getting attached. I'm still not entirely not-leaving, but Chapel Hill is not in the category of a long ways away in the least.
• I'm doing laundry, which I still hate, but I hate a little less when it doesn't cost me 8 euros to do in addition to having to haul it around. This is a plus.

Yeah, that's about it for the RL stuff. See why I haven't updated overly much? Not much going ON.

Now for the internetly/fandomy/televisiony stuff.

• Totally addicted to Chuck now. Oh my god, give me geeky spy shows any day of the week, I love it.
• WHITE COLLAR STARTS BACK TONIGHT. I think this may be the cutoff for Jeff Eastin's twitter war with Matt Nix--Go follow White Collar creator @jeffeastin if you aren't already!!
• I'm still sort of sad that I don't have Merlin to look forward to every Saturday at the moment.
• Doctor Who End of Time: Apparently not very liked by the fen 'round these parts, but I enjoyed it despite its failings. I don't tend to get upset with shows unless they like, kill people off that I really don't want killed off [IANTO] or do something really, really stupid and against everything I think the show stands for. I'm a pretty easy fan to please, honestly, when it comes to the canon material! Though some episodes do make me happier than others.
• SOMEONE OUT THERE: explain to me what was going on with Charlie being on Fringe last Monday? Didn't see the Thursday episode, was watching Grey's. But I am so confused. Also what's up with the Monday 9pm spot on Fox?
• SPEAKING OF FOX- I don't really believe they're honestly going to revamp Torchwood for an American audience. It might be wishful thinking, but I doubt they'll follow through on that one.
• Also behind on House on account of it being on at the same time as Chuck. Not cool, guys. Not cool. So many of my shows are in conflict with eachother!! Clearly this is a problem with the TV people and does not mean I watch too many shows. Obviously.
• Someday I'll finish watching SG-1 and get going on my to-watch list again. Provided people stop adding to it, that is.

Actually, I've been kinda lazy in this aspect of my internet life lately. Cardiff is doing well enough, quiet. Anachronismos is newly opened and doing pretty well for a new game, I think! I need to do stuff in both sometime in the near future...Also doing stuff in my musebox for shits & giggles.

Writing a Chuck/White Collar crossover and trying not to think about exactly how many WIPS I have in my files. But then, I don't usually post things/share them unless they're complete, so NO ONE HAS TO KNOW how many of those there really are!! But I do plan to finish/clean up/eventually post this one. So there.

Created [ profile] chuckxbryce and made a rec list and really need to get around to doing some crossposting there...

UHM, that might be all for now. If you made it through, I SALUTE YOU!

EDIT: OHMG, I had forgotten and I was ever so proud. I have 30gp of free space on my harddrive now! Okay, this is a Big Deal to me because it had been pretty much FULL or ALMOST FULL for...a long time. I've been working on clearing it off and defragging and I now have 30 GB FREE! EXCITEMENT!!! Don't judge me.

See, now if I had the money to upgrade to Win7, I actually could.

[what went away, you may ask? all my old saved anime/manga fanart. I finally have CUT LOOSE! shocking.]
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Oh how I love this holiday.

This year, instead of running around frantically trying to buy things which we will like and will fit, my parents decided to give us each $500. Soooo I'm really excited about that and getting to go buy things (WHAT AM I GONNA DO?! Thinking about upgrading to Windows 7, possibly. We'll see.) We each got one gift to open, mine was MAKE-UP AND PERFUME from Lancome, which I adore. My grandma got me a sweater she'd....already bought me when I was in Texas. Laura got me two scarves, Robin got me this nifty red neck...thing? It's not a NECKERCHIEF as it's like, stripes and looked and you wrap it around? But it's cute. And also a wallet.

But the most ridiculously awesome, nerdy thing is pictured below. (With the neck-thing and one of the scarves, which I wear in my hair)


I now have a Torchwood t-shirt. C/O Matt. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.


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So I saw the midnight showing, which I hadn't really planned on doing because I was just a bit "meh" about everything and all the hype, but Matt took me and oh my god.

Just seriously, oh my god. I knew, intellectually, that it had gotten REALLY GOOD reviews, but holy shit, man. We saw it in 3-D and I've never been much of one for 3-D, but this is not your cheesy 3-D stuff with the red and blue glasses, this is AMAZING 3-D where you start forgetting that it's 3-D and just enjoy how gorgeous all the colors are in it and how it really does feel like you're almost there.

Pandora, the world it's set on, isn't like a lot of sci-fi worlds where you can see the really obvious inspiration from what we know, the creatures all having four legs, animals being trained, it really is a completely different and absolutely BEAUTIFUL world. The CG for the Nav'i (is that how it's spelled?) is so good that I, not having researched the film, really wasn't sure if it was CG or not. The acting was fantastic, the visuals were STUNNING and the story just...sucked you in, which may have been made easier by the fact that YOU FELT LIKE YOU WERE REALLY THERE. It was epic and heartwrenching and gorgeous. The ending is completely perfect and I would KILL to see this in 3-D IMAX. Just so you know. I imagine it would be AMAZING in IMAX, because the only thing I really could say is that the 3-D did end at the bottom of the screen, which made me sad, but you can't really do anything about that. Unless you're in IMAX. Do want.

It's not just something about blue furries either, it's got undertones of what it's like to be a character and really become that character, about spirituality, environmentalism, overcoming odds, doing what's right, it's a really inspiring film. It's like nothing you've seen before.

I'm not even kidding here, for something visually stunning? It won't do to just wait for this on DVD and watch it in the comfort of your living room, you have got to get the proper experience with this one. One of the things I've heard (and from seeing clips I can sort of verify), is that it's a great movie in 2-D, but in 3-D it's phenomenal. THAT I CAN AGREE WITH, dear god it was brilliant. So, really, you have to see it that way. At least once. Please, do me a favor and go see it? You will probably thank me. I hope.





Dec. 14th, 2009 06:14 pm
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I have accomplished things today! Well, I did stuff yesterday too, mostly to the tune of a METRIC FUCKTON OF COOKIES, but that's neither here nor there and is mostly, in the long run, just going to make me fat because there are way too many cookies in this house, with plans to make MORE. Oh god.

TODAY, though, I went and got my hair done, it's back to being dark red without highlights, except where the old ones are still peeking through the red and it looks really awesome. It's the first time I've used a different hairdresser in....years. Which was a bit scary, but ultimately okay because she was really nice and did a great job! I love how it looks.

Afterwards, I swung by Barnes and Noble to put in an application because, uh, I need something to do for a while here. And books would be a good thing! They're overstaffed right now, but that might change after the holidays and they'll keep my application on file. Driving back from that, though, I was going past Anne Taylor LOFT, aka my favorite clothing store which I was dressed in from head to toe, including my coat (okay, not the boots, still, you get the idea), so I swung in there and applied as well. That one looks really promising, actually, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed because discounts on my favorite clothes would be awesome. Not that I NEED more LOFT in my closet, as it already dominates, but I won't object at all!

I'm also thinking about getting new glasses after Christmas, because mine are about two years old now and getting my eyes checked regularly is pretty important for me, as they spent a long time changing constantly. They've pretty much leveled out in the past few years, but one can't be too careful, right? I can still see fairly well, but yeah. I've been thinking about getting contacts again too, I imagine they've made a few advancements since the last time I had them. I've got an astigmatism, so your typical contacts don't really work, I've had to use the toric ones which tend to be thicker and less comfortable as they are WEIGHTED and twist around if you lie down with them in. We'll see!

I've been seeing one of the guys from okcupid as well, and he's actually REALLY COOL, I like him a lot. We get along really well and he's into Doctor Who and Torchwood, which is a definite plus. As is the fact that he's cute and doesn't pester me constantly. I really appreciate the space, it makes me not freak out and run run run as fast as I can away from anything resembling commitment, as I am prone to do. I made him come over last night and eat some of that aforementioned metric fuckton of cookies. Sadly, it didn't even make a dent. It's a work in progress, man.
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As mentioned on twitter and to a few people on im, I am in texas for...almost a week! seeing the extended fam is coll. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY! I have conquered my dissertation-related writer's block. we don't speak of how much that sucked. It's going well now and should be finished soon! Finally. But now, cook out at my uncle's!

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White Collar? Have you heard of it? If not, and you're American, how do you live without watching constant marathons of SVU on USA? Because there is no way you could have watched one of those recently and missed the commercials for it. CLICK THE LINK.

In a nutshell, it's about a white collar criminal brought out of jail to catch other criminals like him but not quite as good. THINK CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, the end of it, the bit I'd have killed to see continued because they idea was just so much fun. Doing that? Good. Now make the criminal sassy, hot, with good hair and sweet-ass hat. HOW CAN YOU RESIST?!

It starts a week from today on USA Network. I fail and don't recall the time as I'll be in Atlanta again anyhow and away from home and may or may not be able to watch it as it first airs (!!! ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED ABOUT THIS OKAY), but yes. YOU HAVE A WEEK.

[ profile] snuzzie and I will be watching. WILL YOU?!

because I totally needed another series to add to the massive list I've already got going... (House, Lie to Me, Gossip Girl, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Fringe, Merlin, America's Next Top Model, Private Practice if it looks interesting...I still lack a Sunday and Tuesday show, those are my catch up and watch backlogs of other shows days!)
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Hello and welcome to my journal! This introduction is serving for two purposes: the main one is for LJ Idol, which I mentioned briefly earlier this evening. The other is for the fact that I haven't done one in donkey years and have made a lot of random friends since that time. Some of you I've talked to a good bit in comments or on IM, others I haven't.

I like to think I lead an interesting life, though it's interesting more in the case of how disgustingly normal it can be rather than any huge upheavals or problems. I'm 23 years old and have a degree in English and will soon have a M. Phil in Anglo-Irish literature. When people ask me where I'm from, I'm not sure how to answer anymore. I have a bit of wanderlust, but I don't see that as a bad thing, except possibly for the amount of debt it's putting me into!

I was born in Virginia, lived briefly in South Carolina, but lived most of my life in Georgia, where I attended undergrad. I spent the last year living in Dublin, Ireland, and in the meantime, my parents moved to North Carolina on account of my sisters finally finishing high school and moving out of our house. My dad was self-employed for four years in order to keep the family in the same city as we grew up and took a better-paying job which caused the move. When I came back to the US a month ago, I moved back in with my parents until I take my next step, which will be a third degree, probably.

My parents have been happily married for over 25 years, I have two younger sisters and we grew up in a great neighborhood with a backporch and yard and a playset my dad built. We played tag, ghost and the graveyard and built horrible three forts with our neighbors, were allowed to do all manner of extracurricular activities, had lemonade stands and played in the sprinklers. I have a great relationship with both of my parents and get on well with both of my sisters, we've had a brilliant life.

I like stories. I had a friend once who would say to me, "tell me a story," every day when I'd sign online, it made me look at my life as a collection of stories. I think everyone's life is a collection of stories and I love hearing them and telling my own. I think I have some pretty good ones. Several of my friends have said to me that my life is more like a soap opera than reality at times, and while it is all true, I can see where they're coming from. Someday, I hope to write it all down, except I can't do that until it comes full circle somehow.

I dated a guy in high school and college for 3 1/2 years. It was mostly miserable at the end and we don't speak now, but I have to admit that the relationship, breakup, and two years of anger and issues he left me with shaped me. When I left him behind, I changed my entire outlook on life. It was hard and there were days that felt like hell, but I'm happier for it and a lot more outgoing than I used to be. Friendship, consequently, is the cornerstone of my life more so than any romantic relationship. I don't date, which tends to confuse people from time to time, but it's getting easier. I refuse to commit myself in any real way until I know for certain that it's the person I want to spend my life with.

I'm a southerner from the deep south with...most of what that entails. I'm not a bible-thumper and I don't like sweet tea, but I believe in southern hospitality and homemade cookies. I tend to be better at talking to people in person than via the internet, but I do well enough here as well. I've climbed trees and had Sunday afternoon picnics and gone stargazing and been kissed in a cotton field at 3 in the morning while my toes froze from the dew. I don't really know what to do with snow, but I did get to have my first snowball fight while I lived in Dublin. I was frozen after and required a hot cup of tea to warm up, but it was brilliant fun! We also made a snowman that slowly became anatomically correct with vegetables passed out the window. I love to sing and drink, now, in moderation, though I have definitely drank to excess in the past, oh, year, many times. I've mostly learned my lesson with that and my most recent birthday marked a full year since I'd puked on account of it, though the making out with inappropriate people did tend to make for good stories. I love costumes and Halloween and parties and meeting people and having a simple good time. I did theatre as well.

Generally, I'm a nice person. I give trust easily, but it's hard to win it back from me once you've lost it. Though generally, I'll do my best to be polite, at least, even if there is some reason I dislike you.

Most of the time I spend online is dedicated to fandom in some way, and has been for years. I've been a quiet part of several fandoms over the years, but am starting to speak up a bit more in my current one: Merlin. I got to watch a lot of BBC shows while I lived in Ireland and really enjoy all the people I've met because of them! I've done LJ RP and run a small game with my good friend, Nez, who I lived with for the better part of two months in Dublin, though I've not had much time for it lately on account of moving back here and the dissertation I'm working on finishing up this week.

Which, speaking of, I'd best get back to! Thanks for reading and I'll be playing catch up on everyone else's Introductions soon, I just have to tackle some Edgeworth first...
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Hey guys! This is a quick note to let you all know I'm signing up for [ profile] therealljidol, which means a few things!

• More frequent Posts About Things for the next...however long I stay in this competition.
• Me being you know, around more, as soon as I finish off the final bits of ye old awful dissertation thingy.
• AN INTRODUCTION POST. Which is something I don't frequently do and probably should just so you lot know who the hell I am, right? Watch this spot! Well, your flist, this journal, it'll be up later.

So yes! Hopefully this will go well for me and make me less lazy about updating this thing. If you decide you don't want to watch me do this, feel free to just scroll past the entries or defriend, I still very, very rarely make locked posts so if you ever want to swing by again, you're welcome to.

In the works for the next few weeks are also a lot of Merlin-related things, so if you're reading for that, don't worry! I haven't forgotten about you. I'm just busy and was existing on dial-up for the past week.

PS: If I were to offer to make custom layouts for fun, would anyone be interested in it? NOT NOW OF COURSE, THINGS TO DO, but later. Like other characters in the style of this layout. That sort of thing. Just wondering if it would be worthwhile!


Sep. 19th, 2009 02:01 pm
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And my mum decided to share the fact that my new bed? Is almost 29 years old bc my parents bought it just after they were married and while I could put the next bit together, she felt the need to TELL ME that I was conceived in it. THANKS MOM, AT LEAST IT HAD A DIFFERENT MATTRESS 24ISH YEARS AGO. AUUUUGH.

/just. dies. forever.
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So, last night was my first night since arriving back in the states that I got to sleep in a bed all my own. The first night I crawled in with mum, then a night on an air mattress, then one on a couch, two more on an air mattress. However! All the furniture from the move from Georgia to North Carolina came YESTERDAY! So I got a bed and I am stupidly pleased because it's BIG. I'd spent the last year on itty bitty tiny Irish dorm bed in a cramped little room and now I have this room all my own with a ~queen sized~ bed, a desk, built in bookshelves, a dresser (which used to belong to my sister and required enormous amounts of cleaning and still needs some new hardware, but we're getting to that) and MY OWN BATHROOM. With a neatly-not-minuscule shower.

Well, things are still a bit of a mess because going from a 2-floor, 4-bedroom house to a 2-bed apartment isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially when we'd been living in that house 19 years. You accumulate a LOT OF STUFF. I just sat and laughed at my mother as she was opening the things the movers boxed up to find multiple of EVERYTHING. Like waffle irons. And then as we're trying to store away the dishes we find that we own something in the realm of FIFTY MUGS. Most of which have some sort of cutesy Christmas design on them, because my mother is a teacher and what better gift for a teacher than a mug full of candy? No, seriously, she gets at least 3-4 a year. AT LEAST.

So we packed them up, put them in storage, and she will pull them out to return the favor this year. xD

So far I like NC well enough. The weather isn't quite as out to get me as Georgia's was (oh god I was there for what, the total of two days? I was melting. MELTING. Especially in Statesboro. nnnngk!) I don't really know anyone yet, but I'll work on that eventually. For now its probably better that I don't because I have THINGS TO DO. Like that dissertation. And applying to UNC.

SPEAKING OF UNC. I got the most exciting text (on my exciting new phone) last night! My best friend from Statesboro (Steph, for you long-time readers) has finally, finally decided that she needs to get the hell out of there and wanted to know about going to school up her. !!!

Let me do that again.


So there's a program at UNC that would be PERFECT FOR HER, and I mean like, perfect, and if she decides to go to any of the schools in the area, really, we could totally get a place to live and and and.

Cue excitement over possibly the most perfect thing ever. It would be so brilliant for her and I'd have a friend here and could more easily go out and make MORE (a single girl alone in a bar =/= a good idea, but two girls out for a laugh? TOTALLY NORMAL MATE!)

So yeah. I feel pretty good right now because I have a stable place to live, even if it is back with my parents, it won't be forever and then I'll go off and do things. If I DO go to UNC, it's right near where my mum works and that's almost reason enough for them to say YES, GET A PLACE, because she drives 86 miles each way and could use a place nearer to crash if she's stuck there really late or the weather is crap.

I have big plans, guys. Just got to finish writing this beast of a dissertation and then I will be ON MY WAY (hopefully) to getting a job and you know, maybe stop moving every year.
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Right so, entry from the laptop sitting on my old back-porch as the movers are doing their moving thing and I'm bored because it's 8:30 in the damn morning and I've been awake for going on an hour now, which is UnCool because it is far too early and I like sleeping longer than seven hours. ALAS.

So I'm in the good old US of A, as stated from my phone, which is not that easy to type large passages from, but is actually really nifty. It's a palm centro and the keyboard is less than two inches across but if you pay attention, it's pretty easy to use. I've about got all it's little quirks worked out, I think, and I've got the best ringtone ever.

It's We Are Golden, of course. Was going to do Exterminate, Regenerate, but that was far too much effort and I don't understand how to make my own. Someone explain this to me in very small words. Well, mostly in links. Links are good.

So the weather. Yeah it's a bit warm, really. I got off the plane and about died and my mom about died laughing at me because I had fur boots and two jackets on and I was in the South. HEY, if I wore them I didn't have to pack them. Someone in Newark asked wasn't it a bit warm for that? And just went "oh, alright then" when I said I started out my morning in DUBLIN, thanks ever so, so not really. Though it was a bit boiling just then.

I managed to get everything on the airplane though! Well, most of it. And not the books. Those went in a box and I got raped on postage and they ONLY TOOK CASH, that was irritating.

My mom and dad are in the house having trouble with this whole moving idea. They've been in this house for like, 19 years I think. I sort of made my peace with the fact that I wasn't going to see it again and I'm not overly bothered about this because I just moved from Dub what, two days ago, and I'm comfortably numb about this packing up thing still. I think I miss Ireland, despite the crap weather and awful prices. It was fun. And didn't really function at god-awful-o'clock in the morning. Why is America so bound and determined to haul us all out of our comfortable bed practically before any sane cock would crow? Protestant Work Ethic, my dad says, I do not approve.

And I'm Catholic so I reckon I don't have to.

As stated somewhere, probably, I don't remember if I managed to get it into that little phone-typed post, I have a plan! A PLAN. Do you know me, do you know how rare this is, an ACTUAL PLAN, STAN!

The plan is...archival science. Another master's. In archival science and I can be an archivist and it will be brilliant because when you're good at a lot of things it's hard to pick one to o forever so I'm going to try and do something that's a lot of things combined. I can be a world-class archivist, don't you think? Preserving documents and making and updating databases and organizing things and being clever and digitizing things...sounds like fun, right? There's only a handful of schools that do it and LO AND BEHOLD, one of them is not too far from where I'm living now when I'm not surrounded by boxes. UNC at Chapel Hill. And I could get a flat there, all my own, and my mom can stop over when she gets stuck at work late and I could stay in one place for TWO years instead of one! Break the tradition of moving and living in boxes. Back up plan is to apply to two schools overseas that also do a program, because they like non-EU students because they can make you pay more and I'd be pretty set to get in. Those two are UCD in Dublin (see, I could totally end up back in Dublin) or Aberystwyth in Wales. That is a hard name to spell, I'm getting better at it. But god, don't ask me to say it. I stared at the IPA on wiki for a while so I might have an idea, but still.

SO YES. Here is my to-do list.

• Finish dissertation
• Re-take GRE
• Apply to UNC
• Apply to Aberystwyth and UCD
• Get a job in a library or something lower-range archive-ish in NC. We're in the midst of the research triangle so this should be doable.
• Profit.

So that's that!

It's weird to be back in America, but I'm getting used to how soda tastes and I am starting to accept that the green stuff and those skinny little coins are, in fact, money.

Cheers, flist!
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Nez has said all this, possibly more coherently than I am able at any given point in my life, but I feel the attempt must be made for those of you who are not friends with both of us.

Also for the record it is slightly strange to use icons of people I have actually SEEN AND TALKED TO. Though we did not talk to them today as they were on horses the whole time. Well, most of the time. When they were anywhere near us they were, at least.

So today started off a bit slow, not much was going on, really, we went on another tour of the castle and Nez filmed it, though it will probably never see the light of the internet, but was good fun all the same. Yesterday I managed to fall down this great spiral staircase and bruise my shin, which was annoying and painful and we went back to it today and just were like NOT FALLING, DO NOT FALL, STONE STEPS, THEY HURT. Talked briefly to a few of the crew in the courtyard and found most of their filming today was outside the castle in the woods, until must later when they'd been in a few of the castle corridors. Of course, by then, the castle would be CLOSED so that was of no use to us, even if we COULD get up to whatever corridor they were filming in to watch.

So we went traipsing about the grounds. And found very little for a long while, the Lower Town was a bit wrecked from whatever they'd done last night and the WIND, and no one was about dressing that set so we figured that wasn't on the cards for today, and eventually, we came across Base Camp. Where nothing much other than a lot of horse trailers was going on. So we wandered again, eventually came back to the hill you can see Base Camp from and saw, oh, the horses are out! And the Merlin and Arthur stunt doubles! And a bunch of French knights!

SO YEAH, we followed them down eventually and as we're walking along, here come Bradley and Colin in a car. OMFG. BRILLIANT. EXCITING. WHAT IS GOING ON. We sit up on a hill with a bunch of other families, English, of course, who had been out on holiday and just stumbled across things, chatted, had a grand time just talking and watching them ride up and down this little hill from a distance, etc. Around 3, we get hungry and go back down to town for a snack and the like before coming back up. The castle apparently closes at 5 or so and yesterday we left before it closed so we didn't have to be kicked out. We wandered about a bit and talked to the crew some, because they're really lovely people and good fun to talk to and they get bored during all the waiting times, and they weren't really filming where we were and then.

Suddenly they were.

Everything came RIGHT TO WHERE WE WERE STANDING and no one asked us to leave so really, might as well stay, right? And ended up not FIVE FEET from the two of them, too afraid to take picture lest they realize that we really weren't meant to be there and kick us out, laughing and Bradley eating sneaky biscuits WHILE THEY WERE FILMING HIM FROM BEHIND and just. Oh, it was amazing. We didn't even talk to them, but it was still absolutely brilliant because we were THERE and seeing how it was all done and hearing a story or two about things entirely unrelated and one of the crew members we talked to had worked on Torchwood as well and. Dear god, okay? It was incredible. And I am just so stoked to have gotten to seen ANY of this and to know any of what's to come.

And everyone we HAVE talked to has just been so friendly. Actors and crew alike. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Rupert Young's role is about (Sir Leon, pictures just recently released of him) because he seems like such a nice guy.

But yeah, just so much excitement and fun and glee, and can I ever go back to the normal definition of fangirling something? I really don't think so.

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