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Paradelle* for Rebirth

Break the walls down piece by piece
Break the walls down piece by piece.
Unbend nails and remove the boards
Unbend nails and remove the boards.
Nails break walls and piece the boards
By the down, unbend. Piece remove.

Barriers of the heart are made of stone
Barriers of the heart are made of stone,
People are the nails, piercing through
People are the nails, piercing through.
The people are made barriers of nails through the
Stone of the heart are piercing.

Deconstruct it all to atoms and molecules
Deconstruct it all to atoms and molecules
To create a new heart, breathing and open
To create a new heart, breathing and open.
Atoms to deconstruct molecules open a heart and
To create it all new and breathing.

A heart of stone and molecules of nails
Break the people through nails and boards.
Piece open the walls, unbend new piercing barriers.
Are to deconstruct by piece, breathing it down
And the atoms are made to create all heart.

*A Paradelle is a fictional form of poetry created by Billy Collins to parody the strict forms (Sonnets, etc) which involves reusing the words of previous lines. See here for more information on the "form" and other examples.

This Paradelle was crafted for LJ Idol, season 7.
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In a poem? Haha. Haven't done this in a while. Don't shoot me. It demanded to be written. And it might get revised. Again. Who knows.


One down, down in one again—
A short reprieve from the weekday toils
And the daily trend
A breath away from the sighing days,
The muffled sounds of A's and ehs.

The endless cycle of impromptu
Analysis and unthought verse
For those who
In their didactic positions have always led
And made a burden of having read.

The constant struggle for that or this
As "D-Day" draws with its inevitable phase
Of tardiness
Five more hours, now three, now one
And a deep collapse once the work is done.

And there's little relief as the end draws near
Simply a period of unknown and unfathomed,
Unrealized fear.
Four years have gone in the blink of two eyes
Yet the future still seems it will never arise.

So what becomes of our clock-driven ways:
The sleepless nights and
Distillery haze?
Of the friends still unknown who you felt you could touch,
It all falls apart in an unwanted rush.

We passed them in rowdy and raucous turmoil,
We end them in silence,
A paper stamped of foil.
This is all we can show for our foolhardy youth,
And we can just barely hope that we left with some truth.


In related news I really think the style of whatever poet I'm currently reading a lot of seeps into what I end up writing. Any guesses on who this one is resonating with?
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OKAY. Here is the deal.

I want to write. Something. Anything. Poetry, fanfic, whatever.


I have issues with coming up with something to write ABOUT on my own. Which is lame. AND I AM BORED AND WANT TO WRITE SOMETHING.


Give me a pairing & prompt for fanfic in any fandom I know...I'm in a Bleachy mood, but I'll take others. I know a decent bit of PoT now [I swear I will eventually watch those last ten eps and the OVAs...], HP, of course, Ouran, DN, etc. If you dunno if I know it, ask and I'll tell ya. :D

If you want poetry.....meh. Just tell me and I'll try to come up with something suiting. ^^; Or if you can come up with some sort of poetry prompt, go for it. And I'll see what happens, ja?

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This world is far too broken,
This world is so unfair,
This world is filled with sorrows,
But no one seems to care.

But no one wants to worry,
But no one wants to see,
But no one wants to understand,
Things aren't as they should be.

Things aren't as calm and perfect,
Things aren't as clear as glass,
Things aren't as smooth and simple,
We can't just let things pass.

We can't just watch this happen,
We can't just let things fall,
We can't just be uncaring,
Yet we all ignore the call.

Yet we all ignore the problems,
Yet we all ignore the strife,
Yet we all ignore the chaos,
And we think that this is life.

And we think that this is how it goes,
And we think that this is it,
And we think that this is all we have,
But it's all a load of shit.

But it's all a way of thinking,
But it's all a quick escape,
But it's all a big excuse,
So we're stuck within this scrape.

So we're stuck with all these problems,
So we're stuck in dead of night.
So we're stuck with great dilemas,
This world is losing light.


I swear, I'm not depressed or anything. I'm ina damn good mood. Lol. Just- a mood where I write a lot! Adn I'm SO trying not to flood you lot with my stuff. So it's like, one a day being posted until I run out, mkay?

The Pebble

Nov. 5th, 2005 06:16 pm
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I'm just...
A little bit of anarchist,
A little bit of rebel.
A little bit of radical,
I'd be that ripple's pebble.

And with...
A little bit of patience,
A little bit of time,
A little bit of effort,
This life could be sublime.

So for...
A little bit of change,
A little bit of difference,
A little bit of something new
To shift the world's appearance.

I'd give...
A little bit of everything,
A little bit of spirit,
A little bit of driving force
So the world would have to hear it.

A little bit of thought,
A little bit of learning,
A little bit of energy
Can make life worth the journey.

It takes...
A little bit of anarchist,
A little bit of rebel,
A little bit of radical,
Someone to be the pebble.


I'm poetry-happy lately.
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Reworked as a PROPER sonnet without the screwy rhyme scheme.

As I slip into the deep realm of sleep,
My thoughts fall prey to such haunting dreams.
And my mind I struggle so hard to keep,
While monsters do haunt its dark, loosened seams.
Thoughts all a-jumble, my mind just careens,
Filled with wild Chaos that wrenches my heart.
In such a dark land, no God intervenes,
He just watches it all fall apart.

Yet knowledge far worse, I must yet impart:
It's more than a dream, it's here and it's now,
We sit and we watch this blind Chaos start,
None here will stop it, its path we'll allow.
This world still is ours, I beg that you see,
As darkly it rises in Anarchy.
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Not quite a sonnet, not quite terza rima. Kinda int he middle because I'm half mad. Also can be found over on OutMinds.

Anarchy Rising
As I slip into the deep realm of sleep,
My thoughts fall prey to such haunting dreams.
And my mind I struggle so hard to keep,
While monsters do haunt its dark, loosened seams.
For Anarchy rules this unfeeling land,
And with such chaos my poor mind careens,
With no part of life that's thought out or planned;
Chaos that wrenches the depth of my heart.

But this is no dream, you must understand,
This Chaos is real, this world torn apart.
It's here and it's now, in ocean and tree,
Its reach is unending, none knew its start.
This dark, haunted world, I beg that you see,
As darkly it rises to anarchy.
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First off, poem: Titled Introspection

Look at me.
I'm not what you think.
When you can't really see,
It makes my heart sink.

Sometimes I feel I could stand at the summit,
And yet so often of late,
my heart seems to plummet.

It's living a lie,
It's having to hide.
It's wishing you knew what I felt deep inside.

I'm just what you wanted,
You think I'm quite perfect.
Maybe once I was what you thought,
But I can't be too sure of it.

Look at me now,
Look in and look deep.
Don't stop at the surface.
Do you like what you see?

Look at me!
Just look at me please!
Just see who I am,
And not what you want me to be.

See who I am...
...and not who I was.

And now, how geeky of an LJer am I?
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s'for my multi-genre term paper on Oscar Wilde, a leader in the Aesthetic movement (art for art's sake and all that jazz...appreciation of beauty) I wanted a poem about it...I ended up with couplets on uneven rhythm. I challeneged myself to a sonnet. This is what I got:

Oh! Beauty, the fairest faith e'er professed,
God's best creation; a great work of art.
The first and the last of love e'er confessed,
A beauty so deep, we'd ne'er wish to part.

The wond'rous view and the beautiful sight,
As each moment still serves to inspire;
The unspoken beauty that fills the night,
Or the glittering coals of the fire.

Simply it's art, without a clear reason.
For there's no need for any great purpose,
Except, perhaps, to be logic's treason.
And of that vice, we have a great surplus.

It's in every man, and woman with tress,
But which is more lovely I'll ne'er confess.
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In reference to a post from yesterday.

Which no one has said anything about, simply re-affirming what I'm upset about!

heart slowly breaking
and feet no longer feel the ground

thoughts, long past caring
and jump at every little sound

words yet unspoken
to friends that ne'er can be found

completely unprepared
anything can knock me to the ground

hear the shadows calling
and shudder as the echoes yet rebound

Yes, lack of capitalization is intentional.

ARG! I need to write some happy shit.


Oct. 4th, 2004 08:52 pm
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Coming Out

Have you ever been a stranger?
And stood outside the crowd?
Have you ever hidden feelings?
Because you know they aren’t allowed?

Do you wish that you were normal?
And didn’t have to hide?
Do you want to be yourself?
Instead of sitting to the side?

‘Outside’ is in the open,
And in the open we are free.
But all that space is lonely,
Is that how we want to be?

Do we keep our thoughts inside us?
Do we smile, and grin, and bear it?
Or do we tell the world about us?
Shout out if just to share it?

Because all these thoughts aren’t normal,
And being different is a sin,
We always hover outside,
Instead of coming in.

Well? What do you think? Please leave me a comment or whatever...Yes- I wrote it. Read stuff into it as you will. Just well...Tell me what you think.


I haven't written stuff I've shared in a long time.

[Edit: Fixed the squicky rhyme.]

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