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So I really need to update my ICONS more than anything else right now, it feels, but then I might actually feel compelled to post/comment more, and that would be strange.

I've not written a lot lately because...Not a lot has been happening. I'm stagnating just a little bit, going about from day to day and not doing terribly much in the way of Exciting Adventures. I'm still working hard at David's Bridal, and enjoying it for the most part. Going to attempt to hang out with a coworker again tomorrow evening, provided she doesn't FORGET ME AGAIN. (Bad form, D. Very bad form!!)

Things with the boy have been going pretty well, we're actually taking a ROAD TRIP early next week. We're both working on the 4th, so we're driving down to my old stomping grounds in GA the next day, so he can finally meet MY friends. Should be fun! Also, I miss ye olde Borro. Haven't been down in 7 months, which is an absolute travesty.

I recently got hooked on Criminal Minds. My mom had been watching it on TV regularly for months and my dad and I had been making fun of her for it regularly for months. Until I somehow got sucked in and went and decided that this was something I REALLY needed to watch from the beginning. I've now seen all but the very most recent episode because I don't like the idea of not having more waiting for me. This is made possible by the fact that it's on TV all the time so I can get sucked into an ep (or 4) I've already seen.

Let me tell you about CM and why I love it: In great detail, I'm afraid... )

Yeah, so that went on for a while. For my birthday I did get a sony ereader which I love to absolute pieces and while I've mostly just been using it on my lunch breaks (getting through 5 seasons of CM takes some time, okay), I've gotten through almost the first two of the Dresden Files novels, which I've thoroughly been enjoying. I plan to deviate from that next and hit up some classic SciFi (I've got some Asimov on the list). It's great to be able to read for fun again, and also fun to be able to carry a ton of books in a tiny little package.

I think one of the things my intellectual pursuits have made me realize lately, however, is that I really do live more inside my own head than I think most of the rest of the world does. I thrive on stories, on imagination. I think my life would be far the poorer without it, but it might be easier for me to live up to my own expectations.

In my mind, I'm capable of being the main character, but in reality, I feel more like an extra. And I'm not sure what I need to do to break free (other than not work in SALES of all things.......) Nothing feels good or important enough, and I feel like I'm never going to escape the feeling of in-between-ness that I've been fighting for the past 6 years or so. Someday, I hope, my life will actually start. But until then, everything still feels so temporary. But I refuse to stay an extra forever, I just may need a few more degrees to get there.

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My Valentines was...okay it was pretty brilliant. I had a lot of fun and gave Matt a card shaped like the TARDIS (hand-made, of course) with an invisible ink message that became visible when he pointed his newly-acquired (not via me) sonic screwdriver at it.

He loved it. Which I think makes me the perfect geeky girlfriend. I have told him that when I have the income to afford the yarn I WILL make him the Tom Baker scarf, because that's actually pretty easy beyond the fact that it requires a lot of yarn in colors I don't currently own. Otherwise, I've been considering the best way to make a Dalek scarf upon suggestion by one of his friends. I am thinking a 2-D image of a Dalek on one end and the word EXTERMINATE spanning the length of the scarf. But, once again, short on yarn. Think that's all for random Geek Projects at the moment.

I actually fell off the fandom radar a few days ago after deciding on a whim to watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Which is a most excellent show, provided you don't embarrass easily and/or aren't going to collapse into oh my god what fits when you see Torchwood's PC Andy demanding that Not-Really-Rose-Tyler bleet like a sheep during sex set to the Tale of the Lonely Goatherd from Sound of Music.

....You wish I were kidding. I'm actually not. (SEASON 3, KIDS!) It's a really easy series to watch though, as the episodes are only 22ish minutes long and there are only 8 per season.

But because of that, I found myself falling out of fandom, as noted, to read through all the archives of Belle de Jour's blog, aka the blog the show was based on. Note: based. They're very different, but both very enjoyable. I just finished doing that, actually, and am about to turn in and get some shut-eye.

The job hunt has BASICALLY ended except for the minor problem of both them and me being completely incapable of getting ahold of my previous employer. As it turns out, he's been ill. I have no idea why this means he can't answer his phone or listen to his voicemail or have someone else doing so or having someone answer the phone at the barn or having anyone paying attention to emails...Yeah. ...HEY [ profile] extendedtrot!! Trying to get ahold of John and/or Eleanor here. TELL THEM TO CALL ME. (should have thought of that one earlier--!)

NOT THE POINT THOUGH. The point is once I properly GET THIS JOB there are clearly a few things mentioned in this post I must do:
• Buy Large Quantities of yarn
• Buy all the Belle de Jour books
• ....Profit somehow?

Yeah it's sort of late/early, as per usual, and I'm not tired as such, but probably should make willing to sleep. We'll see how that goes.

Gutted that there's no Chuck OR White Collar this week. Rather pleased for the Chinese Pair Skaters though. Shut up, I've been watching figure skating since I was tiny, it's like, the only winter games sport I care about at all (Equestrian being the only summer game I care for). Will be glad when this is all over again though so I can have my shows back! Not that it's to blame for WC being bumped: that's all on the dogs with the unhealthy obsession for Lady Gaga. No idea what I'm talking about? You clearly haven't been watching USA, because I cannot seem to purge the damn ad from my brain fast enough before it's back on again.

Seriously. Shutting up and signing off now. Tata!

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