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Jan. 26th, 2010 08:42 pm
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Hi again, posting once more, don't get used to it! The following post is technically for Kate, aka [ profile] mythologiced, because the Real World sucks and we both know it. But, it may appeal to any likewise literary-minded folks on my flist, of which I'm sure there are at least a few.

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gdi nez!

Aug. 14th, 2009 06:12 pm
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So there's this song, right, it's called "Cardiff Afterlife," Nez has introduced me to it and it has actually replaced Friends of the Ood as the song that WILL NOT LEAVE MY HEAD.

It probably is best that I'm no longer walking around singing about running through the snow with my brain in my hands, but still.

CONSEQUENTLY, and because the massive amount of scrolling I had to do in order to see anything was bugging me. And because I think I want to love on [ profile] mentahelada forever (no, seriously, I'm using I think 4 of her layouts in various places now), LAYOUT UPDATE.

For once, it's not something I've done from scratch myself, just because I didn't feel like it and I've come to understand that [ profile] mintyapple is really, really quite handy. So I took a awesome layout, changed the picture, re-tinted the bg and shifted the colors around.

Add the TARDIS fading out from in front of the Millennium Centre and you make me a happy Meg.

And wonderfully apt lyrics and a quick update of my profile (I have my own musebox now! Very glad I had my cast list backed up there. Also very useful for vaguely tl;dr rp applications), and I feel all shiny and new. Well, I could still do with a shower, but let's not get too crazy here.

GO LOOK, IT'S CLASSY. [ profile] themegaloo. Classy enough I even left custom comment pages on for now~~~

PS: NEZ: I have the tag list here too.
PPS: God I love my cheerful moodtheme icon. SURPRISE, NAKED JACK.
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What the hell! Now I know why I never bothered with the anon memes before. You people are nuts when you get to be anon. It doesn't honestly bug me that much because, well. I know myself better than a bunch of people out in cyberspace that don't see my actually expressions and clearly can't tell that I'm very rarely serious about anything ever and that I play things up for humor like crazy. But really, if I annoy you so badly, go ahead and defriend, it won't hurt my feelings.

IN OTHER NEWS as I had a nap and woke up to that madness, today was the Long Day on campus with the four hour break between classes. There is absolutely no purpose in coming back to halls in between because it takes a good 45 minutes sometimes and you can't predict when it'll take that long or less time so might as well just stay and save yourself the walking or the bus/luas fare. The past two Thursdays I've gotten 4 hours of Terrence Brown for class, which is sort of an overdose on Terrence Brown, really! He's an interesting prof but 7 hours with him in a week is a bit much!! We move on to our next Major Authors prof on Tuesday, who is also teaching Yeats. Two more weeks of courses, holy crap! Then exam week and I write another paper and then HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! WHERE IT'S WARM!!! I am looking forward to being WARM for once in my life, hahaha!

Quiet night tonight! Just sort of chilling by myself in my room. Going to turn on "Definitely, Maybe" and eat a few chocolate bars with air bubbles and drink tea and just be a girl girl girl. We were originally supposed to jam tonight, but then the boys were going to play football, but then the pitch was double booked by the badminton team and then we all just went "fuck it." But I think the band or whatever it is might actually get a gig together, which would be insanely fun. And has been insanely fun just in the jamming, though I found I had forgotten all the words to My Immortal yesterday, whoops. Had to look those up! Also working on 9 Crimes and Everything Burns. Why is there a disposition towards DEPRESSING MUSIC? Pretty, though.

Speaking of music, have you guys heard the song "Galway Girl?" I'll assume yes, I think it's in P.S. I Love You. Point is that there are three main types of places to go drinking: Pubs, which are quiet and mostly for talking, Clubs, which are pretty much a meat market, and this weird combination which is my favorite. It's a brighter atmosphere with loud music and dancing, but it definitely doesn't fall under "club" or "pub." They're good fun, though and there are two I rather like- Rody Boland's and Flannery's (though Flannery's VERGES on club-- there is no cover and it's pretty bright, despite generally being packed-- the packed being the verging bit). At BOTH of these almost EVERY time I go to EITHER of them, they play Galway Girl. It's a song I think I'm going to associate with this year for the rest of my life just based on how often I hear it! Good memories already. :D



Jan. 18th, 2008 02:30 pm
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So once again I'm plopped on my butt at work doing all of Approximately Nothing. An excellent time to update, I always say!

First week of class is officially OVER and we already have a holiday WOO WOO for MLK Day. I love random 3-day weekends. *_*

Cast lists went up! I am ENSEMBLE in On Dragon Fly Wings. Which means....something. Supposedly there are a lot of little roles through there not assigned because we don't even have the fully edited script yet (they should be getting it today/tomorrow) but our first read-through is next week so I presume I'll figure out just what's going on then. SHOULD BE FUN. Bailey's in the Ensemble with me so yay. We'll have fun.

We were talking today about how our theatre department is unabashedly cliquey. It's life, no one cares. Everyone always talks about cliques like they're such a horrible thing but really it's just like. Separated big groups into little tighter-knit groups and I can't see TOO MUCH wrong with that. We're trying to predict the cliques. Kinda funny. :D

German's gonna be...interesting this semester. We haven't got a proper text book. O.o

The carpool system is working out PERFECTLY. We all get to class and it WORKS. Even if it's been STUPIDLY COLD AGAIN. Warmed up this afternoon but holy fucking shit has it been chilly. We ALMOST got snow and then the world went "BITCH, PLEASE. STATESBORO HASNT HAD REAL SNOW SINCE 1989 YOU GET LITTLE ALMOST-FLURRIES" Even though like, practically everywhere ELSE in Georgia at least got a LITTLE snow. ;_; The weather hates us. Maybe next week? Supposed to be a cold front coming through from what I hear.

Still treking through the OP anime. It's still rocking my socks off every other second.


And he sings the blues so well. *___*



Apr. 6th, 2007 02:35 pm
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The temperature has dropped an honest-to-god 20 degrees in the past DAY.

I think this some deity's cruel joke on me because I'd been snickering at all the posts about how it was snowing places and frolicing in my 80 degree weather. So of course that has been SNATCHED AWAY and now I am cold.

That. Is incredibly lame.

And kinda ironic cause it geology class today he's on about GLOBAL WARMING GLOBAL WARMING! And I'm sitting there going "BUT IT'S LIKE. 50 DEGREES THIS MORNING. IN APRIL." Yes, by that I mean that the morning temperature has been like, 70, and it's been getting up into the mid-80's/lower 90's fairly frequently. WHICH I WAS REALLY LIKING!!

But yeah. Chilly. DO. NOT. WANT.

[So I am eating ice cream. stfu.]

In other news, I finally charged my iPod [because I'd been too lazy to plug it in lately] and now get to walk around campus listing to Wonderful Days and Rolling Star and various other fun things.

Also on the campus walking topic, people keep commenting on my purse lately. XD And yeah, it's kinda brilliant. I mean, it's shaped like a GUITAR and it has ELVIS onnit.

Got an 82 on my last German test. I have one more before the final. I just want a B in the class and I'll be happy. It's been kicking my butt this semester in a major way. Man. Really not looking forward to doing this shit at 8 fuckin am. Not natural AT ALL. Ugh, mornings.

PoT AU fics make me giggle.

A lot.
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Yes, this is the first time I've been tagged for this...rofl.

List 6 songs that you can't get enough of right now and then tag 6 people who have to do it too.

1) I Like to Travel- The Frogs
2) So Long and Thanks for All the Fish- from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
3) La Vie Boheme- RENT
4) Defying Gravity- Wicked
5) Margaritaville- Jimmy Buffet
6) Hades- The Frogs

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So yeah, woot! I think I got people who hadn't done it yet...*hopes*

So, over the course of yesterday, I got three soundtracks to listen to! Spamalot, The Frongs, The Producers, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Thus far I've made it through Frogs and Spamalot. Working on the Producers, listened to parts of HHG. Great fun!

I'm working upstairs on the no-internet-but-lots-of-graphics-programs comp on a website for my grandma's business. Tricky coming up with a 'professional' looking website. I just hope my idea works...Lol. It *should*, but that doesn't mean it *will*.

Yes, I am capable of this, I just get lazy with my stuff.

Oh! Last night I broke down and renewed my paid account and got my extra icon space...WOOT. Now I need to start filling up those icon spots!

[ profile] birdythenerdy joined OutMinds last night. We've already confused people with what we've termed 'sibling-speak'. The Alphy and Lila show went into its eighth episode last night and we're close to going on to number nine. (we have a 200 post limit to keep the site moving smoothly)

Speaking of shows...Has anyone seen Mike or heard from him in the past, oh, year or two? I really wonder what happened to him.

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