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I never can come up with decent subjects for anything these days. Because everything is basically some sort of weird hodge-podge of whatever or fic or who-knows-what.

Yeah I have no idea where I was going with that either.

Life's pretty good. Financial Aid checks came today and I got a lift up to the bank between classes from Steph so i could go ahead and take care of it. Oh my god you ALWAYS know when checks go out because EVERYONE AND THEIR BROTHER IS AT WACHOVIA. This would be because it's basically the only big-chain bank in Statesboro. Most of them are very, very regional. Hell, there isn't even a BANK OF AMERICA. Which drove me crazy for three years before I caved to the lure of a physical building to bank at instead of the single BoA ATM in the student union. Great job, Statesboro.

So today while driving/riding around town it really struck me that in a few months, I won't be living here anymore. I really want to go around town with my camera and just take pictures of all the places I go a lot, where I walk, what I drive past. All the things that people usually just take for granted, you know? Like the place I go to buy my alcohol, as terrible as that sounds. It's this run-down Fast & Easy with a PAINTED sign with bad cartoon-like drawings and the paint's peeling and just getting in and out of the parking lot can be an adventure. Almost as much of an adventure as finding stuff in there. They've got a bunch of different wines and probably more types of beer than anywhere else in town. Plus, they sell Strongbow. I don't think there's anywhere else around here that does. It's a unique little place, you know? And somehow I wonder how much longer it will last like it is before someone decides to tear it down and make it look even remotely modern. Hell, I'll miss it and my aging apartment complex and all the other stuff that just is so....Statesboro.

So yeah. Would anybody be interested in seeing those if I do it?

In other news, if you hadn't caught on yet- I quit [ profile] bnf_brawl a few weeks ago. It's been sort of a relief. I hadn't been on there nearly as much as I should have been in ages and I'd just become completely jaded to it. Last semester when I just couldn't manage an internet life, a real life and a school/work life I just got out of the habit, yanno? Never really got the spark for it back. Now I feel like I can really be a PART of fandom again because I'm not forced to produce something half-assed at the end of each month for characters I barely play. Weird sort of freedom. I thought I'd miss it more but I think I did the majority of "moving on" back in October/November. Hey. that's life.

Oh my god this entry is depressing. It's like all these different parts of my life are just...wrapping up. Coming to a conclusion. Ending. This is definitely not what I had in mind when I started typing.

SO TO LEAVE IT ON A HAPPY NOTE. As soon as my check clears the bank, this is so going to be mine.


Nov. 27th, 2007 06:16 pm
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Semester is finally ALMOST OVER. Thank fuck. Seriously. dlkhgkjdsgasg I am so tired.

Have been making icons! Am currently retardedly proud of this one.

Though I think all the icons I color sorta look similar. >/ APPARENTLY I have a certain style to it?

But I like this one. :D

And look who it is.

Betcha can't guess what that means. ;)

IN RELATED NEWS (which totally gives away the guessing, really) am FINALLY GOING TO BE ABLE TO COME OFF THAT DAMN HIATUS SOON. Oh brawl, how I have missed it. I JUST HAVE TO HOLD OUT A LITTLE LONGER. Which means Remus will eventually be a not-hedgehog.

Though sadly, I've been dropping characters. I dropped Nell a while back because WTF CANON and there was no way I could think of to incorporate that. And I dropped Gin because it sucked too hard to not have a good Kira to play against and Grimm and Ulqui are gone so that kinda means all I'd do would be....pestering Envy and Rukia. So yeah. He's finished too. :( I will miss them both but hey. Life goes on!

What elllllseeee...

One of my profs is making my class t-shirts.

That read "Neorxnawong."

Look it up. I dare you.


Sep. 28th, 2007 02:39 pm
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My life lately has gone completely retarded.

I've always been fairly busy, right? But I honestly can't say that I've ever had quite this much blindside me at once. I am SO TIRED and I don't really see an end in sight until like. Thanksgiving.

First of all, classes. CLEARLY I am taking too many of the rather-difficult sort. But I can handle that. Sort of. And the schedule they're on is complete CRAP because they're all spaced out and it makes like I'm spending three times as much time in class as I actually am. ARG.

Second, the play. I love it dearly, I do. But when you have rehearsal MOST nights until, oh, 10:30/11 on top of everything else? asjfklasjflf want to die.

Third, Equestrian Team. A twice-a-week crack-of-dawn commitment in and of itself, this weekend is out home show. Long time members of my flist may recall what this entails, but let me recap:
1. I wake up at 5:30 Saturday AND Sunday in order to be at the barn by 6 [and this is pushing for time]
2. I work. all. day. long. Both days. Usually in crap weather because the weather is NEVER good when you have to be out in it for hours on end.
3. We have workdays LEADING UP TO IT with required numbers if hours.
4. One of those workdays is ALWAYS friday so we don't even get a day to rest up and get ready for Hell.
5. I work on Fridays and thus can't do my hours until I get off.

So here I am, sitting at work, absolutely exhausted because life has been a completely and utter bitch lately, knowing that when I clock out at 6, the first thing I get to do is drive out to the barn and WORK. For like, three more hours. HOPEFULLY we will run out of things to do and someone will take pity on my poor wilting soul and SEND ME HOME. I'm not holding my breath though.

And you know, on top of all this I have a social life. Steph is supposed to come over and watch old disney movies with me tonight while JD and Bailey strike the set of Waiting for Godot and tomorrow night is the cast party for said lay, which consists of, h, the VAST MAJORITY of my social circle and I never miss a cast party if I can help it.

So I'll be there. Tired and unable to stay out too late, but I wouldn't miss it. (And the important people know I am not allowed to drink myself to excess, no matter how much I might want to after whatever the hell goes down tomorrow)

Now don't get me wrong-- I know this post makes it seem like I hate riding, hate the equestrian team and wish it would just bugger off and leave me the hell alone. NOT TRUE. Well, mostly not. I love riding. I love a good number of the people on the team, but I'm really starting to wish I hadn't done it this semester because of what a time drain it is right now. There are just so many requirements-- the work days, the strict time thing for the shows, the need to work the shows all day long, the structured times at which I can be at the barn for lessons (which really are NOT convenient for me and my schedule at ALL). I miss the days when I would ride more at better times and without the whole team business. Yes, they're fun people. Yes, I love them dearly. Yes, I also love the much reduced COST of riding like this. But oh my fucking god if people don't stop planning badly and throwing hissy fits about things not going smoothly I am going to have to chokeabitch and I have no idea who yet. I know we have some people on the team who really have no life OUTSIDE of the team. And you know what? I am so not one of them.

Next semester should be better. It had BETTER be better, because I don't think I could survive another one like this.

AND SOME DAY I WILL FINISH ALL MY POSTS FOR BRAWL. alksjflkashjfajshgklasjghlkjaskjghga

EDIT: And our toilet is leaking again. DAMNIT.


May. 4th, 2007 04:45 am
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So like, everyone apparently decided to sleep tonight. What's up with that? Jerks. Hahahaha I need someone to entertain me in my insomnia pls! No one? Lame.

But yeah. Exams are alllllmost over. Which is why I'm awake. I'm working on one right now. Online. Fun stuff. Oh, LitRev, how I have despised your onlineness because I lack focus etc & etc. But I do like that I don't have to go sit down and take a final at 3 tomorrow like I thought I was going to.

And speaking of finals. I had a long moment of sheer terror today.

I looked up my exam schedual at the beginning of the week. I had believed my Enviro Geology exam to be today, er, yesterday, at 10 am.

Apparently this was not so. I was at the lecture hall at 5 til 10 and recognized no one. I know several people in the class pretty well. This was not good. When the prof showed up it became abudnantly clear that this was not my final. So I did the logical thing and ran to the nearest computer and pulled up the exam schedual and figured out that my final was Wednesday at 10 am not Thursday. Yeeeaaaah. NOT. GOOD. I have no idea why I read it wrong and continued in my incorrect belief all week, but that is exactly what happened.

So I bolted to my prof's office, knocked on the door praying he was there because I am SO not above begging. And he was. And he was very, very nice and there were other people taking the exam and he let me sit down and take it too. Especially since I did well on the other tests. And he might be one of my favorite people in the world right now because OMFG TERROR. It took a good ten minutes while I was sitting there taking the final for my hands to stop shaking because I had been so distressed at the fact that I had missed a final.



Di has put it into my head to write ByaUraGin. I might do it too. I like Gin, like, a ridiculous amount.

And playing him on brawl is probably one of the best things ever.

Oh, oh, lookit me destroying anything resembling being sekrit about that. Whee. I was kinda TELLING anyone who wanted to know so yeah. Gin is my new brawl baby and I love him so =P

Edit: And yeah, that means I probably play the two worst typers in brawl. Whee.
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I should never be allowed to eat peeps EVER


Especially on days when my RPG character is a FUCKING STEGOSAURUS.

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Even when I actually make myself GO TO SLEEP in the middle of giant IC funnyness on AIM, I still wake up in the mornings exhausted. Not on. BUT ANYHOW.

BRILLIANT weekend. Went to the Beach on saturday and went wave jumping and built a sandcastle and DESTROYED a sandcastle [even though I has no shuvel. D: hahahaha]. Came back, went to see Blades of Glory, laughed my ass off at its stupidity [but enjoyed it] and went out to eat at El Som. Man. Busy.

Oh, on Friday after I gave up on Wonderful Days for the moment, went over and jammed with Michael. Beatles, Simon and Garkunkel, Flogging Molly and embarassing myself in a, well, Wonderful Days attempt. WHICH I AM BETTER AT NOW KTHX. Slowly getting the hang of that damn first verse. Let's not even talk about the Pedaru bit. lKAjsjashfkjsd toofast. BUT. Was awesome.

Then yesterday [yes, I just did the days so out of order...] we went and saw Hello Dolly, which was pretty cute and had it's moments, but hey, it's community theatre. I can't expect it to be brilliant. XDDD Mike and Steph and Sydney and Nandez and all my other friends in it were pretty great. THEN came back and spent countless hours on Oregon Trail. As can be seen by Remus's latest post on brawl. [that was one of MANY games. I made a Bleach party. Hinamori died. Talking about that IC was hilarious.]

Annnnnnd time to go to class. ♥!
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Or not, because I'm sure I've had far randomer entries.


chat snippet )

But, that is amoung many funny things of the day. I woke up about five minutes before I had to run to class on entirely not enough sleep and somehow managed to survive German. Next stop: Starbucks. Where they now recognize me easily and will probably soon have both my name and order memorized. Then off to write a SA tag because even if Snuzz and Riah FAIL at this jump starting thing, I am still logging with Riah. Actually. That's done. I need to go write an ENTRY and we can comment spame. I love the ByaRen there. sofun.

BUT. Then was geology, which I did NOT survive and instead napped through half of, waking up to see a picture of a coffin in someone's front yard. Floods and all, yanno. Popped down after class to tell the prof the toilet story.

The Toilet Story )

So after that I head back to the dorm for my 2 hour break, make a necessary pit-stop for diet coke because I was OUT and manage to not find time to take a nap. Heading back out to class, I run into Mark, an old friend from HS. The following conversation ensued [something along these lines at least]:

I am a lit geek with strong opinions )

There's a reason I mentioned that, I'll get there in a minute. And Brit Lit was brilliant and I ended up laughing SO MANY TIMES just because my prof is this short British lady that just bowls over anything that could spark controversy in the Bible Belt and makes it a laugh. She's great. I love her.

Then there was a break in which I sat with Kathrine in the Newton breezeway upstairs, as we do, oh, every monday and wednesday and this big cloud of flower petals blows by and I internally go BYA *____* because I'mma dork, but it's ruined, of course, when Katy asks what all the crap flying around is. Ah, well.

Then I had Lit&Rev, which started with the prof entering, looking around and shouting "HAIL SATAN!" because we've been reading The Master and Margarita which really isn't bad at all. Class progress, he compares this globe that the book's version of Satan has to a Planitir [you know, LotR] and then goes on about how it's this little microcosim and ending with "HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS"

Point of the Mark bit. Heading back OUT of class and towards the dorm, I run into Mark AGAIN. Stalker jokes ensue. Which is hilarious for all the well, recent stalker jokes in chat about me. Strange Bleach conversation where he mistakes Ichigo for a blonde and can't remember his name to save his life. Not too much there except the stalker bit, which was a bit awesome.

MOVING ON, few hours to myself after that in which I tell half of this to Snuzz and Riah before REHEARSAL OHNOES. But of course, the main reason I keep going to every. single. one. of those is that they are HILARIOUS.

Best moment today: Dylan, the one gay guy on the cast got bored waiting for his part. He takes a metal pole used for practice sparring into the studio next store and starts twirling it. He drops it. Gobo goes "DAMN GAYS!" [it's all in good fun, we all love Dylan] and as indignant shouts are heard, Kenneth chimes in "The just drop their poles for anyone." Dylan enters and starts scolding GOBO which is hilarious considering how benign that comment was in comparison to Kenneth's and then eventually turns to Kenneth, scolds him, stalks off, comes back and CRACKS UP.

As we are all lying on the floor hyperventilating with laughter.

And there are more funnies but this is enough for one post, I think.



Mar. 23rd, 2007 11:36 am
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I should, you know. Make an effort at least to sleep before tests.

Even if I still finish in 15 minutes flat and am the first person to make my way awkwardly out the door.

This is why I like taking easy core classes Junior year that have SCANTRON TESTS still. Makes up for all the lsdkjalksjdhjkasd crazy long essay tests that leave my fingers sore for hours. [I will never, ever forget taking THREE ESSAY EXAMS IN ONE DAY. My hand felt weird for like, a WEEK and by the third, my handwriting was shit]

In regards to my previous entry, it was very, very worth it. But I'm not telling why. Because, well. I had to do THAT. I sold my soul.

But I have something to add. :|

WHILE SNUZZ may indeed by Surpreme Dictator, even Surpreme Dictators are subject to Gods. Even if they be the generally benevolent and jovial sorts.

Because, really. This one makes the Snuzz go "..................." even more than I do. It's sort of amazing.

Three guesses who and the first don't count. Perhaps I may be bribed into another post. Perhaps.

sakdjhasjdh downfall of short, easy tests is having NOTHING TO DO for the rest of the hour. *sits in computer lab and twiddles thumbs* Oh, and the little scrolly thing on this mouse is broke. Lame.
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So yesterday started off all droll and dull but shaped up pretty quickly because class was HILARIOUS [stuffy women profs having to teach poetry that is OBVIOUSLY about sex to a class that is oh-so-mature will always brighten my day] and then I checked my mail and GUESS WHAT WAS IN THERE. SHIPPED ALL THE WAY FROM SINGAPORE.

My Zabimaru keychain. YES I AM A DORK I HAVE A KEYCHAIN OF RENJI'S SWORD but omfg it is composed of win. Now when I'm bored I just take it and twirl it around my finger or stab random people [okay, random people I KNOW] with it. Eddie called me a loser for it at rehearsal last night. So I jabbed him again.

Not that it like, hurts or anything. It's all of five inches long and DULL. But it's shiny and cool and it makes me happy so stfu.

And today was kinda lose so far because I hate early classes and getting up to learn German at nine am is just COMPOSED of lose and it's going to be even worse next year because omgwtf the only class og GRMN 2001 is at 8:00 am.


My first and ONLY 8 am class is going to be my senior year. Someone please agree with me with how NOT RIGHT this is. I've avoided those for THREE YEARS. WHY NOW? I can barely think enough to learn German at *9:00*, what makes them think anyone can do that at *8:00*. Geeze. Shit. I don't like this idea. Waaaah.

You know what I love? Brawl. And how logs that were planned to be about ONE thing suddenly end up with Remus and Slytherin plotting to overthrow the Wizarding world as we, er, know it? Yes, I am totes talking about an RPG as though it ACTUALY WAS REAL STFU. >|

I really think Spring Break broke me by making me sleep normal hours just to keep up with Grandma. Because trying to go back to MY life is not working very well. I am not supposed to wake up from my too-short stints at sleeping nearly delerious, that's just not on.

Michael's been sick so I still haven't seen him since before Spring break and that kinda sucks a lot. He might have mono and that would REALLY suck a lot. Because well. Mono sucks? But it might just be strep throat.

I may be fiercely independant and all. But still. backnowpls?

I think my brain is broken this entry sounds weird. SORRY!


Mar. 11th, 2007 11:01 am
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It's Remus's birthday

And I am leaving like, NOW.


LAME. :|

Be back next week. :D
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The Everything Test, wtf )

If you take it and see the POSSIBLE 22 PAGES and how it says many won't apply? For me at least, it lied. I went through ALL. 22. PAGES. I have enver been asked so much about sex in a quiz in my life. o.o wtf. Reasonably accurate, I suppose.

Ummmmm SPRING BREAK NEXT WEEK! SCORE! I will be flying to Houston to hang out with my Grandma for the week. Which is gonna be AWESOME, thank you very much.

Brawl wins at life. I love new character time.

And SA wins at life too. Why do plants follow me in RPs? I do not know. They just do.

I honestly don't know what else to blather about. Joyous.
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I love it when I stay up SO MUCH LATER than I meant to and then still have piles of energy the next day. Or not. Because this is going to be followed by a huge terrible crash of doom and I know it.  Nothing like a nice shock of inevitableity, I always say.

Also. Everything is Snuzzie's fault. :| Even when she is not here. :| Do not argue this point.

I think all of my very favorite giant HP AU's are like, being updated all at once lately. It's fabulous.

One of these days I will actually write a rec list of all the shit I read.

And post it as Remus. Whee.

</useless ramble><input ... ></input><input ... >


Jan. 29th, 2007 11:46 pm
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There is nothing like a library mishap to make everything HILARIOUS.

Remus is going to die of embarassment when this is over. XDDDD;

If he has ah, been less than cordial to any of your characters, APOLOGIES! HE CAN'T HELP IT.
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Obviously Fae and my other dear brawlers have eaten my brain. LOOKIT THIS AWESOME BLEACH-NESS. :D :D. Speaking of which. I wrote Bleachfic the other day. IchiIshi as it too has eaten my brain over HERE.

Annnnnd I'm cleaning my room, getting ready for the break and being kicked out, etc etc. Have 78 diet coke cans now NEATLY stacked. Go me. Drinking #79. But mind, this is over the course of the semester, kay?

Done with exams. Hard semester. Will see how things turned out. Should be alright. :D I am not, however, anticipating a 4.0. Woes.

UMMMMM. Right. Going AWOL this weekend to dogsit. Etc etc. OH CRAP LAUNDRY FINISHED AGES AGO. *goes to get* BAI.
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Well, I'm entirely done with Seminar, Health and Shakespeare. Okay, the first two I've been done with for a while, but shh. Shakespeare exam was yesterday. Considering it's the subject I've been doing a million and a half things for recently...yeeeaaaaah, glad that's over and done with!

Tomorrow is German, Thursday is Irish Lit [which I need to think on, but should be a breeze once I do so. I like essay exams, I'm good at writing off my head! German is, as always worrisome, but I have today to work on getting ready for it, which is tre nice.

Last night was strangely awesome. Aside from my body's random decision that all it wants to do is sleep, of course. post exam I just crashed for a few hours and was woken up by my phone ringing. Answered. It was a guy I'd talked to at a party Friday and then given a lift home to. Really cool guy, etc etc. He was taking a study break and going to a coffeeshop and asked me to join.

What's the name of that new place? Midtown? Midway? Something. Kinda makes me think of Millingways. >.> *dork* But that's half the point! We got coffee and were sitting there talkign and we talked about all sorts of dork-things. Like, MY sort of dork things, not dork things I know because of Steven and his video games. Lord of the Rings, movies, doing random shit with friends, etc etc etc.

Oh, and he has a pink cell phone. Because he didn't want the black one. Which is eternally hilarious.

BUT THEN. Not long after I get back Kim [roommate] reminds me that they have FREE PANCAKES in the clubhouse. And dude, free pancakes? SO. THERE. And it was really neat too because they had a couple of griddles set up and a ton of batter and then they had MIXINGS and you went to the mixings table and picked out what you wanted [I grabbed a ton of chocolate chips, surprised? you shouldnt be] and then went over to the griddle and they put the mixings in AS THEY WERE MAKING THE PANCAKES. AJSHDGJSFGSDSFG YUM.

Butof course this means it took a bit to make them. Kim, the wonderful, wonderful person that she is, got us there pretty damn quickly. So me, her and Greg were just sitting there chowing down on fucking awesome free pancakes as the line wrapped around us. I rubbed it in to people I knew. Bwhahaha.

Of course I finally get back to my computer to threats by an absent Rabid to puke in my ear. WTF, Pads? Weirdo. And TWO OTHER PEOPLE IMing me asking "What the hell is up with Rabid?" And I still don't know what that was about. Vomit? What?

Oh, by the by. Picked up Nell in [ profile] bnf_brawl and had one of the funniest conversations with Akustu on there [or "Akutthu," bwhahahaa.]

And then slept, a lot, as I've nowhere to be today. I think I'mma do laundry and start packing thigns up and cleaning and shit so I can actually DO THINGS Thursday night. Of which i already have a few options. Oh, amusing.

Also, dog sitting this weekend. So I move out friday, go home fo a Birthday Celebration! for Birdy and then come back to play with the dogs. <3

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