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SO. It's been a while since I've posted one of these. Sept 2009, actually. Over 2 years using the SAME LAYOUT, my god. Obviously, I was pretty fond of my Merlin Fanatic layout, and it was pretty cool. Cool enough that I kept MOST of the coding I painstakingly did for it on this one. Sherlock, obviously. If you're up on the fandom and/or on tumblr, you have probably seen the whole graffiti fiasco. As a fandom->real life movement, the IDEA is pretty cool. But the execution of damaging public & private property that a lot of people have been embracing...that is NOT cool. And also not legal. Which makes it doubly not cool. Seeing the post-it's, snow writing, fliers, etc however did give me the idea. Click through to [ profile] themegaloo to see my approach! Seriously, I'm damn pleased with how it's turned out, though there are a few tweaks I still want to make. Once I do that, I might offer it up for others to use as well, haven't decided yet. I sort of want to jazz up the entry boxes somehow but I haven't decided with WHAT yet. Suggestions welcome.

OH and PS- my tumblr matches, and wasn't THAT a pain and a half.

EDIT: And I completely broke it on accident trying to change an image, but it's back now. And on that note, if for some reason you see something TOTALLY NOT LOOKING LIKE A LAYOUT WITH A STONE WALL AND SHERLOCK & JOHN AND EVERYTHING....god, please tell me.
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Actually, when it comes down to writing anything like a reaction I have nothing. Unless you count "OH GOD" which I think basically everyone has done. Or I can describe how in preparation I grabbed the corner of the comfy couch and a big fluffy sweater, wrapped myself in it, and basically didn't move.

And then I ate dinner and braved tumblr and finally finished writing a silly fic for [ profile] aylathebunny that I said I would write back at the epic post-panel time at DCon. It is very silly. It's also on tumblr. But I don't UNDERSTAND TUMBLR THAT WELL STILL so it's also here.

Sherlock/John, nothing too exciting, to date my only Sherlock ficlet, 740 words, Sherlock dressed as a priest )

yup. that has been my day.
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So uh, as anyone I was able to text or anyone who follows my twitter or facebook or foursquare is PROBABLY AWARE, I got back from DragonCon tonight around 9pm. Yeah, this is not when I planned to be home. Yeah, I was supposed to work today. No, that didn't happen. DAMN YOU, WEATHER!! Flight from ATL got delayed so badly that there was no way I'd make the connecting to Home and there wasn't a later flight for that and YADDA YADDA YADDA so I spent forever on the phone in the airport talking to my parents, my boss, my friends still at con and the airline so I could come home TODAY instead. It was madness. I am exhausted. But you know what?


My pictures are up on facebook, I'm working on getting them onto photobucket as well but there is no way I'm coding anything tonight as I'm barely coherent from exhaustion. My costumes went off beautifully, I'm on the BBCA webpage sitting in line for the Night Terrors screening (!!!!) I have no voice from shouting WOULD YOU CARE FOR SOME TEA?! EXTERMINATE! PERCOLATE! and other such things all day Saturday and I am exceedingly broke until I get paid Friday.

Other things: MY PHONE SURVIVED, NO FOUNTAIN SWIMMING FOR MY PURSE THIS YEAR! (thank christ) I'm already planning MOAR COSTUMES for next year, some of which will be more feasible than others (someday I will sew well enough to make Kaylee's cupcake dress, I swear I will pull that one off someday), sleep was, as ever, a fallacy to be ignored unless forced (I woke up still a Dalek at 10am Sunday morning because I apparently hit a TOTAL AND COMPLETE WALL OF EXHAUSTION and haven't slept much since) and I have discovered that I am not a coherent fangirl in the LEAST. I passed GDL in a hamster tube and ran into a door. And then when I finally met Sherlock fandom, oh good lord, that was not coherency in any way shape or form (for which I apologize!! I hope I proved I can be coherent over the course of the FIVE HOUR SHERLOCKFEST).

Speaking of, this made my Sunday night Awesome and Strangely Sober Compared to the Rest of the World.

Still laughing at that. Now I really need to wind down and, you know, sleep. But I really want my pictures to finish uploading to photobucket too. Damn. Only 28 to go at this point? HA! FINISHED PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES

COHERENCY IS FOR LATER. Mostly, I had an awesome weekend and I'm home safely despite storms and tornadoes and hurricanes, oh my.

edit: way too much capslock in this sorry.

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