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So, it's a well known fact that a- I don't update enough and b- I never see movies in a timely fashion. Okay, that's two facts. I finally saw Toy Story 3 tonight, mom got it on Netflix. Upon announcing to twitter that I was about to watch it, Anez tells me to get BOXES AND FACTORIES OF TISSUES, which I laughed it, because let's face it, it was funny. My dad went and got me a roll of toilet paper AND A TRASH CAN, Jessi agreed with Anez, and my mom is just sitting over on the couch being all knowing and "you WILL cry." I really should have known better.

My reaction, other than sobbing my fucking EYES out, as was apparently anticipated by anyone who had seen it, was to go to my room afterwards, go to my bed, and then proceed to walk around like this:

Actually, I'm still sitting like that, typing this entry. Only less with my face on his head because it's hard to see the screen like that. (except periodically WHEN I HAVE TO HUG HIM)

That, flist, is my oldest and most treasured toy from childhood. His name is Grandpa Bear and he has a story. Probably more importantly, he still lives on my bed, though many other stuffed animals have come & gone. (seriously, you cannot even understand how many stuffed animals I have owned, it's sort of scary) From the time that Grandpa Bear came into my possession, he has never lived in a toy box, though he didn't tend to travel overseas with me. I felt bad squishing him into my suitcase because he really wasn't a good size for it at all, I never had enough space. When I was little, I couldn't sleep without him. I still can't sleep without a stuffed animal of SOME kind in my arms, and I think that goes back to Grandpa Bear. I remember one time when he'd been left in the playroom & I couldn't find him crying until I had him in my arms so I could sleep again. I remember accidentally leaving him at home on a trip once and being bereft all night, unable to sleep. I love this teddy bear. So after that movie? Yeah, I had to go grab him (no finding required!) and hug him tightly.

This is Grandpa Bear's story:
His name is because of his origins. I never met my great-grandfather, he died when I was very young. He was in the hospital just after I was born and had seen a teddy bear in a store and he told my great-grandmother that he liked it. She bought it for him, but, as the story goes, he told her that he didn't have a use for a bear and to give it to me. Now, my family didn't live very close to them at all, and the first time I actually went up there to see my great-grandmother, he was long gone. She had this fantastic basement with a laundry hamper of old toys and I had the time of my life playing with them. I don't really know how old I was, maybe 3 or 4 (I know my youngest sister wasn't born yet, and I don't remember if the middle sister was or not, if so, she was an infant) but I still have vague memories of that visit. Most of this, however, is the story as my parents have told it to me.

I found Grandpa Bear among the other toys, my great-grandmother hadn't been able to bring herself to mail him to me, she'd kept him. But from the first day I found him, I adored him. I was devastated to have leave him behind in the way that all small children are when they're losing their new favorite toy, but it didn't last for long. She told me that "he was always meant to be yours" and I had a stuffed friend for life. He went home with me, but I made sure to bring him back again the next time we visited, so that she could say hello. (I'm pretty sure I had him write a letter too, but that could just be my overactive imagination.)

We've had some adventures, me and Grandpa Bear. And we're still going to have a lot more. And even if he doesn't go EVERYWHERE with me anymore, he'll always be at whatever place I'm calling home. Because if my teddy bear is not there? It's not really home.
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One where GARETH DAVID-LLOYD is Watson and there are apparently dinosaurs.

From what I understand it's completely awful but this is not stopping my overwhelming desire to have this in my life. Expect more on this soon.

askjhgag trying not to giggle and think that GDL can't escape the dinosaurs, even when he's no longer Ianto Jones. Sort of failing.

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So I saw the midnight showing, which I hadn't really planned on doing because I was just a bit "meh" about everything and all the hype, but Matt took me and oh my god.

Just seriously, oh my god. I knew, intellectually, that it had gotten REALLY GOOD reviews, but holy shit, man. We saw it in 3-D and I've never been much of one for 3-D, but this is not your cheesy 3-D stuff with the red and blue glasses, this is AMAZING 3-D where you start forgetting that it's 3-D and just enjoy how gorgeous all the colors are in it and how it really does feel like you're almost there.

Pandora, the world it's set on, isn't like a lot of sci-fi worlds where you can see the really obvious inspiration from what we know, the creatures all having four legs, animals being trained, it really is a completely different and absolutely BEAUTIFUL world. The CG for the Nav'i (is that how it's spelled?) is so good that I, not having researched the film, really wasn't sure if it was CG or not. The acting was fantastic, the visuals were STUNNING and the story just...sucked you in, which may have been made easier by the fact that YOU FELT LIKE YOU WERE REALLY THERE. It was epic and heartwrenching and gorgeous. The ending is completely perfect and I would KILL to see this in 3-D IMAX. Just so you know. I imagine it would be AMAZING in IMAX, because the only thing I really could say is that the 3-D did end at the bottom of the screen, which made me sad, but you can't really do anything about that. Unless you're in IMAX. Do want.

It's not just something about blue furries either, it's got undertones of what it's like to be a character and really become that character, about spirituality, environmentalism, overcoming odds, doing what's right, it's a really inspiring film. It's like nothing you've seen before.

I'm not even kidding here, for something visually stunning? It won't do to just wait for this on DVD and watch it in the comfort of your living room, you have got to get the proper experience with this one. One of the things I've heard (and from seeing clips I can sort of verify), is that it's a great movie in 2-D, but in 3-D it's phenomenal. THAT I CAN AGREE WITH, dear god it was brilliant. So, really, you have to see it that way. At least once. Please, do me a favor and go see it? You will probably thank me. I hope.





Jul. 5th, 2005 01:12 pm
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Wow, I seriously need to start using my alarm clock again. So, I don't *have* to wake up or anything, but it's rather silly that I typically stay in bed until past noon. Quite silly at that.

In other news! Car still looks ridiculous without hubcaps, but there's little point in replacing them at the moment because they'd likely just get stolen again. >.< I need some that are almost impossible to get off. That would be good.

I'm making full use of this whole 'You can go to the movies for free!' deal. I went the past two days because I was off. XD Same manager took my name both times too, so he got a good laugh out of it. I saw Bewitched and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They were both really fun! Good humor.

BUT OMG! I saw the RENT trailer BOTH TIMES! I completely spazzed. I AM SO EXCITED. Look at me, this is a pitiful obsessed person. What's funny is that mum seems to be looking forward to it as well...I told her she'd prolly have to take birdy when it comes out. She was cool with that. I think she's decided that she hears it enough, but never really pays attention and would actually like to fin out what it's ABOUT.

You know what drives me batty? The fact it was in Augusta before I got obsessed with it, and therefor MISSED it. Arg.

Right, I need to take a shower, get dressed, and pester financial aid again. Toodles.

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