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Actually, when it comes down to writing anything like a reaction I have nothing. Unless you count "OH GOD" which I think basically everyone has done. Or I can describe how in preparation I grabbed the corner of the comfy couch and a big fluffy sweater, wrapped myself in it, and basically didn't move.

And then I ate dinner and braved tumblr and finally finished writing a silly fic for [ profile] aylathebunny that I said I would write back at the epic post-panel time at DCon. It is very silly. It's also on tumblr. But I don't UNDERSTAND TUMBLR THAT WELL STILL so it's also here.

Sherlock/John, nothing too exciting, to date my only Sherlock ficlet, 740 words, Sherlock dressed as a priest )

yup. that has been my day.
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Because I'd been sitting on it and finally took time out of dissertation madness to tidy it up (oh, my typos, they are a bit legion), fix a few tense issues (I still jump back and forth sometimes for stylistic reasons) and post it in one chunk as opposed to ten comments.

Title: Hit Them With a Shoe
Author: [ profile] themegaloo, originally posted anon
Rating: PG-13, and only for the very end, if you stop reading at the time-skip, it's practically G, I was so disgusted with myself you have no idea.
Spoilers: None for Series 2, teeny one for 1.13. Alludes to things brought up in 2.01, but not in any way that is actually connected like... at all.
Word Count: 6,092 with edits.
Summary: For the prompt: Arthur/Merlin, Merlin loses (some) control of his magic, and to his dismay, his magic happily starts doing his chores for him. Bonus points for Arthur walking in to find Merlin frantically shouting at Arthur's armour to stop cleaning itself (or some other task) and he is horribly appalled, but then starts to like all the little things Merlin's magic does for him (e.g. tucking him in at night, cutting his meat for him, etc.). Basically, Merlin's magic is as in love with Arthur as Merlin himself, while Merlin remains furious and in denial.
Note on the title: Because it might be nice of me to explain, this is related to the whole 'tucking in' of the prompt and the phrase 'Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.' I found that the follow up I know is an uncommon variation- it goes 'if they do, hit them with a shoe, I'll see you in the morning light.'

Originally posted here

Well that header was certainly long enough, lets get to the fic, shall we? )
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Title: And it Was.
Rating: PG?
Word Count: 3,000
Pairings: You know, the canon ones.
Spoilers: TORCHWOOD SEASON 3: CHILDREN OF EARTH: DAY FOUR. You have been warned.
Summary: In which Ianto saves the world, there is coffee, an interesting STD and hopefully a good bit of humor.
Notes: Big thank you for the verbal beta (and couch space) to [ profile] angryhamster, for she is lovely. It's fun to actually hear people snicker as they beta, hope it works for you lot too.

Technically my first TW fic at that! )
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READ PREVIOUS ENTRY FIRST. This will not make sense otherwise.

it continues )
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Okay I caved. I have fic. It's in two parts for aesthetic purposes. This part can stand alone, but part two relies entirely on you having read THIS PART FIRST. Title from a Harry Chapin song.

Title: Sweet Dreams Fly
Author: [ profile] themegaloo
Words: 2,000 (600 + 1,400)
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rated: PG.
Summary/Warnings: AU/Future!fic where Merlin endures and Arthur is the Once and Future King--but not quite as or when expected. Contains some angst, deaths, humor, bad jokes, allusions, Shakespeare, a bit of history and a very bad tolerance for alcohol that just never gets better.

And so it begins as it ends )
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RANDOM FIC OF LAST NIGHT-- Hibari/Gokudera. Because they are the anti-social pyschotic OTP.

It lacks a name and I fail at ratings so like, PG? )

Written because of [ profile] torte and [ profile] nickelodeon!

fic x's 3

Jul. 30th, 2008 05:31 am
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[ profile] dynastic was writing DinoMuku fic. I told her I'd write her a cookie if she finished it. It's...not really a cookie and it's. Okay. It started with this little ACTUAL cookie which is DinoMuku:

And it isn't much, honestly )

See? Not much. Blathering about earrings and tattoos because...I could. And I like the aesthetic and too much Mukuro and Dino interaction on MM has warped my brain.

This? This is fic. Which was accidental.

Title: Trace a Tattoo
Rated: R [omgwtf I know, I don't WRITE R!]
Characters: Mukuro and Dino
Word Count: 2,051
Warnings: It's not porn, but it's not heavy on plot. Though there is some! Which was surprising. And I have NO IDEA what my brain was doing when I came up with this.
Summary: Dino has to keep an eye on Mukuro, who keeps two eyes on him.

Seriously, I don't write this sort of thing often! )

F-locked for now until I figure out what I think of writing something with a rating over PG.
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Someday, I'll post something else? Ahaha. Reborn this time!

Title: Facebook is for Stalkers
Rated: PG? God I hate ratings. -_-;
Pairing: MukuHiba. Don't ask me what the numbers are.
Prompt by: [ profile] dynastic! Who is ♥
Summary: It's MukuHiba facebook stalking, what else do you want from me?!

Facebook is for herbivores. LJ is where it's at, man! )
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I think I always write fic when I really mean to be updating about 29387529835 other things. Oops. You get fic instead. Because Michelle wanted it. :D So yeah.

Title: Walk into a Bar
Pairing: Kid/Law/Luffy! It had to happen eventually.
Rated: I don't do ratings. PG?
Word count: 888 [LOL]
For: [ profile] xredribbon
Summary/prompt: Three pirate captains walk into a bar...

One bounces off, one gets stuck and one...replaces it with a door? )

I know it's probably a bit off because, uh, HELLO, SORTA NEW CHARACTERS!! But I had to give it a shot. I couldn't resist. So be kind, please rewind? And comment. I would adore comments on this one. I could use some feedback!
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Duuuude, I didn't waste any time, did I? :D But man, plotbunny just attacked me so it had to be written so it WAS written and. Gah. I like these characters. They're fun to play with.

Title: An Almost-Romance of Not-Quite-Boys
Rated: PG?
Word Count: 1,521
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Pairing: Gokudera -> Tsuna
Dedicated to: [ profile] racketglomps because she was so OKAY with me fangirling at her at crazy o'clock in the morning and [ profile] hitsuuji for introducing me to the 'ship. ♥ you guys!
Summary: Things in life are rarely perfect, but they can usually be pretty okay.

Story here! )
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So I started writing this yesterday just as a fic. And then the ploy to make Gray possessed and post it emerged, thanks to [ profile] nickelodeon, and now that's died down for a minute so, HERE HAVE SOME FIC!

Title: Totally Normal
Rating: Like, PG/PG-13??
Pairing: Natsu/Gray
Summary: Oh just read it. It's silly and fun. :D

Once upon a time in Fairy Tail... )

If you're curious and want to see the EPIC FALL-OUT of the RP post, it's HERE Warning, it's about 300 comments of Gray and Natsu trying to rip eachothers heads off. :D
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And it is totally not [ profile] xredribbon's fault. :|

Yeah shut up. All of you. I wrote crack fic even though I should be writing 235987235 OTHER things of much better and not pooped out in NOTEPAD in about five-seconds quality.

But it's funny like a train wreck is funny. At least to me.

Sooooo. Don't shoot me. That's all I can ask for.

Title: Train Wreck [aka, what the hell do you title a train wreck?]
Rated: N for Never Should See The Light of Day. Though I guess that would technically be...NSSTLOF?
Pairing: Mista 2/Mista 3. Yeah, you read that right.

Seriously. Don't shoot me. )


Mar. 6th, 2008 03:29 pm
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So I think someone finally caved and changed the radio station here at work. Because I've listened to oldies here for probably the last six months to a year and I DEFINITELY heard that annoying Delilah song earlier. You know, the massively overplayed one? I thought maybe the station was just having a weird day on Saturday because I had definitely heard James Taylor on Friday and no one else had been in the shop, but they played Jimmy Eat World's The Middle and Mambo #5.

But yeah. Hey There Delilah or wtfever wouldn't even fall on a late-90's or whatever day. So SOMEONE has changed the station. Which I guess is refreshing. XD;

I got my notification that Trinity has RECEIVED MY APPLICATION~ So that's really and truly taken care of. *crosses fingers*

Spoilers for One Piece 491 are circulating. There's a full script out there but no full raw to play with. Those usually show up around this time tomorrow. *waits impatiently* *and even more impatiently for a properly scanlated chapter* It's interesting stuff! I'm curious. :D Which means I kinda want NEXT week already. Whoops. I should stop wanting time to speed along.

My extra-userpics expired yesterday, apparently, as my icon list got MUCH smaller. But seeing what I have left is pretty funny. All One Piece except for 1 Bleach and 1 Gundam Seed Destiny. Huh. I guess that illustrates which icons I use most frequently! Still, want the rest of them back because I have about 30 more OP icons, I do believe. 66 of my usual 113 are OP. >.>

Fandom To-Do List:
-Write something for a belated Sanji Birthday
-Write that cracked out Gan Fall/Gol D. Roger thing [probably need to reacquaint myself with Skypeia first though. Bah.]
-Write what I'm calling a multimedia fic. THOUGHTS: Would anyone read a fic that is MEANT to be read while listening to a specific, provided song? My main question is whether or not it would be possible to get the timing right so most people can keep up with the pacing. It's...not exactly a slow song. Gonna be tricky.
-Stop missing posts on [ profile] grandlineonline, damnit.

Edit: So I couldn't last another five minutes without my icons. Impulse buying, much?
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Tonight's prompt was "Dear Diary."

Title: Prissy Old Men with Diaries
Word Count: 846
Pairings: Smoker/Ace and Ben/Shanks *__*

I love not being able to pick what I want to write about. XD )
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Title: Mystery Popcorn
Rated: PG
Prompt: Popcorn and swimming
Words: 1009
Time: 30 minutes
Characters: Straw Hats. Mostly Sanji and Usopp. Through post-W7, spoilers for crewstuffs.

I can't believe I did this in 30 minutes! )
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Fic time, you got it. Am super-bored at work. Still not the ZoLu I'm working on. And it was NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS LONG. But there you have it. Partially inspired by [ profile] evilpsychojoe. Something in here happened to him once, but I'm not telling you what so it'll be a surprise. ;)

Title: The Tale of The Great Captain Usopp and the Fire
Rated: PG/PG-13? I never know. People drink and curse. Sanji smokes. That's about it but America is paranoid.
Word Count: 1,641
Characters: Straw Hats through post-Water 7, but no real spoilers other than crew members. SanSopp if you want it to be. [stfu, I like them]
Summary: Do you really need one with a title like that? Usopp tells one of his stories. Things get interesting.

Allow the Great Captain Usopp to tell you the story... )

Fic again!

Feb. 13th, 2008 01:16 am
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This is pretty much for [ profile] nickelodeon, as it's Paulie and partially her fault. Makes total sense, yeah?

Title: A Lesson in Futility
Rating: PG. Unless you're Paulie.
Words: 550
Characters: Iceburg, Paulie

Miles of naked womenflesh await. )
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Damn you chat for giving me PLOTBUNNIES of massive weirdness. Especially [ profile] nickelodeon Damn you all.

Title: Tonsils
Rated: PG/PG-13 because Zoro's a crazy lunatic.
Words: 600
Characters: Zoro, Chopper, Zoro/Chopper if you squint.
Summary: Zoro's a shitty patient when he's not bleeding.

click if you dare )
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Don't you love plotbunnies? I do. They attack me when I'm trying to SLEEP and demand I go write. Hey, it happens. And man does it feel good to be able to just sit down and write again. *_*

Title: The Case
Fandom: One Piece
Pairing: SanSopp
Rated: PG
Word Count: 900
Spoilers: Just "Who's On the Crew!" post-Arabasta
Summary: There are several problems with maintaining a fire-based habit at sea...But some of them can be solved.

ClickClickClick! )

And now, to SLEEP! ♥ Comments will make my morning awesome.
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I've discovered why I love RPing again. School's going well. I'm managing to sleep properly. My classes aren't killing me despite the intense busyness that's already struck and I still have enough One Piece anime to keep my entertained for WEEKS.

I swear I'm shipping everything on the face of the planet though.

Which means I wrote a random gen fic? HAHA. Here. Random fic attack.

Title: Addiction
Rating: PG/PG-13. Smoking. You know. America's silly about it. Otherwise it's basically G.
Characters: Sanji and Luffy
Word Count: 461
Summary: Sanji needs smokes and Luffy tries to eat everything in sight. As usual.
Spoilers: Sanji smokes? Luffy eats? Nothing, really.

Click me if you dare. )

I love random ficbunies. XD Especially when they're nice and SHORT.

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