Sep. 12th, 2008 12:53 pm
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So I mentioned in chat that I'm in Statesboro this weekend. Whiiiich I am And having a grand time too because I feel very MISSED. *_* I got tackled as soon as I walked in the door and LO AND BEHOLD, internet works this time around. So HI FOLKS. SORRY I'M NOT ON AT NORMAL HOURS.

I also mentioned a few days ago that my battery on my computer was being extraordinarily stubborn and going "plugged in, not charging." Well, it got worse. In that I could NEVER get it to charge anymore. So I mention this to Jen, one of the people who lives here and am talking about how I need to call Dell and get them to ship me a new one.

Turns out her Dell recently DIED and she got a new computer (Gateway) and the charger was just...sitting there.


Back to my normal tricks soon! For a while at least.


Apr. 12th, 2008 03:32 pm
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You are sensitive, charming, gracious, and insightful.

You have a strong need for a close, intimate relationship. You have a special gift with people, and enjoy helping them. You are generally full of potential, and can excel at anything that captures your interest.

I can handle that. *_*

So my parents were in town yesterday to see the show. Which we played TWICE yesterday. We did just act one at TEN AM for a bunch of kids [we had to be there at nine, oh my god we were all wanting to fall the hell asleep the entire time, but strangely still managed to pump it up the entire time we were on stage.] But!! My dad brought a second router and we added a second access port and I now get 54 MBPS. *_____* Hello, amazing! And my mom has no self-control and could not be convinced NOT to clean my room, so....it's very clean now, to say the least. Ahahaha.

The show went really well last night too, all the people from Hawaii the night before were there again along with two more-- the director from the second production of it and the original costumer. Once again, the only problem was a LACK OF AIR CONDITIONING. GAH. It was even HOTTER last night, like, three people almost passed out on stage. It was rough. But we still completely rocked it. EVERYONE who's seen it so far has really loved it which is basically amazing. *_*

Last night AFTER the show I bolted back here in a failed effort to beat people. We threw a birthday party for my friend, Jesse. 80's Rave themed. Preeeetty interesting. And a few...interesting characters we could have lived without. But hey, that sort of thing happens sometimes. I fell asleep standing up at something like, 3 am. SO TIRED.

BUT! My sister is coming into town AS WE SPEAK to see the show!! *___* EXCITEMENT AGAIN!! She hadn't thought she was going to make it but she IS!!! HUZZAH!



Apr. 9th, 2008 11:32 am
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So my matching bag for my laptop came yesterday. *_* IT'S SO NICE! I was digging through it going OO! POCKETS! And the spot where the laptop goes is so sooooft. I want a bed made out of that stuff. No fair, lappy. No fair at all.

Actually I'm just tired and want ANY sort of bed. ;_; I NEED A NAP. MAYBE I'LL GET ONE TODAY. *_* there's nothing left to come to my door and interrupt perfectly good napping time, SO WE SHALL SEEEE~!

Last night was our first dress rehearsal for On Dragonfly Wings. Oh. My. God. You GUYS. You WISH you had costumes as cool as these. I'm a GUPPY and a BUMBLE BEE. It's amazing. Not as amazing as Vince's CRANE COSTUME WITH THE 3 FOOT TALL BIG HEAD THAT HE CAN BARELY SEE THROUGH THE NECK OF, but still pretty amazing. I hauled my laptop there in it's shiny newness with its shiny new bag and made people plonk down in front of the camera. SMILE AT THE FLASHING BLUE LIGHT, GUYS! It was pretty spiffy. I'm really failing at typing on this keyboard in the language lab. My brain is shot to hell and back. This is freaking fantastic.


Enough of that. I found last night that even WITH the whole 1 mbps issue on Shanks [which would be my laptop's name, stfu, it's RED, okay?!?!] I can still RP on it loads faster just because stuff LOADS AS IT SHOULD!!! No clicking a tab or window and waiting forever for it to pull up. *_* A delay on internet response, but not on the COMPUTER ITSELF. *___* It made my life amazing. Life was generally amazing last night except for the point at which I forgot I was actually really tired and forgot to sleep.

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SO as I was typing up an entry yesterday I was interrupted by a knock at the door. I thought little of it, figuring I'd answer it, finish my entry and take a much-needed nap. Clearly that did not happen as the door-knocking fairies saw fit to bring me my new laptop MUCH SOONER THAN I EVER EXPECTED!!! So instead of sleeping, I attempted to make my internet work properly. Note, attempted.

I am having an ISSUE. I connect to our wireless perfectly, Excellent signal strength and everything, which means my speend should be pretty fucking fantastic, right?

Wrong. I get ONE MBPS!!! As a general rule. Occasionally when I fiddle with the settings on my wireless card I can get it to jump up to 11 or 5.5. My other computers typically get 11. So I get minimal, half, or typical. But 90% of the time I'm getting 1 mbps except for when I called Dell last night, finally got a HUMAN BEING and it suddenly jumped to 18.

So. Flist. I could use some IDEAS here. I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT. I've turned IPv6 on and off to no avail, I've swapped between all the wireless modes, I've disconnected, reconnected, rebooted the modem, rebooted the router, changed setting and none of them fixed the problem for a period of longer than five minutes.

I THINK it's an issue where my router is not properly compatible as it was HERE when we moved in and didn't belong to the most dependable of people before that. It's probably a good few years old. Linksys.

specs on everything for personal reference or reference if you think you can FIX this? )

But as I mentioned VERY briefly yesterday, I read Fairy Tail over the weekend. It's cracky and funny, even if the main female is pretty irksome for most of her pagetime. The supporting characters totally make up for it. The premise is SORT of similar to One Piece, but mostly in how the characters act than in any sort of plot. It's about mages. Different magic powers and Fairy tail is one of the Guilds. The crazy guild, of course. And all I think I should have to say to make you all want to read it is this:

Gray Fullbuster has an issue with accidental nudity. See icon to know who I am talking about, though he looks rather disgusted just there. It is suiting as I am disgusted with my internet. >OOO

But yes. That is all. Now to shower and go to work. Whee.
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Thank you, everyone who's commented to me lately and I haven't responded too. It meant a lot. ♥ My high school is raising money to try to help Mary's grandkids who she was taking care of. I found out they were actually in the room with her when she was shot. Which is. aksjhasfhkjshf. I can't even imagine.

But that said. Life is settling back into normalcy, which is really, really relieving even if it's still exhausting and stressful. That much I can deal with pretty easily at least. Things are still sad and they won't stop being sad, but I've been in a good mood today. Which I refuse to feel guilty for.

Watch me break this up in cuts to save your flists.

Weather and Sunshine )

Funny/Exciting stuff uncut:

I ordered a new laptop yesterday! This is something I'm massively excited about. It's the first big purchase I've made ON MY OWN with my OWN MONEY and it will also be the first NEW computer I've ever had. It's a Dell. It's red. It's got SPACE and MEMORY and *___* In the words of [livejournal.com profile] nickelodeon, it will be so sexy.

I also spent about four hours today while at work browsing thinkgeek.com. Let me tell you, that shit is hilarious. The alarm clocks! The lights! The random gadgets and games and ANNOYING DEVICES! It's a great way to waste time.

I also got a good kick out of [livejournal.com profile] copperbadge today, which has led me to believe that since it's actually possible, the fact that there is no fic about Chopper having to fix someone's FRACTURED PENIS is a great, great tragedy. Please agree with me here.

Theatre and some fandom )

I hope people are starting to feel a little better about yesterday and its tragedy. I know it's not going to go away or anything, but still being able to enjoy things in life is so important, at least to me. I'd go crazy if I just stayed sad for ages. I don't deal with it well. So. ♥ because that's really all I can do.


Apr. 9th, 2007 03:21 pm
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AT HOME. Have been since yesterday evening, not that's it's overly noticable. I mean, I'm still online. XD There are so many computers at my house that it's silly. I have comandeered the laptop and now I WANT ONE KTHX. ;___; Sitting in the living room curled up with it on my lap? Perfection.

An interesting observation from the other night by Snuzzie:

Gimmjaw = Atobe. OMFG. XD Too funny. XD

I'm kinda lacking in other amusing things to write about and therefore will prolly stop writing before I make some truly atrocious typo where I somehow drag the cursor back and start typing in the middle of the sentence.

Because for some reason, I do that on this computer. >.>

Still cold. Evil. I eagerly await the return to proper April weather.

OH. And I actually went to church.

Yeah, that's right. Fall over in shock now.

I'll get the smelling salts.

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