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So last night was the Doctor Who Season 6 premiere and it was AWESOME and it needs to be Saturday again like whoa. (EEE. My family has simply adjusted to the Squeeing, they're mostly immune to it, but mom still laughs a bit.) I'm going to leave it the fact that it was epic and I was pleased.

I also got a new laptop with my tax refund which came this week. It's shiny and blue and I'm mostly used to using a different keyboard now, especially since it is rather similar to my old one (went from a Dell Inspiron 1525 to a Dell Inspiron 14R. This works for me!) This also means I FINALLY have Win7, a laptop that I can actually close and no sounds like a dying jet machine (the fan on the old one got warped somehow and it would occasionally make this awful sound like it was dying.)

Another thing is that I'm moving up a bit in the world of my job. It's not an actual promotion as such, as I'm pretty sure my payscale hasn't changed a whit, but when all the managers are off the floor/busy, I'm able to pick up the slack and Do Things, which I quite enjoy. It makes working retail a bit more interesting at any rate.

I've also reconnected with an old friend from college, he was my longest-dated ex's roommate, so yeah, know him pretty well. It's been really fun to talk to him again and I may be making a trip down to Atlanta to see him and, well, as I'd be in Atlanta, possibly go to TimeGate. We're still working on that possibility.

Which brings me to cosplay. I kept saying that I wasn't going to do anymore Amy costumes until I'd gotten some of my other ones done, but I kinda failed at that. I bought another one of her S6 jackets on ebay last night and I am RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED. Though I did at least make a start at my HP costume- ordered the Lochaven Gryffindor Cardigan at least! I'll get 'round to the rest of it eventually, though all I REALLY need to make it recognizable is the tie and a better skirt. GETTING THERE. Once again, parents are just getting used to it. And gasp when I buy clothes that are unrelated to Amy.

And ending this on a Funny Moment-

So it's Easter and my grandmother, who's been visiting the past week, decided to hide the easter eggs. One of them was "hidden" on top of the squishy chair, which I plopped down in, not noticing. So I found the first egg by it falling on my head.

Thank god they were hardboiled. Or this would be less funny and more shower inducing.
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So, it's a well known fact that a- I don't update enough and b- I never see movies in a timely fashion. Okay, that's two facts. I finally saw Toy Story 3 tonight, mom got it on Netflix. Upon announcing to twitter that I was about to watch it, Anez tells me to get BOXES AND FACTORIES OF TISSUES, which I laughed it, because let's face it, it was funny. My dad went and got me a roll of toilet paper AND A TRASH CAN, Jessi agreed with Anez, and my mom is just sitting over on the couch being all knowing and "you WILL cry." I really should have known better.

My reaction, other than sobbing my fucking EYES out, as was apparently anticipated by anyone who had seen it, was to go to my room afterwards, go to my bed, and then proceed to walk around like this:

Actually, I'm still sitting like that, typing this entry. Only less with my face on his head because it's hard to see the screen like that. (except periodically WHEN I HAVE TO HUG HIM)

That, flist, is my oldest and most treasured toy from childhood. His name is Grandpa Bear and he has a story. Probably more importantly, he still lives on my bed, though many other stuffed animals have come & gone. (seriously, you cannot even understand how many stuffed animals I have owned, it's sort of scary) From the time that Grandpa Bear came into my possession, he has never lived in a toy box, though he didn't tend to travel overseas with me. I felt bad squishing him into my suitcase because he really wasn't a good size for it at all, I never had enough space. When I was little, I couldn't sleep without him. I still can't sleep without a stuffed animal of SOME kind in my arms, and I think that goes back to Grandpa Bear. I remember one time when he'd been left in the playroom & I couldn't find him crying until I had him in my arms so I could sleep again. I remember accidentally leaving him at home on a trip once and being bereft all night, unable to sleep. I love this teddy bear. So after that movie? Yeah, I had to go grab him (no finding required!) and hug him tightly.

This is Grandpa Bear's story:
His name is because of his origins. I never met my great-grandfather, he died when I was very young. He was in the hospital just after I was born and had seen a teddy bear in a store and he told my great-grandmother that he liked it. She bought it for him, but, as the story goes, he told her that he didn't have a use for a bear and to give it to me. Now, my family didn't live very close to them at all, and the first time I actually went up there to see my great-grandmother, he was long gone. She had this fantastic basement with a laundry hamper of old toys and I had the time of my life playing with them. I don't really know how old I was, maybe 3 or 4 (I know my youngest sister wasn't born yet, and I don't remember if the middle sister was or not, if so, she was an infant) but I still have vague memories of that visit. Most of this, however, is the story as my parents have told it to me.

I found Grandpa Bear among the other toys, my great-grandmother hadn't been able to bring herself to mail him to me, she'd kept him. But from the first day I found him, I adored him. I was devastated to have leave him behind in the way that all small children are when they're losing their new favorite toy, but it didn't last for long. She told me that "he was always meant to be yours" and I had a stuffed friend for life. He went home with me, but I made sure to bring him back again the next time we visited, so that she could say hello. (I'm pretty sure I had him write a letter too, but that could just be my overactive imagination.)

We've had some adventures, me and Grandpa Bear. And we're still going to have a lot more. And even if he doesn't go EVERYWHERE with me anymore, he'll always be at whatever place I'm calling home. Because if my teddy bear is not there? It's not really home.
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These are things which you know if you follow me on twitter:

• My grandfather died on Sunday and I'm flying out to Texas for the funeral tomorrow. It was incredibly sudden and unexpected and happened in his sleep. I'm okay, I really am. But it's sort of a strange lack of balance. (Not that I was ever very balanced, the amount of bruises I have right now from running into things is really sad.) Just the fact that he always HAS been there, I talked to him like, a week before. He wasn't sick or anything, but he'd had bypass surgery 24 years ago. I'm sad, but I'm not devastated because I'm glad he went quickly and peacefully and was babysitting the night before, because he was always so full of life that I think wasting away would have killed him on an emotional level. He made his mistakes, but he was a good man and he was really happy for the past several years. His wife, Carmen, and he founded and ran a ministry in the Philippines and he'd been sober and happy. You can't help but admire a man who made mistakes, but still found something that made him really happy. These past few years he and my grandmother had even been friendly, which took a long time. I'm going to stop word vomiting about this now because I don't really know what to say about it except the fact that he was my grandfather and I loved him and the world feels a little strange knowing that he's no longer in it.

• I didn't get into the program I wanted at UNC.

Which leaves me at loose ends. I love my job at David's Bridal and I'm good at it and have a lot of fun, but I can't see making it my life. So I don't have a plan anymore, and while I can always reapply for a later term, well. I'm one of those passing believers in karma and sort of think that maybe I didn't get it because I wasn't meant to, and there's something more perfect for me out there.

So, flist, what do you think I should be doing with my life? I'm open to ideas and inspirations!

and really, you guys don't need to respond to the first part of this, I'm really awkward at replying to sympathies and will quickly try to change the subject. I just felt that I couldn't not say something, because it is the major event of my life right now. I know that you are all lovely people. ♥

Amusing sidenotes:

• MY MOTHER NICKED MY RED CARRY-ON. So I'm traveling off balance tomorrow with a blue bag.
• For possibly the first time in six years, I've packed BEFORE the wee hours/morning of my flight. And also did all the little squeezy bottles & compact makeup stuff. ([ profile] angryhamster has seen my primary makeup carrying case and it really is scary.)
• I completed dalek cullen.
• I fail at the internet lately.
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As mentioned on twitter and to a few people on im, I am in texas for...almost a week! seeing the extended fam is coll. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY! I have conquered my dissertation-related writer's block. we don't speak of how much that sucked. It's going well now and should be finished soon! Finally. But now, cook out at my uncle's!

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So, last night was my first night since arriving back in the states that I got to sleep in a bed all my own. The first night I crawled in with mum, then a night on an air mattress, then one on a couch, two more on an air mattress. However! All the furniture from the move from Georgia to North Carolina came YESTERDAY! So I got a bed and I am stupidly pleased because it's BIG. I'd spent the last year on itty bitty tiny Irish dorm bed in a cramped little room and now I have this room all my own with a ~queen sized~ bed, a desk, built in bookshelves, a dresser (which used to belong to my sister and required enormous amounts of cleaning and still needs some new hardware, but we're getting to that) and MY OWN BATHROOM. With a neatly-not-minuscule shower.

Well, things are still a bit of a mess because going from a 2-floor, 4-bedroom house to a 2-bed apartment isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially when we'd been living in that house 19 years. You accumulate a LOT OF STUFF. I just sat and laughed at my mother as she was opening the things the movers boxed up to find multiple of EVERYTHING. Like waffle irons. And then as we're trying to store away the dishes we find that we own something in the realm of FIFTY MUGS. Most of which have some sort of cutesy Christmas design on them, because my mother is a teacher and what better gift for a teacher than a mug full of candy? No, seriously, she gets at least 3-4 a year. AT LEAST.

So we packed them up, put them in storage, and she will pull them out to return the favor this year. xD

So far I like NC well enough. The weather isn't quite as out to get me as Georgia's was (oh god I was there for what, the total of two days? I was melting. MELTING. Especially in Statesboro. nnnngk!) I don't really know anyone yet, but I'll work on that eventually. For now its probably better that I don't because I have THINGS TO DO. Like that dissertation. And applying to UNC.

SPEAKING OF UNC. I got the most exciting text (on my exciting new phone) last night! My best friend from Statesboro (Steph, for you long-time readers) has finally, finally decided that she needs to get the hell out of there and wanted to know about going to school up her. !!!

Let me do that again.


So there's a program at UNC that would be PERFECT FOR HER, and I mean like, perfect, and if she decides to go to any of the schools in the area, really, we could totally get a place to live and and and.

Cue excitement over possibly the most perfect thing ever. It would be so brilliant for her and I'd have a friend here and could more easily go out and make MORE (a single girl alone in a bar =/= a good idea, but two girls out for a laugh? TOTALLY NORMAL MATE!)

So yeah. I feel pretty good right now because I have a stable place to live, even if it is back with my parents, it won't be forever and then I'll go off and do things. If I DO go to UNC, it's right near where my mum works and that's almost reason enough for them to say YES, GET A PLACE, because she drives 86 miles each way and could use a place nearer to crash if she's stuck there really late or the weather is crap.

I have big plans, guys. Just got to finish writing this beast of a dissertation and then I will be ON MY WAY (hopefully) to getting a job and you know, maybe stop moving every year.


Apr. 12th, 2008 03:32 pm
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You are sensitive, charming, gracious, and insightful.

You have a strong need for a close, intimate relationship. You have a special gift with people, and enjoy helping them. You are generally full of potential, and can excel at anything that captures your interest.

I can handle that. *_*

So my parents were in town yesterday to see the show. Which we played TWICE yesterday. We did just act one at TEN AM for a bunch of kids [we had to be there at nine, oh my god we were all wanting to fall the hell asleep the entire time, but strangely still managed to pump it up the entire time we were on stage.] But!! My dad brought a second router and we added a second access port and I now get 54 MBPS. *_____* Hello, amazing! And my mom has no self-control and could not be convinced NOT to clean my room,'s very clean now, to say the least. Ahahaha.

The show went really well last night too, all the people from Hawaii the night before were there again along with two more-- the director from the second production of it and the original costumer. Once again, the only problem was a LACK OF AIR CONDITIONING. GAH. It was even HOTTER last night, like, three people almost passed out on stage. It was rough. But we still completely rocked it. EVERYONE who's seen it so far has really loved it which is basically amazing. *_*

Last night AFTER the show I bolted back here in a failed effort to beat people. We threw a birthday party for my friend, Jesse. 80's Rave themed. Preeeetty interesting. And a few...interesting characters we could have lived without. But hey, that sort of thing happens sometimes. I fell asleep standing up at something like, 3 am. SO TIRED.

BUT! My sister is coming into town AS WE SPEAK to see the show!! *___* EXCITEMENT AGAIN!! She hadn't thought she was going to make it but she IS!!! HUZZAH!



Mar. 18th, 2008 06:11 am
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So another St. Patrick's Day has come and gone and ended with me emptying my stomach at my apartment. Yes, I've only lived here a year, but I was here on this day last year too. Har har. And I'm awake at this stupid hour because....I woke up and am too hungry to go back to sleep. Which means I shall be heading to McDonald's soon to get some breakfasty food because they stopped serving dinner foods like, an hour and a half ago. I don't care, I just need food.

So I looked like an idiot most of the day, COMPLETELY decked out in green. For the later part of it I even had leprechaun ears. You know it's hot. Yeah, actually I don't know what I was thinking with that, but they were free so I wore them.

St. Pats also happens to be Meagan's birthday [NOT MINE BUT A GOOD FRIEND'S, HAHA] so after Locos and a Guinness and a car bomb and the free shit, we went and partied with her. It turns out that she is friends with someone I have known since FRESHMAN YEAR. Bucky. I haven't seen him in ages and thus when he turned up he pretty much knocked me over, knocked my hat off and made me spill my beer. But it was pretty cool to see him. He said of ALL the people in our 1906 class, I was the LAST one he ever expected to be drinking with. Which makes sense because I was a massive stick in the mud when he knew me. OH HOW THE TIMES HAVE CHANGED. But hey, it was fun.

I'm discovering the downside of alcohol is that I drink, I pass out, I wake up at weird times and realize how much shit I missed online. DAMNIT ALL. You know what guys? I am going HOME tomorrow, so for the rest of spring break I will MOST LIKELY be sober and online because I definitely don't go out when I'm home. I tend to home. Hahahaha.

I'm going to visit my sister on thursday though, which should be fun, if a rather long drive. She lives RIGHT ON the Alabama state line. AKA on the complete opposite side of Georgia. -_- Good job, Birdy. Good job. But I think it shall be worth it!

Now, for food. And then to watch One Piece before I pass out again. \o/
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hehe, sorry I haven't been updating, but the job has been slowly killimg me. Or killing my feet at the very least prompting me to spend all my not-working time whinging about my feet instead of typing in here...

So, basically, I'm an usher at the moment. Supposedly they're goin to train me in concessions sometime soon. *shrugs* But I've been working until midnight, or close to it, for the past three days. Standing on my feet for about 7 hours solid. Thus, the hurting feet.

But I come home to a lot of fun, typically. I go into the OutMinds chatroom. And my brain dies. Seriously, it dies. XD But I have a blast. I just want to tell you all that Rabid and Chris are the FUNNIEST people to talk to, especially in the middle of the night. Originally, I had decided that Rabid was a male version of myself. However, I have now come to the conclusion that he is the [ profile] shoebox_project version of Sirius Black personified. And that I am Remus Lupin. And it was decided last night that Chris is James. I think Jamie might be Peter. It's hysterical. Nicknames run rampant! I've become Meg, Meggers, Megel, all similar variations, Lila (occasionally), Remus, Moony, Moons, MOOOOOOOOOOOOONY!, and also, all similar variations. It far too fun, seriously.

I slept until 1:00 this afternoon though. That was crazy! I just didn't bother to set an alarm and figured I'd get up when I was no longer sleepy. Didn't expect that to be past non, really. Hehehehehe. But yay for sleep!

While I was sleeping, mum went to the grocery store! WE HAVE FRAPS AGAIN! YAY. *is very happy*

Um, I am slowly running out of things to say...ahahahaha. I like life. I just wish there was more sleeping time. Or that time stopped when I went to sleep. So that then I could have like, 24 hours to do stuff, and still sleep...hrm. Interesting idea, don't you think?

Oh dear, Laura's grumpy. And has been grounded all day. There's literally a soap-opera outside my open bedroom door. I didn't really want to watch TV right now. Hrm. Not nice.

Sorry, rambling. Tata all!

Is it a bad thing that 23 out of my current 34 icons are based on [ profile] shoebow_project? The current one I quoted numerous times last night.

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