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SO ON MY LAST UPDATE I had just gotten my very first super awesome LINE as a flight attendant. (Yeah, the magical schedule was in fact true!) So that was cool. And my life has been INSANE AND AWESOME ever since! Well, not always awesome, sometimes it's just insane, like when I packed for a one day trip on Thursday and didn't get to come home until yesterday while actually managing to LOSE hours, don't ask, it was ridiculous. Here are some of my highlights!

-I had a flight delayed for a swarm of bees. No, really, there was a swarm of bees just hanging out on our right wing, like, HUGE SWARM OF BEES, GUYS. They couldn't get to the plane with the fuel truck or the baggage because of it and had to call out a beekeeper, it was insane.
-I flew a flight with three passengers from Albany to LaGuardia because we'd gotten diverted there and stuck but weren't the only ones and the other crew managed to snag all the people. It was pretty entertaining talking on a PA to...three people.
-I've slept in so many hotels, so many.
-I've found that my favorite game to play while on a trip is to wait a few days and then ask the other FA (provided I haven't worked with them before) how old they think I am. Which usually just comes up because I'll say something like "masters program" or "lived in Ireland for a year" and "spent two years as a wedding consultant..." And slowly they have the moment of realization that maybe I'm not like, 20. It's really freaking funny.
-DCON is in a frightfully short period of time away from now. I AM NOT READY. Well, I kinda am, but I KINDA REALLY AM NOT. We'll get there.
-ALSO planning to go to NYCC this year. Which will be 3 cons in like, 3 months. Holy. I swear I could not pull this off if I didn't have flight benefits, I mean, the airfare to SDCC alone would have BROKEN ME DEAD.
-I have this whole new mentality about things I want to go to on account of this. Like, there's an event somewhere or someplace I want to see or something I want to's less "I will never be able to afford it" and more "damnit I need the days off, when is the next bid cycle??" Which is sort of awesome.
-LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT BIDDING, BECAUSE IT IS ALL THE CRAZY. I totally failed at it last month and had to bribe someone to take a trip so I could have my days for DCon. This month, I think I did way better. We'll know soon. But bidding, man, it takes a lot more effort than I thought it would. I had to look through all the possible pairings, I picked out the ones I wanted, I bid for those, then I submitted preferences for like, overnights, report times, and again, days off cause, well, DCon is pesky in spanning TWO DIFFERENT MONTHS.
-I got hopelessly addicted to all things Marvel and Avengers. I made a Peggy Carter costume because I love Cap more than should be considered healthy. I HAVE READ COMIC BOOKS. It's shocking.
-...I bought an iPad because I got tired of having to take my laptop out of my bag at TSA and you can leave a tablet in and now expect my typos to get fixed for me when I go all dyslexic with the letter order. Damn. (I'm on my trusty laptop right now)
-I made the very bad life decision to watch Teen Wolf on a whim. Guys, guys, it's like, awesome. I can't say THE BEST because, well, Firefly, Doctor Who...Kinda hard to beat, BUT IT IS UP THERE, EVEN THOUGH IT'S ON MTV, GUYS. GO WATCH IT. Yes, S1 is a little campy, but S2, just. ALL MY FEELS. STIIIILES. To watch the show is to love Stiles. And you have no idea what you're missing until you too, love Stiles.
-I use my tumblr a lot these days. Go follow me. But, yanno, tell me who you are. I'm themegaloo there too, because I like to keep shit simple.
-Ohhhh I finally broke down and rewatched/caught up on Castle, because Nathan Fillion. Who I saw at SDCC too. Who is awesome and we made cry. On the same day I met Matt & Karen & Arthur & Moff.
-I really like having an apartment. Not living with the parents is very nice.
-There is a Boy and it is Good. But it is long distance but I bid for alllll the overnights near him so it might be Better soon.
-Life is really fun. And I get to work again on Thursday. HOW WEIRD IS THAT, I GET EXCITED ABOUT WORKING. I love being a flight attendant. I would love it even more if our uniforms were like Virgin America's. But I still love it a lot.

IN SHORT: Hi! I'm still alive! I'm just really, really busy!!!
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I am REASONABLY sure that I've talked about Starship on here before, and if not I'm sorry because I really should have. (It's a musical by Starkid- those crazy people who made musical parodies of Harry Potter, all of the above can be found on youtube. Starship is a musical that is basically Starship Troopers meets Ants meets Avenue Q and Darren Criss wrote the songs.) BUT that's not the point.

I had a strange moment on my way to work this afternoon (which was insanely busy and I sold a dress, just the dress, that totaled at over $1000, AWESOME.) where I actually grabbed my ipod and decided to listen to it. It was on the Starship album so I figured WHY NOT, and just backed it up to the beginning of whatever song had been last played (it was last played at DCon when [ profile] ninepointfivemm were forcibly introducing it to people).

Which has resulted in this song being stuck in my head for ABOUT 11 hours now. Minus when I was running around too fast to have anything in my head but where to find the next dress, of course.

Yes, I had to share it with you all. A FEW THINGS ABOUT THIS SONG:
  1. It is strangely inspiring considering the actual context of the scene. Seriously, the line I have on repeat is "what you see right there is a prisoner who's sitting on top of the key- you've got to kick it up a notch if you ever want to be free." But the actual goal of the scene is for Pincer (giant scorpion) to convince Bug (little bug) to become a human and lure the other humans back so he can eat their brains. I'm not kidding. (SEE, GO WATCH THE SHOW PEOPLE, IT'S REALLY FUNNY AND I'M NOT EVEN TELLING YOU THE BEST BITS.) SO with that on repeat in my head I'm getting a CONSTANT REMINDER TO DO SOMETHING WITH MY LIFE and giggling a lot. At the same time. It's sort of ridiculous.
  2. Dude has a seriously hot voice. No really, go listen to him. It's all jazzy and really hot. Further proof of my Thing for musicians. Also, WATCH THE SHOW and see how utterly derpy his other character is.
  3. I can't stop thinking about how hilariously epic it would be to make a four-person costume of Pincer (yep, still the giant scorpion) and bring it to DragonCon. There are obviously some flaws in this plan- making the thing, transporting the thing, having people to WEAR the thing, not dying while wearing the thing, etc. But I just have this IMAGE of Pincer on the escalators. And in the parade, because it would be epic in the parade. And as Jessi pointed out, I want to be a claw.

And now I'm amused that I just managed to post a fair bit about my life all surrounded by one song. Sung by a giant scorpion puppet. Oh, life.
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So uh, as anyone I was able to text or anyone who follows my twitter or facebook or foursquare is PROBABLY AWARE, I got back from DragonCon tonight around 9pm. Yeah, this is not when I planned to be home. Yeah, I was supposed to work today. No, that didn't happen. DAMN YOU, WEATHER!! Flight from ATL got delayed so badly that there was no way I'd make the connecting to Home and there wasn't a later flight for that and YADDA YADDA YADDA so I spent forever on the phone in the airport talking to my parents, my boss, my friends still at con and the airline so I could come home TODAY instead. It was madness. I am exhausted. But you know what?


My pictures are up on facebook, I'm working on getting them onto photobucket as well but there is no way I'm coding anything tonight as I'm barely coherent from exhaustion. My costumes went off beautifully, I'm on the BBCA webpage sitting in line for the Night Terrors screening (!!!!) I have no voice from shouting WOULD YOU CARE FOR SOME TEA?! EXTERMINATE! PERCOLATE! and other such things all day Saturday and I am exceedingly broke until I get paid Friday.

Other things: MY PHONE SURVIVED, NO FOUNTAIN SWIMMING FOR MY PURSE THIS YEAR! (thank christ) I'm already planning MOAR COSTUMES for next year, some of which will be more feasible than others (someday I will sew well enough to make Kaylee's cupcake dress, I swear I will pull that one off someday), sleep was, as ever, a fallacy to be ignored unless forced (I woke up still a Dalek at 10am Sunday morning because I apparently hit a TOTAL AND COMPLETE WALL OF EXHAUSTION and haven't slept much since) and I have discovered that I am not a coherent fangirl in the LEAST. I passed GDL in a hamster tube and ran into a door. And then when I finally met Sherlock fandom, oh good lord, that was not coherency in any way shape or form (for which I apologize!! I hope I proved I can be coherent over the course of the FIVE HOUR SHERLOCKFEST).

Speaking of, this made my Sunday night Awesome and Strangely Sober Compared to the Rest of the World.

Still laughing at that. Now I really need to wind down and, you know, sleep. But I really want my pictures to finish uploading to photobucket too. Damn. Only 28 to go at this point? HA! FINISHED PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES

COHERENCY IS FOR LATER. Mostly, I had an awesome weekend and I'm home safely despite storms and tornadoes and hurricanes, oh my.

edit: way too much capslock in this sorry.
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So it's like, two weeks away. I've gotta finish everything! HOW DID IT GET SO LATE IN THE GAME. It feels like I've been waiting for this forever (kinda have) but all of a sudden it's CRUNCH TIME.

And I have nine costumes in various states of readiness. NINE. For one weekend. I don't know if this is at all sane (actually, I know it's probably not, but what's a girl to do?), so I'm thinking about...not bringing all of them. Well, not all the Amy Pond ones at least.

Here's what I've got-
Amy Pond
-Night Terrors
-God Complex
The last two haven't aired yet, Night Terrors airs the week of con so on top of the fact that I'm wearing it for a specific shoot, I'm definitely bringing that one. I really like the God Complex costume, but it's not going to air by then so won't be very recognizable and involves ANOTHER jacket. So I'm thinking I might leave that one at home. The other one I might not take is Vincent and the Doctor because the teal coat is bulky and I'm still not done with the scarf. Blah! The others are fairly easy- I caved and bought A SHIRT, ANY SHIRT for The Doctor's Wife, and I already need the boots for that for Night Terrors, so. Also, people will know what that IS. Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone is just too comfy not to bring.

-Dalek Tea Service (Victory of the Daleks Dalek dress! With tea tray! I'm still making this)
-MegaGirl (From Starship. I have all the base parts and the components, it just needs to all be put together)
-Lily Evans (Basically done, leaving robes for another year)
-Kaylee Frye (Also basically done, I need to run the jumpsuit over with my car or something though to distress it some)

Yuppp. That's where I'm standing there. Sorry I never update, guys. I'm working some things out in my own head right now and am making decent progress, but it's not easy. It's probably the opposite of easy, actually, but I have DragonCon to look forward to right now, so that's always going to cheer me up. There are so many people who will be there that I can't wait to see! [ profile] ninepointfivemm for one, [ profile] another_myself for another, then all the people who don't do LJ (or very rarely) like Joe & JD & various con friends...

We just got a new girl at the store who used to do the anime con circuits, so maybe when I eventually leave, they at least won't be left without a geek.
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DCon is September, right? I should NOT be starting to panic about getting everything done before then, RIGHT?! The post I mde back in Feb about everything I was planning to do is here but let me break this down for my own sanity.

Things to do for various Amy costumes-
-size watch
-buy tights
-finish red scarf
-find some sort of alt shirt for Doctor's Wife
-Not start any more costumes.

NOT TOO BAD RIGHT? Considering I have 5 Amy costumes, basically, if I finish all that.
(TOA/FAS, VatD, Doctor's Wife, What Are Little Boys Made Of and God Complex. Not sure what to do with the fact that two eps will have not aired and I jumped the gun too fast there yet...)

Things to do for Lily Evans-
-Wand/Robe (might get to this this year, might not)

Things to do for Kaylee-
-GET THE DAMN COVERALLS IN THE MAIL. Tracking says should be here tomorrow. I already have the patches to put on it, but I need to chop the sleeves and draw the stuff and distress the hell out of it. And then decide exactly which costume I'm doing. Won a ebay auction for an ok pink floral shirt, cost almost nothing, so when that gets here I'll see what it really looks like and how much of an option it is before I go from there.

I'm waffling between the pilot costume or the promo pic costume, which are basically the same but I HAVE THE UMBRELLA from the pilot so it seems silly not to do that but if I do I'll need a aqua brocade jacket which I may or may not have to MAKE and a workable shirt that somewhat resembles the Karen Kane one and pink flipflops. If I do the promo pic jacket I can Not Worry About Carting Around An Umbrella and probably use my black doc for boots, but still would need to get the necklace. OH DEBATES. WE'LL SEE WHAT THE EBAY SHIRT IS LIKE.

Things to do for MegaGirl-
-EVERYTHING. Though I am thinking that I'll likely do shoes similar to Amy's in Beat Below so that if I ever do get around to that one, I'll have them? I have lots of bookmarks for this costume though, so I should be OK. Just...have to start.

Things to do for Gaila-
-EVERYTHING. honestly not sure if I'll make it to this costume this year. Depends what my funds look like when I finish EVERYTHING ELSE.

Final note-
eleven weeks. not long enough!!
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Why does money suck so much? And also, why does my perception of it change constantly? There have been several points where I'd look at my bank account, see the exact same amount I have in there right now & be perfectly happy with it. Now? It looks less than full & distresses me because I KEEP SPENDING MONEY but am making less now due to the job slowing down.

I really do like my job, it's fun, it pays fairly well, there's some possibility of advancement if I can catch the DM to talk with her (IE, her visit not fall on a day when there's a gas leak behind the shopping center, closing all the stores and evacuating the roads for a while. That was weird. All is fine though, just precautions!) But at the same time, I think we've gotten a bit used to the fairly high turnover rate, hire constantly, and now I'm getting CRAP HOURS. Which means less money. I'm seriously thinking about getting a second job if this keeps up. But seriously, I have four days in a row off next week. WTF.

Other things- my birthday's coming up soon which is A- exciting! B- scary! I'LL BE A QUARTER OF A CENTURY OLD!! C- slightly stressful. I really need to go get my driver's license renewed now. How is it almost June already?!

Which also reminds me: LESS THAN A HUNDRED DAYS TO DCON. OMFG. I finally did purchase my badge yesterday because, uh, it's a little sooner than the last few times and I suspect that within a few years I'll be buying it at the previous year's con, which will be good. Few more costumes to do still, but that's still time.

Combining all the things mentioned before- I really want to go to Gally this year. Well, next year. Feb 2012. Which I realized, finally, may pose a slight problem. Getting time off at my job during Feb is NOT REALLY EASY. If I am still with this company, it's probably going to take some begging. On top of that, will need room & airfare & thus money & possibly someone to room with.

Sad fact- I was going to go to TimeGate this year, I have a friend who lives in ATL, just down the road. But his job is made of crazies and was all "we're sending you here! no, we're sending you here!" back and forth for like, a month or something and in the end he's off in another state on a work trip for the con (and even longer after that) so THAT fell through. And I don't want Gally to fall through. I NEED A PLAN & PEOPLE & THINGS NOT TO NOT WORK OUT. Basically, I need to warp all my DW friends into being Con-goers or all my Con friends to being DW fans. DIFFICULTIES. But I shall overcome because I am NOT missing it this year, I'm not. End of story.

Life would be easier with a M-F salaried job. Where do I find one of those.

Oh my god the rambling. So much rambling.
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So if you recall back to this post, I've had Big Plans for my new obsession of Costuming, particularly as Amy Pond from Doctor Who. I'm a lot closer to done with the three I decided to do now than I was then and finally took some crappy webcam pics of what I've accomplished thus far. I know some things are missing (gold watch, star earrings, scarves) or wrong (A necklace is silver, red shirt has a pink edge around the neck that I tried to fold in--just ordered one today that lacks this problem) but I think it all works pretty well! Neither jacket is the original- the gray one is from Forever21 and the teal is Burlington Coat Factory. Tights need updating as they're just...what I own and I'm going to stop rambling and post the pictures now.

Warning, one costume is from an upcoming episode that has NOT BEEN AIRED. If you consider costumes as spoilers, mind the second cut.

Season Five Costumes )


And bonus non-costume )

Pictures galore, yay!


Feb. 21st, 2011 08:37 pm
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So, [ profile] ninepointfivemm is evil for giving me the Costuming Bug, and I've been buying things piece by piece for the past little while, but with all the costumes I WANT TO DO, it's going to take a while. So, this is mostly a mental list for me of what I still need.

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So for the first time in my life, I'm filing taxes. Yeah, I know, I'm a bit late to the party. But, point of the matter is that Dad is helping me and odds are I should be getting a decent amount back! EXCITEMENT. So, in the hopes that when I do this I am the opposite of broke for however short a time frame as it may last, these are the things which I need to acquire.

• A new laptop.
• Those gorgeous Doc Marten Triumphs.
• Other assorted boots & costume bits & bobs as I continue to obsess over Amy Pond.
• Star Fleet Cadet uniform maybe?? Really do want to do that costume.
• Doctor Who S5 on DVD.

Could I BE any more ridiculous? I only even do one con & ALL THIS EFFORT.
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1. OH MY GOD SO MUCH FUN, totally a convert to one of those people who goes every year.

2. I swear there were things I did online BDC (Before DragonCon), but all I seem to do now is approve facebook photo tag requests (tag my friends, they tag their friends, their friends see them, they tag their friends, their friends see them... Basically my album is tagged full of people I don't know and the trickle down is sort of awesome? And people I met are finding me this way, which is also fun!!) and stare at the flickr pool.

3. My phone went swimming. Yes, the phone I waxed lyrical about. It went into a fountain. Explaining how/why is hard, so don't ask. BUT it isn't working and I panicked at the idea of not being able to find anyone ever, not checking my twitter & email & FB and not being able to play with I went & got a new one. I thought I could just swap it out for another palm, but it turns out that because I took the battery out to try & dry is and make it work again WITHOUT finding a verizon store, I would have to actually file the claim with insurance, mail it off & get it back. As I was still AT CON, this was not acceptable. So now I have a blackberry. (SHOCK) I sort of like it, but I also sort of miss my palm & it's touchscreen & charging dock. Having to PLUG IN sucks. And I still hear the little noises and ignore them at first before thinking OH SHIT THAT'S MY PHONE.

But, basically, the only phone numbers in there right now are people from DC, my mom, my sister and a few other people who have since given me their number. Most people got the lovely "Phone died, who are you!" response at first, but yeah. FUN TIMES. If you want me to have your number and haven't spoken to me since Saturday or earlier, zap me a text with WHO YOU ARE.

4. Being back in the real world sucks. Trying to find my ground again in a world of weddings where no one knows my geekeries properly. Also, still sleep deprived.


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So my MOTHER, of all people, pointed out to me that I pretty much never update this anymore. When that happens, I think it's definitely time for an update.

1. I'm doing well at the job still, actually, better than I had been before the past few weeks! I've done 20% of the store's income so far this month, which is a good indicator of excellent paychecks. The last one made me QUITE happy and if I hold the same this week, well. It should be likewise excellent. /CROSSES FINGERS. Work is most of what I do these days, though I do go out a bit and have actually started making FRIENDS around here, finally. So it's a bit more fun. There are still people at my job who sometimes make me want to kill babies, but I think that will always be true. Nuff said on that subject!

2. GO VISIT DALEK CULLEN ON TUMBLR!! He safely made it to [ profile] mythologiced a while back now, and she took him on a tour of her fine city and has posted some of the most hilarious pictures. Do it. Do it now, you won't regret it. I got a tumblr for the purpose of following it but....I don't really know what to do with it. I'm themegaloo there too, if you'd like to, yanno, clue me in on what its purpose is?

3. I AM OFFICIALLY GOING TO DRAGONCON AGAIN THIS YEAR. Missing it last year was well worth it for being in France, but I'm quite pleased to be going back! It was a blast the year before, and I'm going to be a bit better prepared this time (IE, not starving myself, knowing the PIN for my debit card, and not going around almost entirely in partially borrowed costumes!) Though it's a bit more hassle since I no longer live an easy 2 hour drive away. Booked my plane ticket yesterday and will be staying with [ profile] ninepointfivemm. Which brings me to ask- anyone on the flist other than her & [ profile] pacergal84 planning to be there? LET ME KNOWWWW.

4. Have been randomly sucked back into HP fandom. Are there any recent epics out there? You know the sort, world building with a touch of slash (most pairings accepted!) that SUCK YOU IN? I've...been through most of my old favorites already, avoiding the abandoned WiPs because they still make me unaccountably sad.

5. There is no five. Because it's the number of chaos and I like the idea of ending on chaos.
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I got back yesterday, actually, but 4 days of little sleep and running around and being an insane dork caught up to me and I crashed for about 15 hours total. I sort of have a brain again now! For which we should all be grateful. I felt like an utter 'tard going to sleep before MIDNIGHT, man. Geeze! I have spots on my feet now that I honestly can't feel the ground through, they're that callused. I basically refused to sleep unless it was absolutely necessary, rofl. TOO MUCH ELSE TO SEE AND DO AND HELL, IT WAS ALL RIGHT THERE!!

I'm actually a really bad person for pictures because I'm always OH LOOK AT THAT! *_* and then forget to pull out the camera, whoops! But I'll show you what I've got!

But I'll be nice about it )

AND THAT'S ALL!!! Until I steal pictures from other people, at least. :D :D :D
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All my shit is together. IT JUST NEEDS TO BE IN SUITCASES.

Fun costumes. Excited. need blue marker or something still, should have one SOMEWHERE, forgot to find earlier.






ps- stuck my name in that rp love thinger, top of page 10. then had to run around and didn't find everyone to give ♥ to, so if I didn't and I ♥ you, have some ♥ here, you are all lovely.

pps- financial aid still sucks ballllllls, but the lady at the office in Dublin is amazing and I will probably find her and give her cookies. as though we responding immediately at 4:30-5:00 am my time didn't make her thing I'm crazy enough.

ppps- uh. I dunno. gotta sleep!

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