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SO. It's been a while since I've posted one of these. Sept 2009, actually. Over 2 years using the SAME LAYOUT, my god. Obviously, I was pretty fond of my Merlin Fanatic layout, and it was pretty cool. Cool enough that I kept MOST of the coding I painstakingly did for it on this one. Sherlock, obviously. If you're up on the fandom and/or on tumblr, you have probably seen the whole graffiti fiasco. As a fandom->real life movement, the IDEA is pretty cool. But the execution of damaging public & private property that a lot of people have been embracing...that is NOT cool. And also not legal. Which makes it doubly not cool. Seeing the post-it's, snow writing, fliers, etc however did give me the idea. Click through to [ profile] themegaloo to see my approach! Seriously, I'm damn pleased with how it's turned out, though there are a few tweaks I still want to make. Once I do that, I might offer it up for others to use as well, haven't decided yet. I sort of want to jazz up the entry boxes somehow but I haven't decided with WHAT yet. Suggestions welcome.

OH and PS- my tumblr matches, and wasn't THAT a pain and a half.

EDIT: And I completely broke it on accident trying to change an image, but it's back now. And on that note, if for some reason you see something TOTALLY NOT LOOKING LIKE A LAYOUT WITH A STONE WALL AND SHERLOCK & JOHN AND EVERYTHING....god, please tell me.
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In other words, I have, once again, changed my layout. No, we are not looking at that timestamp, we do not consider how long it takes me to code things from scratch, particularly when it's STUFF I HAVE NOT DONE. However, I remain incapable of coding custom comment pages, so I'm back to having them turned off.


I am really, really freaking proud of this layout okay. I think it might be the best one I have EVER done, and the past few I hadn't really felt that way about, SO THAT IS SOMETHING. Plus I get to look at Colin Morgan like, constantly while on my flist now. I may at some point do something with blockquotes, but I'm sort of tired of staring at CSS for now and it BASICALLY ALL WORKS OMFG.

Guys. You should have seen me after I'd done battle with the basic layout and sidebar and then came to doing the entries and it worked almost perfectly on the first try. I about died of joy (and then shifted a few things by like, a pixel, shut up).



[ profile] themegaloo

ps- I know the width won't be perfect if you don't have the same screen resolution as me. On my resolution, the right side of the title lines up with the right side of the entries. I may bother to make it so that always happens when I go tinkering about again. ♥ For now, you strange screened people, just IMAGINE.

gdi nez!

Aug. 14th, 2009 06:12 pm
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So there's this song, right, it's called "Cardiff Afterlife," Nez has introduced me to it and it has actually replaced Friends of the Ood as the song that WILL NOT LEAVE MY HEAD.

It probably is best that I'm no longer walking around singing about running through the snow with my brain in my hands, but still.

CONSEQUENTLY, and because the massive amount of scrolling I had to do in order to see anything was bugging me. And because I think I want to love on [ profile] mentahelada forever (no, seriously, I'm using I think 4 of her layouts in various places now), LAYOUT UPDATE.

For once, it's not something I've done from scratch myself, just because I didn't feel like it and I've come to understand that [ profile] mintyapple is really, really quite handy. So I took a awesome layout, changed the picture, re-tinted the bg and shifted the colors around.

Add the TARDIS fading out from in front of the Millennium Centre and you make me a happy Meg.

And wonderfully apt lyrics and a quick update of my profile (I have my own musebox now! Very glad I had my cast list backed up there. Also very useful for vaguely tl;dr rp applications), and I feel all shiny and new. Well, I could still do with a shower, but let's not get too crazy here.

GO LOOK, IT'S CLASSY. [ profile] themegaloo. Classy enough I even left custom comment pages on for now~~~

PS: NEZ: I have the tag list here too.
PPS: God I love my cheerful moodtheme icon. SURPRISE, NAKED JACK.
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LAYOUT LAYOUT LAYOUT. Check it out! [ profile] snuzzie made me the header and then I sat and stared and went HOW DO I MAKE EVERYTHING LOOK AS AWESOME AS THAT HEADER DOES. And this is what occurred. The one thing I'm a bit hesitant on is the fact that EVERYTHING in my entrybox is 80% transparency. So I can like. See bricks through icons. And I could change that but I'd lose the coffee stains unless I find another way to put those in. I WILL THINK ON THIS.

Yesterday sucked in new and creative ways. For one, I was exhausted. There was some massive sleep deprivation going on because of some hysterical good times the night before. Shaving cream and a sleeping drunk flatmate were involved. And a very cute dog. But for the other, it was eviction day. While I am staying, the vast majority of the house is now empty. And in a house of ~60 that is creepy. And when one of the people who leaves is one of your very closest friends and odds of living in the same country again are low, oh it really sort of sucks.

But on the other hand, I did slaughter everyone at monopoly for the first time ever.

[ profile] themegaloo [ profile] themegaloo [ profile] themegaloo [ profile] themegaloo
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I know I know, updating again so quickly, sorry, ignore me?

cut for great justice and rambles )

Main point is-- if you looked at my journal last night when I posted, look again. It's fantasically BETTER now. Because I'm OCD, nocturnal and bored.
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Two entries today FOR GREAT JUSTICE.

[ profile] themegaloo[ profile] themegaloo[ profile] themegaloo

Click it. NEW LAYOUT TIME! *horribly incapable of keeping a layout long* YAAAAY D18!

EDIT: I can't stop fiddling with it. ;_;


Jun. 18th, 2008 06:59 pm
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So Maxie made me want to change my layout. And them Michelle made me want to change it even more. And then I made me want to rip my hair out for never doing thing the easy way.

And it finally, finally looks pretty good. So I put it up. And PBBBT to people with normal sized screens, because I know my screen is wiiiiiide. So just imagine yours is to.

[ profile] themegaloo!!!


Mar. 28th, 2008 01:52 am
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So Jaz took screenshots.

Some of which were Shanks.

And now I have a new layout.

[ profile] themegaloo.

I'm sure you see the connection between those statements. ;)

JAZ ILUUU. ♥ Your screencaps are gorgeous.

Now that I've occupied myself with making that damn text follow his shoulder for like, an HOUR, I'm off to sleeeeeeep. *___*
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HAPPY NEW YEAR, FLIST! Though it's the 2nd now. Oops. I was going to call and voicepost from the concert I was at because the music was AMAZING, but figured it'd be kinder to save your eardrums, and it's not like you could have heard anything I said anyhow. I HOPE YOU ALL HAD SPLENDIFEROUS CELEBRATIONS AND THE LIKE!

Yeah, THAT said and done with, I have failed in finishing One Piece by today. Because instead I decided to redo my layout in a One Piece fashion. *_* It's simpler than it was which is fun. And it's awesome. [ profile] themegaloo CLICK. It's the first time in a long time I did EVERYTHING BY MYSELF. Because photoshop is not my friend. And all I really did was erase a lot of shit. I STILL LIKE IT!

Uhhhhh Going back to Statesboro again tomorrow. We've been on the road every day since sunday so getting back will be nice.


Apr. 27th, 2007 03:09 am
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Ugh, okay, so earlier? My layout just DIED and it eventually pissed me off enough that I put up one of the lame default ones [I only check my flist every oh, TEN MINUTES OR SO, so this was a big problem. >|] I'll put it back when it seems like it MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK AGAIN. So lame.


Feeling better, yay! Finals are next week, not yay! But this means that the dorm is giving us free food like crazy, yay! And school is out soon, yay!

BUT. The funny thing. For no apparant reason I have developed a theory today. And it's yet to be unproven to me so I am offering it up to the superior knowledge of PoT on my flist.

My theory: Every red-head in PoT seems inexplicably obssesed with their hair.


Eiji- Hello the hair flip? AND YOU SEE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WHEN HE WAKES UP. All frizzy. Thus, EFFORT.
Davide- ahahahaha, duh. The ponytail. LOVE.
Wakato- .....another duh. LOOK AT HIM. HE IS A MAN OBSESSED
Gakuto- That can't be natural. It goes in like. A perfect V. And the color? Also not natural.
Marui- It's, well. Pink. So I dunno if he even counts. But it's pink. And there are definitely no roots to be seen.

So am I missing anyone? And am I just crazy or am I onto something here?
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I got bored and re-did my layout. Again. AND my userinfo, so go look and tell me how gorgeous it is. :D

I'm actually HAPPY with it now. Which is saying something.

new layout!

Feb. 1st, 2007 04:37 pm
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Yes, I know Snuzz, you liked drooling over the Bleach boys in my header, but still. New layout! Back to my fandom roots. SBP, ftw.

So. It's cold. And raining. And that's icky.

Am dating Michael. Which is pretty cool. :D

UF show this weekend. German test tomorrow. Miami show nextweekend. I'll be in and out. Etc.


So, ah...

Dec. 11th, 2006 02:12 am
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Since bleachexile is working again, I got the picture I really WANTED on my layout.

Yeah, it's changed again. >.> I was bored. And it's a cool picture. So look at it. :D

Got my grades today, in other news!

Wait for it...wait for it...


Whiiiich was an unexpected surprise. I was pretty much contented to the idea that I'd get a B. And I got an A. I guess I did REALLY WELL on the final and there was some nature of a curve to help with all the near-failing quizzes? Kick-ass.

In other news, It wasn't a 4.0, alas. I got a B in Shakespeare and Health. This, my children, is what happens when you skip class at least once a week. It's a bad habit. Don't do it. I speak from experience. Also, don't put off easy shit like Health because by the time you get to it, it's SO dull and the whole "I must go to every single class!" freshman drive is gone. And you just won't go. XD So take the easy shit early and skip class sparingly. Words of wisdom.

My A's were Seminar, German, Irish Lit and Theatre practicum. So that's something like a 3.6, I believe. Previous acc. GPA was a 3.96 and I'm too lazy to come up with the whole thing. And it's not online yet. XD It shouldn't drop by much.
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Obviously Fae and my other dear brawlers have eaten my brain. LOOKIT THIS AWESOME BLEACH-NESS. :D :D. Speaking of which. I wrote Bleachfic the other day. IchiIshi as it too has eaten my brain over HERE.

Annnnnd I'm cleaning my room, getting ready for the break and being kicked out, etc etc. Have 78 diet coke cans now NEATLY stacked. Go me. Drinking #79. But mind, this is over the course of the semester, kay?

Done with exams. Hard semester. Will see how things turned out. Should be alright. :D I am not, however, anticipating a 4.0. Woes.

UMMMMM. Right. Going AWOL this weekend to dogsit. Etc etc. OH CRAP LAUNDRY FINISHED AGES AGO. *goes to get* BAI.


Nov. 17th, 2006 04:47 am
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Yeah, you should totally look at my layout. ALL of you. I mean it.

Looking? Great. Now here's where Niff-Blah came from:

Meg: Dude, when did it get to be 3 am?
Fae: about 6 minutes ago
Meg: ....if anyone says 6 minutes ago I will tar and feather you
Meg: ...DAMN
Meg: XD
D'Arcy: do it
D'Arcy: she so deserves it
Fae: that was awesome
Fae: BAWK!
Fae: *flaps wings*
Fae: *pecks corn off the floor*
Jessie: sexeh
Fae: *lays an egg*
Fae: <.<
Meg: *fertilizes the egg*
Jessie: *is suddenly reminded of the Chicken Lady from Kids in the Hall*
Fae: omg wtf is gonna come out that egg

Edited slightly because there were only a million OTHER conversations going on...

His name, being Norman Fairweather Beauregard L****-A******, gives him the initials of, [dun dun dun] NFBLA. Which, in Meg-speak, equals Niff-Blah.

Innit he cute? *pets him*

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