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So it dawned on me earlier as I was participating in
THE Merlin Friending Meme!
Which is not something I normally do, but hey, I like new people? But it dawned on me that I've barely updated in like, a few months. So hello, world! I'm alive.

So what's going on in the world of Meg QUICK RECAP!!

• Still looking for a job. Someday, this search will be lucrative.
• Applying to UNC at Chapel Hill for the archival science program. Went and visited it last week after mum dragged me into Raleigh with her so that I could judge her students' science fair projects. I wondered most of the morning how I got talked into these sorts of things as it involved me waking p at 4:45am. PAINFUL! But Chapel Hill is lovely and I only got a little lost. It's definitely where I hope to be next year.
• I'm still dating Matt. And like, officially dating him. On facebook even. Which still sometimes strikes me as surreal because I've been living in that transitory world for so long, where I'm always leaving for a long ways away very soon so there's no use getting attached. I'm still not entirely not-leaving, but Chapel Hill is not in the category of a long ways away in the least.
• I'm doing laundry, which I still hate, but I hate a little less when it doesn't cost me 8 euros to do in addition to having to haul it around. This is a plus.

Yeah, that's about it for the RL stuff. See why I haven't updated overly much? Not much going ON.

Now for the internetly/fandomy/televisiony stuff.

• Totally addicted to Chuck now. Oh my god, give me geeky spy shows any day of the week, I love it.
• WHITE COLLAR STARTS BACK TONIGHT. I think this may be the cutoff for Jeff Eastin's twitter war with Matt Nix--Go follow White Collar creator @jeffeastin if you aren't already!!
• I'm still sort of sad that I don't have Merlin to look forward to every Saturday at the moment.
• Doctor Who End of Time: Apparently not very liked by the fen 'round these parts, but I enjoyed it despite its failings. I don't tend to get upset with shows unless they like, kill people off that I really don't want killed off [IANTO] or do something really, really stupid and against everything I think the show stands for. I'm a pretty easy fan to please, honestly, when it comes to the canon material! Though some episodes do make me happier than others.
• SOMEONE OUT THERE: explain to me what was going on with Charlie being on Fringe last Monday? Didn't see the Thursday episode, was watching Grey's. But I am so confused. Also what's up with the Monday 9pm spot on Fox?
• SPEAKING OF FOX- I don't really believe they're honestly going to revamp Torchwood for an American audience. It might be wishful thinking, but I doubt they'll follow through on that one.
• Also behind on House on account of it being on at the same time as Chuck. Not cool, guys. Not cool. So many of my shows are in conflict with eachother!! Clearly this is a problem with the TV people and does not mean I watch too many shows. Obviously.
• Someday I'll finish watching SG-1 and get going on my to-watch list again. Provided people stop adding to it, that is.

Actually, I've been kinda lazy in this aspect of my internet life lately. Cardiff is doing well enough, quiet. Anachronismos is newly opened and doing pretty well for a new game, I think! I need to do stuff in both sometime in the near future...Also doing stuff in my musebox for shits & giggles.

Writing a Chuck/White Collar crossover and trying not to think about exactly how many WIPS I have in my files. But then, I don't usually post things/share them unless they're complete, so NO ONE HAS TO KNOW how many of those there really are!! But I do plan to finish/clean up/eventually post this one. So there.

Created [ profile] chuckxbryce and made a rec list and really need to get around to doing some crossposting there...

UHM, that might be all for now. If you made it through, I SALUTE YOU!

EDIT: OHMG, I had forgotten and I was ever so proud. I have 30gp of free space on my harddrive now! Okay, this is a Big Deal to me because it had been pretty much FULL or ALMOST FULL for...a long time. I've been working on clearing it off and defragging and I now have 30 GB FREE! EXCITEMENT!!! Don't judge me.

See, now if I had the money to upgrade to Win7, I actually could.

[what went away, you may ask? all my old saved anime/manga fanart. I finally have CUT LOOSE! shocking.]
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So I've ended up back at Nez's slightly sooner than expected but oh my god, I don't think I've laughed so hard in, in. Oh I don't even know.

Basically amazing, alright. Last night so, she's trying to teach her mum how to use twitter and THE INTERNET IN GENERAL and comparing the back button to the REARVIEW MIRROR and how things aren't just going to disappear, if there's a car back there it's still going to be there when you look again a minute later (probably, there is a logic flaw in this in that the car COULD stop or turn off or the like). So that whole thing had me rolling half off the couch laughing, random other things throughout the night had me rolling all over the place, then she had me watching this show called Hex? By the producers who do Merlin, only several years back, and it's REALLY BRILLIANT only it's one of those things that makes me leap in the air every few minutes and I thin that about had Nez in stitches too, just me jumping about halfway across the room.

THEN WE WENT TO GO TAX HER CAR and her mum backs into a pillar and oh god I don't know why this was so funny, really, but in the end it really quite was. And Nez and I ended up in Harvey Norman's? Running around looking at all the electronics and I drooled over gorgeous kitchen stuff because I a girl girl girl and I like cooking and baking things, only I'm not allowed to make sweets right now bc she's starving herself for Bradley James.

Which leads to the AWESOME of this venture to CAMELOT we're making and how she's going to get one of those brilliant camcorders and we're going to make terribly nerdy video diaries the whole time and hopefully GET THEM IN IT SOMEHOW OH GOD. We're going to be hanging about the castle for like, 4 days, and they're supposed to be filming during that time so THERE IS A CHANCE, OKAY and if not we can just like, try to stalk them around town and stuff.

Was that coherent? Probably not. I probably won't be very coherent if I get to meet COLIN MORGAN okay, I'll go into a ball of flail, it's inescapable. I will try not to and I will try not to make Nez spit anything on Bradley James (though it would be a good conversation starter, she doesn't seem to believe me on this count).

ALSO. Grocery shopping. RANDOM HYSTERICS and scrambling about and laughing about baking everything into one big cake, which is doubly hysterical because there was a huge pile of chilies and scallions and lollipops and then the Bailey's and tampons and the entire lot all mashed together just had us ABOUT FALLING OVER.

And I owe people like, a million tags everywhere because I kept getting sidetracked by things off the computer and I'm getting to those, I SWEAR! You're all fantastic? Er. Those of you actually on my flist that is. Haahahaha.

So now I'm trying not to drool all over myself eating a Melody Pop and you know, breathe and type and all that sort of business.


If you could work at Torchwood, with all that's good and bad and ugly and wonderful and everything it involves--Would you do it?



Jul. 16th, 2009 09:44 am
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So. I was, basically. As is well documented, I spent all last week at [ profile] angryhamster's to watch Torchwood and it was fantastic. It is so much better not having to squee into a vacuum or squeeing and having all my flatmates look at me like I'm absolutely insane. Plus, we had a really fun time, besides! I went home on Tuesday, finally, and was asleep most of the time I was there. Because then yesterday morning we went to see Harry Potter! Where I ran into some of my course/house mates, which was sort of hilarious in its own right. Like. OH HEY GUYS LOOK AT US....dressed up in costumes /facepalm. Though they lived with me and went to classes with me so they're used to a bit of me being very, very odd. I was in my building's computer lab (okay, this sounds much bigger than it is, it's a tiny room with about 5 computers, only two of which actually work and it's upstairs from our tiny, bright yellow common room) when I found the whole DALEK IN A POND thing and immediately had to share it with them all. Which meant some of them went WHAT ROFL (the ones who grew up over here) and "...okay explain" (the americans).

So all that was absolutely brilliant and fun and I enjoyed the movie and afterwards we high-tailed it over to the massive toystore to be nerdy some more. ONLY THEY HAD LIKE, NO HP STUFF. They had a wizard practically dressed up as Dumbles and they had NO HP STUFF. It was sad. I waved my magic wand about to no effect. I swear, I really am 23.

So I'm back at hers as we giggled and laughed over old RP threads and watched amusing British soaps...and then passed out. So now I'm back awake as I remained unconscious and she's asleep as I don't believe she did. xD I'll be heading home PROPERLY in a few hours, probably. But it's been absolutely awesome.

Ahhhh I have tags to respond to. /MAKES USE OF THIS TIME FOR THAT
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And another hello to folks from TW fandom and that lovely chat. Thoughts on Day Five below.

spoilers again, sure you get the idea )

EDIT: TW chat is apparently still open (though very quiet right now as we wait for other time zones to get on board and know what's going on), but since I met half you shiny new friends there, feel free to pop in once you've seen the ep/know all the spoilers.

EDIT 2: FAVORITE BEHIND THE SCENES: Up Close with Tom Price. I love PC Andy, okay. let me hug him and squish him RUBBER BRICKS!
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Title: And it Was.
Rating: PG?
Word Count: 3,000
Pairings: You know, the canon ones.
Spoilers: TORCHWOOD SEASON 3: CHILDREN OF EARTH: DAY FOUR. You have been warned.
Summary: In which Ianto saves the world, there is coffee, an interesting STD and hopefully a good bit of humor.
Notes: Big thank you for the verbal beta (and couch space) to [ profile] angryhamster, for she is lovely. It's fun to actually hear people snicker as they beta, hope it works for you lot too.

Technically my first TW fic at that! )
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Meant to say yesterday, hi to the folks from Torchwood chat! That said...

it's all spoilers )
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So we actually made it OUT OF CASTLE NEZ today. I now have spare clothing and a toothbrush and my phone charger. DAY THREE OVER. Can't believe we're over halfway through the series already. ;; I love this show so much why are there only 5 episodes for this season?! it makes me sad. THOUGH THE IMMERSION IN IT, IT IS AWESOME.

spoilers again okay: DAY THREE )

In less spoiler-y TW amusement, this morning we were watching breakfast TV and they kept showing CARDIFF. Mermaid Quay. And once, Canary Warf. I'm like. LOL'ing because they keep showing TORCHWOOD PLACES. Nice timing, TV.

Also: After Day One, [ profile] copperbadge writes fic. After Day Two, he makes a chat. WHAT WILL HE DO TONIGHT, INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW.
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1. My paid account ran out. Oh well. Not bothering with it right now, my icons are fine.

2. I've taken up residence on [ profile] angryhamster's couch for the past...over 26 hours.

3. This is because it's Torchwood week. And by week I mean an entire hour every night for five days.

If they do not continue this show into a fourth season I will very likely kill someone because I love it just that much. Now allow me to LJ cut and flail like a flaily thing because yes, it is brilliant.

spoilers, )

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