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Okay, so take one part Kuchiki Byakuya [Prissy sowrdsman with strange hair and massive scarf thing]...


Add one part Kikumaru Eiji, insane silly acrobatic tennis player...


What is your result?

Well you'll have to click. )
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So I walked into the shop about half an hour ago now, took one look around, and was randomly struck with the inspiration to rearrange half the shop.

So I did. I think I'm covered in some sort of dust now from dragging huge racks around, and I have one more I think I'm going to move in a bit when I get up the energy to drag it that far [this one is at the BACK of the shop and I want it at the front, while the others I was basically moving just around the front square of the place. The shop actually pretty big. haha]

I love having the unwritten permission to do this though because John only asks me to brainstorm things like this every other WEEK. And I rarely come up with anything. So it's a standing offer: Get bored, rearrange. Good times. At least this time I wasn't trying to get the damn mannequin redressed without detaching every single limb on her body. >.< Anything that looked like molestation was DEFINITELY not intentional and only happened because I am a lot smaller than the damn mannequin and it...hates me. Or something.

OTHERWISE. My schedule next semester looks excellent to the point where I'll actually be able to keep up and focus. Which is, well, novel. To say the least. XD There's a musical theatre class I'm auditioning to get into on Tuesday. *____* Predictions are that I'm going to hate half my classmates, or at least want to knock their brains out with large blunt objects, but I shall refrain. Actually Bailey bullied me into asking for the audition because she didn't want to be in there alone with them. Amusing. We should manage to have WEEKS AND WEEKS worth of front porch jabber off that and the other theatre class I'm taking, as like, EVERYONE I HANG OUT WITH it seems is in that class. Gary won't know what hit him. Or rather, he will. But I predict much beard-shaking humor for that one [I swear to god he looks like santa. LOVE HIM. Great prof.]

Oh god I'm rambling hard core again. Don't shoot me. ;__;

WE CAN NOW SEE IN OUR KITCHEN! And it's clean. The two combined are like. A miracle. Basically the wiring to the overhead light completely Does Not Work so we've had a little desk light in there all semester. Yesterday Bailey got the brilliant idea to hang this...paper lantern thing in there. So we were scrambling on the tiny counter and putting hooks in the ceiling and basically doing a multitude of acts of Daring-Do in order to BRIGHT LIGHT TO THE KITCHEN. This is a big deal. Seriously.

On that note, I am beginning to suspect that my roommate is secretly a cannibal and is fattening me up to eat at some point. Not that I mind. The food's damn good.

Still addicted to Bones. Still in love with Zack. Why is his amazing nerdiness and inability to function like a normal person so adorable? Don't know, don't care. Love.

Joe came by last night. And is now on my flist! Yay for new friends. *\o/* We played GH [I won consistently. Obsession pays off] and watched Adult Swim.

Bleach was on. The ep that ends with Aizen up on the wall.

I do not watch dubs often. This is why:

Kira spoke. Hands fly to ears. "NO"

Byakuya spoke. Died. Almost three remote at screen. Had massive hissy fit.

Someone said "Abarai" I cannot even begin to tell you had badly they mispronounced it if you haven't seen it. Died. Shouted it correctly everytime they said it.

Said "BASTARD!" every time they showed Aizen. Confused Joe.

Heard Gin speak. Cried. WHAT IS THAT SHIT. ;___;

And yet. Still bounced all over the couch as the end of the episode drew nigh. I like it when shit hits the fan.

Overall it was painful but apparently hilarious. :|

POLL: What is this new y!m and should I download it?

I think I'm done. >.>


Apr. 9th, 2007 03:21 pm
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AT HOME. Have been since yesterday evening, not that's it's overly noticable. I mean, I'm still online. XD There are so many computers at my house that it's silly. I have comandeered the laptop and now I WANT ONE KTHX. ;___; Sitting in the living room curled up with it on my lap? Perfection.

An interesting observation from the other night by Snuzzie:

Gimmjaw = Atobe. OMFG. XD Too funny. XD

I'm kinda lacking in other amusing things to write about and therefore will prolly stop writing before I make some truly atrocious typo where I somehow drag the cursor back and start typing in the middle of the sentence.

Because for some reason, I do that on this computer. >.>

Still cold. Evil. I eagerly await the return to proper April weather.

OH. And I actually went to church.

Yeah, that's right. Fall over in shock now.

I'll get the smelling salts.
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Because I am a waste of life I've been perusing fanart sites in my newfound drolling over Gin.

Yeah, shut up.





I am a puddle of incoherent amusement.

Edit: There are Naruto sims too. I didn't look at them cause....I don't know Naruto. But if the Bleach ones are anything to go by, they're prolly a laugh.
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I just FLOODED my userpics with Bleach. WHEEE.

Um. Um.

It's late.

But I have lots of new icons.

And [ profile] hakuren is entirely brilliant.

A Aizen stole Grimm's shuvel.


Hahhahahahaha. time to sleep.
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Bleach 118 Spoilers and Incoherency )


Feb. 20th, 2007 11:41 pm
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Done with tests for THIS week, have two essays and another test next week.

You know that rough draft? The one I wrote the morning it was due while not-feeling-my best? Yeah. The prof has totally told me like, 3 times now how great she thinks it is and how she liked it even better on a second-read through. sdakjshdajsdajhsdak WTF. XD I WIN AT LIFE, OBVIOUSLY.

In life-goals news, I keep imagining myself teaching classes and what my profs do that I would emulate and what they do that I would avoid. Hahahahahaha. I really think it's my calling in life. I just have to GET THERE. Whee.

Rode today for the first time in weeks on account of the OMG SICK AS HELL thing and now feel like rubber because lsakjdlkjasdlksdadsalkjdslk I am out of shape. Not on.


I'm an understudy for the play "I Hate Hamlet" this semester, so on occasion I have to go to rehearsals. Today was one of those days. And one of the actresses is apparently ADD and her meds are low so she kept stacking things from her purse in front of me like gifts, which was pretty hilarious, but the best part by far was towards the end.

She wrote me a check. Signed and everything.

For Monkey Sex and 22 cent. [memo: fur]

I laughed for over an hour and it's now on my wall.

IN OTHER NEWS. The AMAZING SNUZZ AND RIAH have been working their little fannies off for the past....oh, 48 hours or so and that Bleach AU RP I mentioned yesterday in the throws of excitement? Is totally open and ready to go and shit and we've been having some fun times already and HOI YOU LOT. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO CHECK IT OUT. I'm playing Renji and Gin. ;)


OKay. Because I know it's up on other journals I'll be nice and cut this. BUT LOOK AT IT. IT'S PRETTY. )


Moving on. I love every single tennis boy in brawl. Nuff said. I think you're all entirely brilliant and want to hug/love/molest/stalk you all. ♥ Or just make really bad puns about names. >.>

So hay

Feb. 20th, 2007 12:27 am
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How many people do you know who can get an AU Bleach RPG up and running entirely from scratch over the course of less than 24 hours?


Omfg excited.

Brit Lit midterm was today. American Lit tomorrow. Lit & Rev next thursday.

The fucked up thing is the Lit& Rev on is ONLINE. How the fuck does that even make sense?

Online literature exam. What the fucking hell.
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I've made it through ALMOST the first week of classes with very, very little sleep, as per usual. Even worse than usual, honestly, because I have this evil, evil thing this time around called "morning classes." When you take into account that one of the reasons I dropped Latin last semester was that it was too early and that was at 10...Well. German, which I stuck with [the other reason had been that having Latin at 10 and German at 1 MWF was brekaing my brain into itty bitty pieces of languages and they never went back in the right spots], German this semester is at 9. v____v that is my very sad and sleepy face. it sucks. HOWEVER. THIS prof actually EXPLAINS things and explains new concepts of grammar in ENGLISH. akdhasfjhksjdhaskds. Amazing. So I have a 9 o'clock MWF and then on TH I have a 9 o'clock riding lesson so I wake up between 7:30 and 8:30 every day of the week. Maaaaan. Considering my typical sleep schedual means I DO NOT go to sleep before like, 3 am EVER....akjdhagfjhsdgjhasdgsd.

Oh, and Wednesdays are HELL. I had not realized this. I will make it though. [9- German. 10- hour break. 11- Geology *snoooorrreee*. 12- 2-hour Geology lab (the prof has a cute French accent though...). 2- Brit Lit (Okay. it's Griffin. I love this woman.). 3:30- Lit and Revolution.] So other than an hour break at 10 to pump my veins with caffiene...yeeeaaah. The last class ends at 4:45. It sucks. Hardxcore. I'll live though. I have ONE class on TH and other than riding that morning...that's it. I'm at work right now because Mallory asked me to take her shift. Buuut as I have about $15 left to my name, this is good. It makes tomorrow's paycheck a bit nicer.

Auditions were last night and the night before. For the three plays this semester. They decided not to do callbacks.

I'm not doing any of the plays this semester. Which is sad.

But honestly. I have auditioned for almost everything since I got here. That's a lot of plays. I have managed to get small parts in three. Is the difference between my percieved ability and my actual ability that great? I mean, really. And it's not like I don't get to know the profs who direct them either. I housesit for one of them! And still. Nothing. I'm not some random person that just shows up, I don't have evening classes just so I have a better shot and still. Nothing more than like, 10 lines or so I think I had in Our Town, spring of freshman year. I'm stubborn though, I still have another year to try for. And maybe this will be good. Rasien DID try to kill me last semester. 4.0 again? I hope!

And I came to a conclusion earlier in American Lit. In which she actually re-arranged us to sit alphabetally. What are we, elementary kids?? I mean. I haven't had to do that since like, the BEGINNING of high school. Dumbdumbdumbdumb...But that wasn't the point. The POINT is that I really dislike Whitman. Particularly the two random deth-y poems she had us reading. If it weren't for the fact that Prufrock is on the sylabus, I would be seriously concerned for this class. Icky poems and a seating arrangement. kjdhakjsds I don't like sitting in the MIDDLE of the classroom. It's icky. Side. PLEASE. But alas, my name is in the middle of the alphabet so I am dooomed. DOOMED, I SAY. So of course today as she's going on and on and on about Whitman and trying to draw us into discussion about these stupid birds in these pointless poems I'm just sorta staring. This is, of course, I about ten minutes after I have discovered my continuing lack of ability to get a role. So hey. I was entitled to be mildly moody at least.

Though, spekaing of Whitman. Jamie is still being lame. Lame lame lame lame. *grumble*

HOWEVER. I have lots of fun plans for the weekend including a showing of homemade movies, a long event of watching the original Star Wars trilogy and then getting coffee with an amusing friend WHO LIKES BLEACH :D :D :D on Sunday. He got a kitty and named it Yoruichi. BRILLIANT, INNIT?

Oh, still working on PoT. And I swear I will be tracking down icons for it because kasdjhskdajhsajsdkjhsdasjhaddicted. And I need to use them on Snuzzie. >D WHO I LOOOOVE. ♥!

So, ah...

Dec. 11th, 2006 02:12 am
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Since bleachexile is working again, I got the picture I really WANTED on my layout.

Yeah, it's changed again. >.> I was bored. And it's a cool picture. So look at it. :D

Got my grades today, in other news!

Wait for it...wait for it...


Whiiiich was an unexpected surprise. I was pretty much contented to the idea that I'd get a B. And I got an A. I guess I did REALLY WELL on the final and there was some nature of a curve to help with all the near-failing quizzes? Kick-ass.

In other news, It wasn't a 4.0, alas. I got a B in Shakespeare and Health. This, my children, is what happens when you skip class at least once a week. It's a bad habit. Don't do it. I speak from experience. Also, don't put off easy shit like Health because by the time you get to it, it's SO dull and the whole "I must go to every single class!" freshman drive is gone. And you just won't go. XD So take the easy shit early and skip class sparingly. Words of wisdom.

My A's were Seminar, German, Irish Lit and Theatre practicum. So that's something like a 3.6, I believe. Previous acc. GPA was a 3.96 and I'm too lazy to come up with the whole thing. And it's not online yet. XD It shouldn't drop by much.
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Obviously Fae and my other dear brawlers have eaten my brain. LOOKIT THIS AWESOME BLEACH-NESS. :D :D. Speaking of which. I wrote Bleachfic the other day. IchiIshi as it too has eaten my brain over HERE.

Annnnnd I'm cleaning my room, getting ready for the break and being kicked out, etc etc. Have 78 diet coke cans now NEATLY stacked. Go me. Drinking #79. But mind, this is over the course of the semester, kay?

Done with exams. Hard semester. Will see how things turned out. Should be alright. :D I am not, however, anticipating a 4.0. Woes.

UMMMMM. Right. Going AWOL this weekend to dogsit. Etc etc. OH CRAP LAUNDRY FINISHED AGES AGO. *goes to get* BAI.

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