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SO ON MY LAST UPDATE I had just gotten my very first super awesome LINE as a flight attendant. (Yeah, the magical schedule was in fact true!) So that was cool. And my life has been INSANE AND AWESOME ever since! Well, not always awesome, sometimes it's just insane, like when I packed for a one day trip on Thursday and didn't get to come home until yesterday while actually managing to LOSE hours, don't ask, it was ridiculous. Here are some of my highlights!

-I had a flight delayed for a swarm of bees. No, really, there was a swarm of bees just hanging out on our right wing, like, HUGE SWARM OF BEES, GUYS. They couldn't get to the plane with the fuel truck or the baggage because of it and had to call out a beekeeper, it was insane.
-I flew a flight with three passengers from Albany to LaGuardia because we'd gotten diverted there and stuck but weren't the only ones and the other crew managed to snag all the people. It was pretty entertaining talking on a PA to...three people.
-I've slept in so many hotels, so many.
-I've found that my favorite game to play while on a trip is to wait a few days and then ask the other FA (provided I haven't worked with them before) how old they think I am. Which usually just comes up because I'll say something like "masters program" or "lived in Ireland for a year" and "spent two years as a wedding consultant..." And slowly they have the moment of realization that maybe I'm not like, 20. It's really freaking funny.
-DCON is in a frightfully short period of time away from now. I AM NOT READY. Well, I kinda am, but I KINDA REALLY AM NOT. We'll get there.
-ALSO planning to go to NYCC this year. Which will be 3 cons in like, 3 months. Holy. I swear I could not pull this off if I didn't have flight benefits, I mean, the airfare to SDCC alone would have BROKEN ME DEAD.
-I have this whole new mentality about things I want to go to on account of this. Like, there's an event somewhere or someplace I want to see or something I want to's less "I will never be able to afford it" and more "damnit I need the days off, when is the next bid cycle??" Which is sort of awesome.
-LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT BIDDING, BECAUSE IT IS ALL THE CRAZY. I totally failed at it last month and had to bribe someone to take a trip so I could have my days for DCon. This month, I think I did way better. We'll know soon. But bidding, man, it takes a lot more effort than I thought it would. I had to look through all the possible pairings, I picked out the ones I wanted, I bid for those, then I submitted preferences for like, overnights, report times, and again, days off cause, well, DCon is pesky in spanning TWO DIFFERENT MONTHS.
-I got hopelessly addicted to all things Marvel and Avengers. I made a Peggy Carter costume because I love Cap more than should be considered healthy. I HAVE READ COMIC BOOKS. It's shocking.
-...I bought an iPad because I got tired of having to take my laptop out of my bag at TSA and you can leave a tablet in and now expect my typos to get fixed for me when I go all dyslexic with the letter order. Damn. (I'm on my trusty laptop right now)
-I made the very bad life decision to watch Teen Wolf on a whim. Guys, guys, it's like, awesome. I can't say THE BEST because, well, Firefly, Doctor Who...Kinda hard to beat, BUT IT IS UP THERE, EVEN THOUGH IT'S ON MTV, GUYS. GO WATCH IT. Yes, S1 is a little campy, but S2, just. ALL MY FEELS. STIIIILES. To watch the show is to love Stiles. And you have no idea what you're missing until you too, love Stiles.
-I use my tumblr a lot these days. Go follow me. But, yanno, tell me who you are. I'm themegaloo there too, because I like to keep shit simple.
-Ohhhh I finally broke down and rewatched/caught up on Castle, because Nathan Fillion. Who I saw at SDCC too. Who is awesome and we made cry. On the same day I met Matt & Karen & Arthur & Moff.
-I really like having an apartment. Not living with the parents is very nice.
-There is a Boy and it is Good. But it is long distance but I bid for alllll the overnights near him so it might be Better soon.
-Life is really fun. And I get to work again on Thursday. HOW WEIRD IS THAT, I GET EXCITED ABOUT WORKING. I love being a flight attendant. I would love it even more if our uniforms were like Virgin America's. But I still love it a lot.

IN SHORT: Hi! I'm still alive! I'm just really, really busy!!!
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These are things which you know if you follow me on twitter:

• My grandfather died on Sunday and I'm flying out to Texas for the funeral tomorrow. It was incredibly sudden and unexpected and happened in his sleep. I'm okay, I really am. But it's sort of a strange lack of balance. (Not that I was ever very balanced, the amount of bruises I have right now from running into things is really sad.) Just the fact that he always HAS been there, I talked to him like, a week before. He wasn't sick or anything, but he'd had bypass surgery 24 years ago. I'm sad, but I'm not devastated because I'm glad he went quickly and peacefully and was babysitting the night before, because he was always so full of life that I think wasting away would have killed him on an emotional level. He made his mistakes, but he was a good man and he was really happy for the past several years. His wife, Carmen, and he founded and ran a ministry in the Philippines and he'd been sober and happy. You can't help but admire a man who made mistakes, but still found something that made him really happy. These past few years he and my grandmother had even been friendly, which took a long time. I'm going to stop word vomiting about this now because I don't really know what to say about it except the fact that he was my grandfather and I loved him and the world feels a little strange knowing that he's no longer in it.

• I didn't get into the program I wanted at UNC.

Which leaves me at loose ends. I love my job at David's Bridal and I'm good at it and have a lot of fun, but I can't see making it my life. So I don't have a plan anymore, and while I can always reapply for a later term, well. I'm one of those passing believers in karma and sort of think that maybe I didn't get it because I wasn't meant to, and there's something more perfect for me out there.

So, flist, what do you think I should be doing with my life? I'm open to ideas and inspirations!

and really, you guys don't need to respond to the first part of this, I'm really awkward at replying to sympathies and will quickly try to change the subject. I just felt that I couldn't not say something, because it is the major event of my life right now. I know that you are all lovely people. ♥

Amusing sidenotes:

• MY MOTHER NICKED MY RED CARRY-ON. So I'm traveling off balance tomorrow with a blue bag.
• For possibly the first time in six years, I've packed BEFORE the wee hours/morning of my flight. And also did all the little squeezy bottles & compact makeup stuff. ([ profile] angryhamster has seen my primary makeup carrying case and it really is scary.)
• I completed dalek cullen.
• I fail at the internet lately.


Sep. 24th, 2008 06:32 am
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So I'm here.

Without any of my clothes. They lost the bag that had my CLOTHES. ;_; It should be here in a few days but STILL.

I'M HEEEEERE!!! And safe. In the hotel at the moment considering a NAP cause oh god.

FOR THE RECORD: I can't sleep when I get hyped up. I try to sleep, but end up staring at the ceiling. This is what happened monday night. So I get on the plane at right about 24 hours running, doze a LITTLE on the first flight and then was in JFK for like, 4 hours with NOTHING TO DOOOO.

I caved and bought one of those neck pillows and conked out for a while in front of the gate. Conked out for a while on the flight too. But I have no had REAL sleep, aka, lying on my back sleep, since Sunday night.



Also have phone. Yay!

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