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Why does money suck so much? And also, why does my perception of it change constantly? There have been several points where I'd look at my bank account, see the exact same amount I have in there right now & be perfectly happy with it. Now? It looks less than full & distresses me because I KEEP SPENDING MONEY but am making less now due to the job slowing down.

I really do like my job, it's fun, it pays fairly well, there's some possibility of advancement if I can catch the DM to talk with her (IE, her visit not fall on a day when there's a gas leak behind the shopping center, closing all the stores and evacuating the roads for a while. That was weird. All is fine though, just precautions!) But at the same time, I think we've gotten a bit used to the fairly high turnover rate, hire constantly, and now I'm getting CRAP HOURS. Which means less money. I'm seriously thinking about getting a second job if this keeps up. But seriously, I have four days in a row off next week. WTF.

Other things- my birthday's coming up soon which is A- exciting! B- scary! I'LL BE A QUARTER OF A CENTURY OLD!! C- slightly stressful. I really need to go get my driver's license renewed now. How is it almost June already?!

Which also reminds me: LESS THAN A HUNDRED DAYS TO DCON. OMFG. I finally did purchase my badge yesterday because, uh, it's a little sooner than the last few times and I suspect that within a few years I'll be buying it at the previous year's con, which will be good. Few more costumes to do still, but that's still time.

Combining all the things mentioned before- I really want to go to Gally this year. Well, next year. Feb 2012. Which I realized, finally, may pose a slight problem. Getting time off at my job during Feb is NOT REALLY EASY. If I am still with this company, it's probably going to take some begging. On top of that, will need room & airfare & thus money & possibly someone to room with.

Sad fact- I was going to go to TimeGate this year, I have a friend who lives in ATL, just down the road. But his job is made of crazies and was all "we're sending you here! no, we're sending you here!" back and forth for like, a month or something and in the end he's off in another state on a work trip for the con (and even longer after that) so THAT fell through. And I don't want Gally to fall through. I NEED A PLAN & PEOPLE & THINGS NOT TO NOT WORK OUT. Basically, I need to warp all my DW friends into being Con-goers or all my Con friends to being DW fans. DIFFICULTIES. But I shall overcome because I am NOT missing it this year, I'm not. End of story.

Life would be easier with a M-F salaried job. Where do I find one of those.

Oh my god the rambling. So much rambling.
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My Valentines was...okay it was pretty brilliant. I had a lot of fun and gave Matt a card shaped like the TARDIS (hand-made, of course) with an invisible ink message that became visible when he pointed his newly-acquired (not via me) sonic screwdriver at it.

He loved it. Which I think makes me the perfect geeky girlfriend. I have told him that when I have the income to afford the yarn I WILL make him the Tom Baker scarf, because that's actually pretty easy beyond the fact that it requires a lot of yarn in colors I don't currently own. Otherwise, I've been considering the best way to make a Dalek scarf upon suggestion by one of his friends. I am thinking a 2-D image of a Dalek on one end and the word EXTERMINATE spanning the length of the scarf. But, once again, short on yarn. Think that's all for random Geek Projects at the moment.

I actually fell off the fandom radar a few days ago after deciding on a whim to watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Which is a most excellent show, provided you don't embarrass easily and/or aren't going to collapse into oh my god what fits when you see Torchwood's PC Andy demanding that Not-Really-Rose-Tyler bleet like a sheep during sex set to the Tale of the Lonely Goatherd from Sound of Music.

....You wish I were kidding. I'm actually not. (SEASON 3, KIDS!) It's a really easy series to watch though, as the episodes are only 22ish minutes long and there are only 8 per season.

But because of that, I found myself falling out of fandom, as noted, to read through all the archives of Belle de Jour's blog, aka the blog the show was based on. Note: based. They're very different, but both very enjoyable. I just finished doing that, actually, and am about to turn in and get some shut-eye.

The job hunt has BASICALLY ended except for the minor problem of both them and me being completely incapable of getting ahold of my previous employer. As it turns out, he's been ill. I have no idea why this means he can't answer his phone or listen to his voicemail or have someone else doing so or having someone answer the phone at the barn or having anyone paying attention to emails...Yeah. ...HEY [ profile] extendedtrot!! Trying to get ahold of John and/or Eleanor here. TELL THEM TO CALL ME. (should have thought of that one earlier--!)

NOT THE POINT THOUGH. The point is once I properly GET THIS JOB there are clearly a few things mentioned in this post I must do:
• Buy Large Quantities of yarn
• Buy all the Belle de Jour books
• ....Profit somehow?

Yeah it's sort of late/early, as per usual, and I'm not tired as such, but probably should make willing to sleep. We'll see how that goes.

Gutted that there's no Chuck OR White Collar this week. Rather pleased for the Chinese Pair Skaters though. Shut up, I've been watching figure skating since I was tiny, it's like, the only winter games sport I care about at all (Equestrian being the only summer game I care for). Will be glad when this is all over again though so I can have my shows back! Not that it's to blame for WC being bumped: that's all on the dogs with the unhealthy obsession for Lady Gaga. No idea what I'm talking about? You clearly haven't been watching USA, because I cannot seem to purge the damn ad from my brain fast enough before it's back on again.

Seriously. Shutting up and signing off now. Tata!


Jan. 30th, 2010 10:58 am
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So let's talk about SNOW. And the fact that even North Carolina, which is considerably Less South than Georgia, still doesn't really know what to do with it. Particularly out in the Eastern part because the ocean usually keeps it a few degrees warmer.

I honestly didn't believe it when I got a call yesterday from David's Bridal about how my "come see what the store is like on a busy day" thing would possibly be canceled on account of weather. This is probably from growing up in Georgia and how every time they would say IT'S GOING TO SNOW it...............didn't. Well, there were a handful of times that it did, BUT NOT MANY! And we're not getting into the Augusta Ice Storm of 04 right now, that's an entirely different wintery monster.

POINT IS, all day yesterday I was looking at the bright sunniness that was the weather and the Just Over Freezing that was the temperature and going "It's not going to happen, it's going to miss us by like, 30 miles again, it's so not going to snow." Then I was over at Matt's and we were watching stuff on Netflix and it was flurrying! Exciting! Watched another episode of...something. (I think it was when we were watching Dead Like Me) and then we looked out again and OMFG THAT IS NOT FLURRIES, THAT'S TOTALLY STICKING! Which was mad because it was 60 degrees on Thursday and the ground should have been way too warm for that. But there were a good couple of inches on the ground.

So we had a little snowball scrimmage and I got snow stuck in my glasses for a bit, but it's all good!

This morning I get up early-early for me and am just WAITING for the call that says WE'RE CLOSED TODAY, LET'S RESCHEDULE and watching the news and seeing them be all stay off the roads unless you have to, etc, hang out with us here on your TVs! So I was seriously expecting that call. I took my cellphone with me into the bathroom so I would hear it if it rang while I showered.

No call.

Eventually it gets close to when I'm meant to be there and my dad and I decide, well, they might be open? So he goes and digs out the car, I get completely ready, and we drive very slowly over there. Only got stuck on piled-up snow once. But like I said, this is still the south. No one was plowing or salting or whathaveyou, you couldn't see the lines on the road, everyone was just crawling along. We get there. THEY'RE OPEN! I go in and talk to them and make them go :O YOU TURNED UP! and in the end, the point was to see a busy day at the store. They'd had a ton of cancellations. So I'm rescheduled for tomorrow and I get to go back to sleep and enjoy the snow.

But it's still funny. And I think I got some accidental mad bonus points for going in IN THE SNOW!!

IN SHORT: SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So it dawned on me earlier as I was participating in
THE Merlin Friending Meme!
Which is not something I normally do, but hey, I like new people? But it dawned on me that I've barely updated in like, a few months. So hello, world! I'm alive.

So what's going on in the world of Meg QUICK RECAP!!

• Still looking for a job. Someday, this search will be lucrative.
• Applying to UNC at Chapel Hill for the archival science program. Went and visited it last week after mum dragged me into Raleigh with her so that I could judge her students' science fair projects. I wondered most of the morning how I got talked into these sorts of things as it involved me waking p at 4:45am. PAINFUL! But Chapel Hill is lovely and I only got a little lost. It's definitely where I hope to be next year.
• I'm still dating Matt. And like, officially dating him. On facebook even. Which still sometimes strikes me as surreal because I've been living in that transitory world for so long, where I'm always leaving for a long ways away very soon so there's no use getting attached. I'm still not entirely not-leaving, but Chapel Hill is not in the category of a long ways away in the least.
• I'm doing laundry, which I still hate, but I hate a little less when it doesn't cost me 8 euros to do in addition to having to haul it around. This is a plus.

Yeah, that's about it for the RL stuff. See why I haven't updated overly much? Not much going ON.

Now for the internetly/fandomy/televisiony stuff.

• Totally addicted to Chuck now. Oh my god, give me geeky spy shows any day of the week, I love it.
• WHITE COLLAR STARTS BACK TONIGHT. I think this may be the cutoff for Jeff Eastin's twitter war with Matt Nix--Go follow White Collar creator @jeffeastin if you aren't already!!
• I'm still sort of sad that I don't have Merlin to look forward to every Saturday at the moment.
• Doctor Who End of Time: Apparently not very liked by the fen 'round these parts, but I enjoyed it despite its failings. I don't tend to get upset with shows unless they like, kill people off that I really don't want killed off [IANTO] or do something really, really stupid and against everything I think the show stands for. I'm a pretty easy fan to please, honestly, when it comes to the canon material! Though some episodes do make me happier than others.
• SOMEONE OUT THERE: explain to me what was going on with Charlie being on Fringe last Monday? Didn't see the Thursday episode, was watching Grey's. But I am so confused. Also what's up with the Monday 9pm spot on Fox?
• SPEAKING OF FOX- I don't really believe they're honestly going to revamp Torchwood for an American audience. It might be wishful thinking, but I doubt they'll follow through on that one.
• Also behind on House on account of it being on at the same time as Chuck. Not cool, guys. Not cool. So many of my shows are in conflict with eachother!! Clearly this is a problem with the TV people and does not mean I watch too many shows. Obviously.
• Someday I'll finish watching SG-1 and get going on my to-watch list again. Provided people stop adding to it, that is.

Actually, I've been kinda lazy in this aspect of my internet life lately. Cardiff is doing well enough, quiet. Anachronismos is newly opened and doing pretty well for a new game, I think! I need to do stuff in both sometime in the near future...Also doing stuff in my musebox for shits & giggles.

Writing a Chuck/White Collar crossover and trying not to think about exactly how many WIPS I have in my files. But then, I don't usually post things/share them unless they're complete, so NO ONE HAS TO KNOW how many of those there really are!! But I do plan to finish/clean up/eventually post this one. So there.

Created [ profile] chuckxbryce and made a rec list and really need to get around to doing some crossposting there...

UHM, that might be all for now. If you made it through, I SALUTE YOU!

EDIT: OHMG, I had forgotten and I was ever so proud. I have 30gp of free space on my harddrive now! Okay, this is a Big Deal to me because it had been pretty much FULL or ALMOST FULL for...a long time. I've been working on clearing it off and defragging and I now have 30 GB FREE! EXCITEMENT!!! Don't judge me.

See, now if I had the money to upgrade to Win7, I actually could.

[what went away, you may ask? all my old saved anime/manga fanart. I finally have CUT LOOSE! shocking.]

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