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Because I can't be arsed to upload my pictures. TAKES TO LONG, MAN.

But. But in the midst of trying to focus on Beckett and time and memory in the later plays, [ profile] snuzzie has crept in and done her evil again. So I took a pause and wrote up a GENIUS (in my opinion) application to play Merlin at [ profile] thecityrpg

I JUST HAVE TO AKFHAFJHAF BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN and holy crap I actually took the time and effort to fill out a real application for an RP. BE SHOCKED AND SURPRISED, FOLKS!

Best bit is that it starts Saturday. AKA after my paper's due in. PERFECTION. And BRAND NEW RP! Nothing quite like one of those. *_* Basically I am boiling over in excitement. GO LOOK AT IT. BE TEMPTED.
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READ PREVIOUS ENTRY FIRST. This will not make sense otherwise.

it continues )
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Okay I caved. I have fic. It's in two parts for aesthetic purposes. This part can stand alone, but part two relies entirely on you having read THIS PART FIRST. Title from a Harry Chapin song.

Title: Sweet Dreams Fly
Author: [ profile] themegaloo
Words: 2,000 (600 + 1,400)
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rated: PG.
Summary/Warnings: AU/Future!fic where Merlin endures and Arthur is the Once and Future King--but not quite as or when expected. Contains some angst, deaths, humor, bad jokes, allusions, Shakespeare, a bit of history and a very bad tolerance for alcohol that just never gets better.

And so it begins as it ends )
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And slightly GIP because Arthur amuses me.

Soooo back in Dublin and back to being human again! It's a nice feeling. I was mostly human at the start of the weekend but idiot housemates convinced me to not be for most of the weekend which is a bit of a story in and of itself that I won't get into because. Well because it's just not that terribly interesting.

So I missed every single class last week, but apparently didn't actually miss much outside of a bit of Joyce on account that it was mostly introduction all over again as its new option courses and the Joyce class is the only one that met twice so they got over that a bit. Which means I get thrown right into it now, but I don't mind so much, really. But! I got up and went today only to realize as I was ALMOST THERE that there had been an email. That might have said class was canceled today and moved to Wednesday at some time that I will have to look up again in a minute. I do not retain things read when ill, even vaguely important emails. But it was alright because I ALSO recalled on the journey there that I needed to pop in at the fees office and sign my financial aid checks. There are 3 of them, though I'm not really sure why. And the exchange is apparently better this go round which means I GET MORE MONEY IN EUROS! Huzzah! Roughly 2,000 to survive me til March and I DON'T have to buy ridiculous things like plates and shit this time around. Though I might buy a few because they like to grow legs and wander off, I've noticed.

Here there be a VERY LONG RAMBLE about the Fees Office and Getting Lost )

Okay I clearly need to update more often again because I have at least two three more points to expound upon and I am probably drowning you all in my verboseness on the subjects here. Oops. And clogging flists. Maybe I'll cut something.

Tangentially related to the fees office ramble (as I was up on campus at 1, not 2, when the damned thing opened again),Here I ramble about literature, bookshops and sex. In the books, not the bookshops )

The other thing I wanted to mention was this bizarre friendship that's sprung up between me and this undergrad who lives across the Halls and I've met face-to-face twice now. We mostly communicate via very, very random text messages but he asked me over for tea yesterday and I ended up staying and watching TV and exchanging very, very random questions throughout...well a lot of different things on the TV including The Simpsons, Southpark, City of Angels, part of Castaway and a few things I don't know the name of at all. I texted him about socks today. It's all very random and highly entertaining in a completely unexpected way.

Oh hell, one other thing. Merlin. This fandom has eaten my brain, chewed it up and spit it back out into pieces of insanity because I have the beginnings of an AU-But-Sort-of-Not sitting in Word right now that could be epic if I knew more about the workings of politics. I see pointless but entertaining research in my future. Hopefully after I've done something about that essay that's due next week.

Can I write my entire dissertation about sex in Irish lit and how it makes the best visual images? Because this entry shows that I seem to have a strange obsession in that direction.

Now to cut huge chunks of this. Holy god I'm sorry if you read all that.

[edited in facebook lulz] )
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Sup folks! Back in Dublin, almost recovered from The Plague (aka the flu of death that I despise and yet always come down with every single year ;_;) and with a shiny new obsession.

Behold, my latest desktop.

Yes. I too have fallen to the sway of this AMAZINGLY ADDICTIVE SHOW. ihu, [ profile] dynastic, and all the amazing things you get me addicted to. ;_; (only not really but STILL. you get the idea.)

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