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I had forgotten about thunderstorms. Like, the real proper sorts of thunderstorms that go on for hours and just have buckets and buckets of rain and periodic rumbles of thunder and the flashes of lightning.

I had forgotten what they were like and it's a bit strange to experience it again. Flashing lights and all.

In Dublin, the power went out once on account of a windstorm.

I recall exactly one thunderstorm in which I could count the number of thunder cracks on my fingers and went and sat in the window because it was just so odd. It didn't last long and the oppressive humidity that had built up that week went away with it.

Rain was a constant and normal, but it didn't usually come down in buckets for long periods of time, it didn't have to. The clouds never got that heavy because they were just always emptying themselves, I suppose.

I had forgotten about thunderstorms.

oh god lol

Jan. 17th, 2009 07:35 pm
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So I HAVE to update about this. We had a biiiig storm today. And by that I don't mean like the sky darkens and lighting strikes the earth, I mean a rain and wind storm. Trees falling, bins rolling across the grounds! POWER OUTAGE. A tree fell on the power line to Halls and we were dark for a good several hours. It just came back an hour or so ago, I don't know the exact time as I wasn't here. It gets dark really early here too, so we only had minimal light and only for the first little while so everyone was in their living rooms where the biggest windows are just talking and laughing. Eventually Oana, Matt and I went down to Eddie Rocket's for food and LIGHT. We put money in the jutebox and ate huge burgers which made us look like fooooools, but were super tasty!

So my plans to work were foiled halfway through the afternoon for working on that essay as I was on JSTOR as the screen went into battery mode and the internet cut out. THANKFULLY the internet is back with the power and it's not another weekend of no internet because that SUCKED and was ALSO when I was working on a paper. I decided after that to work with my books and then realized--I couldn't SEE my books properly. Sort of a hazy half-light. Not conductive to, you know. Reading. Thus the trip into town. Plus I was hungry.

But! We get back from town to POWER and a great email from our JCR representative with PICTURES of the destruction. Along with a note about one of the bins speeding past reception. It's basically HILARIOUS.

A few of my favorites! )

Back to the essay! Since I can, yanno. See now.
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So it's the return of the batshit crazy weather here AGAIN. You'd think once it started getting fairly consistently warm it would stay that way, right? Wrong.

It dropped about 40 degrees since this time yesterday.

Yesterday was crazy, on that note. We had rehearsal from 9 am until just afternoon, at which point at least half of us hit up El Som and probably drove the wait staff insane, as always. There was one point when they came by and we're all calling out like. More chips! Cheese dip! Mango Margarita! Another cheese dip! Diet coke! Strawberry Margarita! Sour cream! And the guy just went O.O and got something to write it down on. Poor guy. We took up the entirety of one of the two biggest tables back there. After that, the weather was so nice and HOT [my car claimed it was -91 degrees-] that we decided to reconvene at the pool after everyone got their swim gear. The weather was perfect for it, but the water was still a bit like ice water. Didn't stop people from getting in. We pulled up a car and blasted the radio and CDs and eventually, Kristie broke out the guitar and we sat around listening and singing along. Good times.

After that we split again, everyone got re-dressed and picked up food and stuff and we met back here for a grill-out and Disney Movie Sleepover Style Party. Which was good times. We made it through Enchanted and Beauty and the Beast before people started passing out, myself included.

But after all that gorgeous weather, it's currently 52 degrees. Oh Georgia.

Well damn.

Jan. 3rd, 2008 05:33 pm
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I just completely caught up on One Piece. Every translated chapter in existence (or that I can FIND)

I am unspoilable to an extent? I still need to watch the anime. *____* But yeah. Gods. Love.

In other news, it actually got cold enough that if it were to precipitate at all, it would have snowed last night. Of course it DIDN'T, but still It's pretty damn cold. I kinda want to die.

EDIT: One Piece Manga: Started two weeks ago today. Finished: Today. Two weeks, 483 chapters. Completely pwned.


Apr. 6th, 2007 02:35 pm
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The temperature has dropped an honest-to-god 20 degrees in the past DAY.

I think this some deity's cruel joke on me because I'd been snickering at all the posts about how it was snowing places and frolicing in my 80 degree weather. So of course that has been SNATCHED AWAY and now I am cold.

That. Is incredibly lame.

And kinda ironic cause it geology class today he's on about GLOBAL WARMING GLOBAL WARMING! And I'm sitting there going "BUT IT'S LIKE. 50 DEGREES THIS MORNING. IN APRIL." Yes, by that I mean that the morning temperature has been like, 70, and it's been getting up into the mid-80's/lower 90's fairly frequently. WHICH I WAS REALLY LIKING!!

But yeah. Chilly. DO. NOT. WANT.

[So I am eating ice cream. stfu.]

In other news, I finally charged my iPod [because I'd been too lazy to plug it in lately] and now get to walk around campus listing to Wonderful Days and Rolling Star and various other fun things.

Also on the campus walking topic, people keep commenting on my purse lately. XD And yeah, it's kinda brilliant. I mean, it's shaped like a GUITAR and it has ELVIS onnit.

Got an 82 on my last German test. I have one more before the final. I just want a B in the class and I'll be happy. It's been kicking my butt this semester in a major way. Man. Really not looking forward to doing this shit at 8 fuckin am. Not natural AT ALL. Ugh, mornings.

PoT AU fics make me giggle.

A lot.

new layout!

Feb. 1st, 2007 04:37 pm
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Yes, I know Snuzz, you liked drooling over the Bleach boys in my header, but still. New layout! Back to my fandom roots. SBP, ftw.

So. It's cold. And raining. And that's icky.

Am dating Michael. Which is pretty cool. :D

UF show this weekend. German test tomorrow. Miami show nextweekend. I'll be in and out. Etc.


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