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I think I always write fic when I really mean to be updating about 29387529835 other things. Oops. You get fic instead. Because Michelle wanted it. :D So yeah.

Title: Walk into a Bar
Pairing: Kid/Law/Luffy! It had to happen eventually.
Rated: I don't do ratings. PG?
Word count: 888 [LOL]
For: [ profile] xredribbon
Summary/prompt: Three pirate captains walk into a bar...

One bounces off, one gets stuck and one...replaces it with a door? )

I know it's probably a bit off because, uh, HELLO, SORTA NEW CHARACTERS!! But I had to give it a shot. I couldn't resist. So be kind, please rewind? And comment. I would adore comments on this one. I could use some feedback!

Okay then!

Jun. 16th, 2008 06:52 pm
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So it's been a few days since I updated, and I've finally come to the conclusion that I was, in fact, still drunk when I did so as less than two hours later I was attacked by the worst hangover of my life. I didn't empty my stomach again, but I felt like I should for the next two days. Trust me. Not an experience I intend to repeat. And I have a nice reminder of it on my wrist too as I discovered that I apparently burned myself with a cigarette at some point. It took some asking for me to find someone who remembered me doing it, because I sure as hell don't. But it's there clear as day--burn mark just to the hand-side of my wrist bone. Whoops!

So I stayed in Statesboro until Friday and drove home after it got dark. Let me tell you, I cannot even DESCRIBE how much more bearable that was. You all heard my whining about how I was going to die on the way down. People are not meant to be in shiny metal cars with no AC when the temperature is a solid 100+ degrees out. I don't want to know the heat index. *shudder* Driving home was in the 80's. SO MUCH BETTER. And the hangover was gone. Which also made life better.

But then, oh then! I woke up on Saturday morning to the CRAMPS from hell! Woe is me, the world hates my abdominal muscles this week! And that part wasn't even my fault! It's just the joy of being utterly female. So I am finally entirely UN-queasy and UN-cramped today for the first time since, oh. A week ago. Huzzah.

So I went out job hunting! Right now I'll be content with JUST ABOUT ANYTHING. I even tried for the liquor store. Which wasn't hiring but hey, I tried. I think I've got a good shot at some restaurant work though, which would be fun. I bet I could get good tips! I am very bright and cheerful. Usually. As long as I don't actually KNOW you. If I know you I feel that I have free reign to make fun of you for weeks.

One good thing that came of Saturday and the Cramps of Death, however, is that while having a girly chocolate movie night with my mom, she brought down this blanket that was MEANT to be mine months ago but was stolen by my sister who now decided she doesn't want it.

It is huge. It is fluffy. It is like a million teddy bears have been sacrificed and skinned to provide me with the most comfortable blanket in the world. Really, not a wise thing to give me if ou want me to get out of bed ever. O! how it is comfortable. It's like a series of teddy bears puked up all that is good and right in the world just for my immense comfort. And O! how I love it. And O! how jealous you all should be.

And on a final note which still embarrasses me a bit: I read and enjoyed all the Twilight books last week. They're strangely addictive and yes, I am horrified at myself that I put down m Joyce to read those instead. And yet, I cannot be unhappy about it because it was fun. And everyone I hold dear IRL has simultaneously decided to become obsessed with them so it's like, my life is full of Twilight and I don't even NEED fandom. Which is fun.

Oh wait! That is not my final note! I have been reading Harry Potter fanfiction like it's going out of style for OVER A MONTH NOW and I simply MUST give you ALL my opinion on the final Big Bang.

It is huge. It is fantastic. And nothing can ever, EVER measure up to Creevey at Large. It is the best thing ever. Ever ever ever. Dennis Creevey is my new homeboy. He is amazing. And MOON! CLOWNS. MOON. OH GOD! If you even have a passing interesting in Harry/Draco fanfic and love really big really creative really FUNNY fanfictions, READ IT NOW. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!

Okay. I'm done now.

I should do this more often to SAVE YOU FROM THE HUGEEEE.






May. 30th, 2008 05:23 pm
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1. Back in Statesboro
2. One Piece 501 is out.
3. Spoilers. )
4. That's...all.


Apr. 26th, 2008 10:05 am
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I hate working Saturdays. The morning hours of my shift are always out to KILL ME OF BOREDOM AND SLEEPYNESS. Which is also partially because I haven't been sleeping well for a while now. >/ I mean, I SLEEP! I go to bed at more than decent times most nights! Very rarely do I get sidetracked past 2 am and I fall RIGHT asleep, but it's restless all night and I wake back up still completely exhausted.

I think this semester has been out to get me. But it's ALMOST OVER!!! But everything has just been wearing down on me so hard. Gaaah. Stupid things, depressing things, annoying things and just downright BUSY things have kept me running for the past four months solid and I NEED A BREAK!

14 days. @_@ That's all that I have left.

My cake went over REALLY well though. After spending somewhere close to ten hours on that, it BETTER have, ahaha. But yeah. Big hit. Gary was happy, which means I'M happy and probably got a good grade for it. Getting it actually TO class was an adventure though, as I usually walk 20 minutes between my car and my classroom. I parked in 30-minute and crossed my fingers and it worked. Yay me!

I've also been having a lot of fun RPing. And also had to cave and buy paid time because I just can't handle 15 icons and no expand. People. Expand. It's the most amazing thing ever. Thumbs UP, LJ for that one. Especially for us crazy spammers. *_* How did I live for 7ish days without it?!

One Piece this week. *_* Steph mentioned Captain Kidd, but seriously folks. Everything ABOUT this chapter is like "Hey Guys, I'm about to give you REALLY AWESOME BADASSERY in my typical insane way." And THERE'S A SKYPEIAN ON THE BLUE SEA. I want to see him more. *_* pls.


Apr. 15th, 2008 01:10 pm
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So some crap went down on Sunday that has completely destroyed my typically LONG FUSE for annoyances. I think I've gotten more pissed off in the past two days than I have all semester. Which isn't cool.

See, I take massive issue with people forgetting I exist while I'm sitting right in front of them in my own living room. Suffice it to say that I sat there and yelled at the lot of them, even the ones who didn't deserve it (Jesse is the best person in the world for just sitting there and then hugging me. He's like an awesome giant teddy-bear. And I mean giant, the boy's ridiculously tall.). Buuuut yeah. If it didn't sin into their heads I might have to make heads roll.

Hi. I have a temper. And a loud voice.

But since then things that are generally minor annoyances have really set me off and it's at once frustrating and embarrassing because I take PRIDE in being relatively level-headed, for being comic relief, for not getting involved in icky wangsty stuff unless it's completely unavoidable. I don't LIKE confrontation, but I'm not afraid of it, yanno? Cause I always have surprise on my side but if I don't get this temper flare to GO THE HELL AWAY....shock will no longer be my friend in bending idiots to my way of thinking.

Parts of Sunday evening were hilarious though. Mostly when Bailey did this blue air-pink air relaxation exercise thinger (which was hilarious in its own right because I was just listening to her and it sounded like a mixture of a fucked up version of Mr. Bubbles and a sex dream) and halfway through she spots a cockroach on the wall, shakes my foot, points it out, and keeps on going until the end when she said in the SAME CALM VOICE "Now when you're ready, open your eyes...And someone please kill the cockroach." Seeing EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM LEAP in the air was one of the funniest things of my life. Just. Amazing. Plus The Professor (aka Ryan) actually was INTERESTED in the concept of online RPGs. So I got to talk about that for a while. *_*

But yeah, not going into details of why I got angry because it will make me angry again and I'm trying to NOT be pissy, seeing as I have to spend several hours a day with the lot of them until like, Sunday when the show closes.

People are retarded. And piss me off more than getting bumped into in the parking lot an hour ago. That just made me laugh.

HOWEVER!! I did acquire the Chipmunk Adventure soundtrack from RL!Steph yesterday and have every intention of torturing them alllll with it tonight before the show. >D I'm a winnar.

Also, I need to stop RPing until way-later-than-my-bedtime-this-week and write my jump exchange fic which is due, oh, IN A FEW HOURS. I also need to write a research paper proposal which was technically due like, a week ago. Agchk. Not enough time in the day, folks. Not nearly enough.

But Bones last night was amazing. *__* And I need more OP and FT like, now. Come on week, pass faster. Without destroying my brain, preferably. I only just got that back.


Apr. 12th, 2008 03:32 pm
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You are sensitive, charming, gracious, and insightful.

You have a strong need for a close, intimate relationship. You have a special gift with people, and enjoy helping them. You are generally full of potential, and can excel at anything that captures your interest.

I can handle that. *_*

So my parents were in town yesterday to see the show. Which we played TWICE yesterday. We did just act one at TEN AM for a bunch of kids [we had to be there at nine, oh my god we were all wanting to fall the hell asleep the entire time, but strangely still managed to pump it up the entire time we were on stage.] But!! My dad brought a second router and we added a second access port and I now get 54 MBPS. *_____* Hello, amazing! And my mom has no self-control and could not be convinced NOT to clean my room,'s very clean now, to say the least. Ahahaha.

The show went really well last night too, all the people from Hawaii the night before were there again along with two more-- the director from the second production of it and the original costumer. Once again, the only problem was a LACK OF AIR CONDITIONING. GAH. It was even HOTTER last night, like, three people almost passed out on stage. It was rough. But we still completely rocked it. EVERYONE who's seen it so far has really loved it which is basically amazing. *_*

Last night AFTER the show I bolted back here in a failed effort to beat people. We threw a birthday party for my friend, Jesse. 80's Rave themed. Preeeetty interesting. And a few...interesting characters we could have lived without. But hey, that sort of thing happens sometimes. I fell asleep standing up at something like, 3 am. SO TIRED.

BUT! My sister is coming into town AS WE SPEAK to see the show!! *___* EXCITEMENT AGAIN!! She hadn't thought she was going to make it but she IS!!! HUZZAH!



Apr. 9th, 2008 11:32 am
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So my matching bag for my laptop came yesterday. *_* IT'S SO NICE! I was digging through it going OO! POCKETS! And the spot where the laptop goes is so sooooft. I want a bed made out of that stuff. No fair, lappy. No fair at all.

Actually I'm just tired and want ANY sort of bed. ;_; I NEED A NAP. MAYBE I'LL GET ONE TODAY. *_* there's nothing left to come to my door and interrupt perfectly good napping time, SO WE SHALL SEEEE~!

Last night was our first dress rehearsal for On Dragonfly Wings. Oh. My. God. You GUYS. You WISH you had costumes as cool as these. I'm a GUPPY and a BUMBLE BEE. It's amazing. Not as amazing as Vince's CRANE COSTUME WITH THE 3 FOOT TALL BIG HEAD THAT HE CAN BARELY SEE THROUGH THE NECK OF, but still pretty amazing. I hauled my laptop there in it's shiny newness with its shiny new bag and made people plonk down in front of the camera. SMILE AT THE FLASHING BLUE LIGHT, GUYS! It was pretty spiffy. I'm really failing at typing on this keyboard in the language lab. My brain is shot to hell and back. This is freaking fantastic.


Enough of that. I found last night that even WITH the whole 1 mbps issue on Shanks [which would be my laptop's name, stfu, it's RED, okay?!?!] I can still RP on it loads faster just because stuff LOADS AS IT SHOULD!!! No clicking a tab or window and waiting forever for it to pull up. *_* A delay on internet response, but not on the COMPUTER ITSELF. *___* It made my life amazing. Life was generally amazing last night except for the point at which I forgot I was actually really tired and forgot to sleep.

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Thank you, everyone who's commented to me lately and I haven't responded too. It meant a lot. ♥ My high school is raising money to try to help Mary's grandkids who she was taking care of. I found out they were actually in the room with her when she was shot. Which is. aksjhasfhkjshf. I can't even imagine.

But that said. Life is settling back into normalcy, which is really, really relieving even if it's still exhausting and stressful. That much I can deal with pretty easily at least. Things are still sad and they won't stop being sad, but I've been in a good mood today. Which I refuse to feel guilty for.

Watch me break this up in cuts to save your flists.

Weather and Sunshine )

Funny/Exciting stuff uncut:

I ordered a new laptop yesterday! This is something I'm massively excited about. It's the first big purchase I've made ON MY OWN with my OWN MONEY and it will also be the first NEW computer I've ever had. It's a Dell. It's red. It's got SPACE and MEMORY and *___* In the words of [ profile] nickelodeon, it will be so sexy.

I also spent about four hours today while at work browsing Let me tell you, that shit is hilarious. The alarm clocks! The lights! The random gadgets and games and ANNOYING DEVICES! It's a great way to waste time.

I also got a good kick out of [ profile] copperbadge today, which has led me to believe that since it's actually possible, the fact that there is no fic about Chopper having to fix someone's FRACTURED PENIS is a great, great tragedy. Please agree with me here.

Theatre and some fandom )

I hope people are starting to feel a little better about yesterday and its tragedy. I know it's not going to go away or anything, but still being able to enjoy things in life is so important, at least to me. I'd go crazy if I just stayed sad for ages. I don't deal with it well. So. ♥ because that's really all I can do.


Mar. 28th, 2008 01:52 am
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So Jaz took screenshots.

Some of which were Shanks.

And now I have a new layout.

[ profile] themegaloo.

I'm sure you see the connection between those statements. ;)

JAZ ILUUU. ♥ Your screencaps are gorgeous.

Now that I've occupied myself with making that damn text follow his shoulder for like, an HOUR, I'm off to sleeeeeeep. *___*
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And it is totally not [ profile] xredribbon's fault. :|

Yeah shut up. All of you. I wrote crack fic even though I should be writing 235987235 OTHER things of much better and not pooped out in NOTEPAD in about five-seconds quality.

But it's funny like a train wreck is funny. At least to me.

Sooooo. Don't shoot me. That's all I can ask for.

Title: Train Wreck [aka, what the hell do you title a train wreck?]
Rated: N for Never Should See The Light of Day. Though I guess that would technically be...NSSTLOF?
Pairing: Mista 2/Mista 3. Yeah, you read that right.

Seriously. Don't shoot me. )


Mar. 6th, 2008 03:29 pm
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So I think someone finally caved and changed the radio station here at work. Because I've listened to oldies here for probably the last six months to a year and I DEFINITELY heard that annoying Delilah song earlier. You know, the massively overplayed one? I thought maybe the station was just having a weird day on Saturday because I had definitely heard James Taylor on Friday and no one else had been in the shop, but they played Jimmy Eat World's The Middle and Mambo #5.

But yeah. Hey There Delilah or wtfever wouldn't even fall on a late-90's or whatever day. So SOMEONE has changed the station. Which I guess is refreshing. XD;

I got my notification that Trinity has RECEIVED MY APPLICATION~ So that's really and truly taken care of. *crosses fingers*

Spoilers for One Piece 491 are circulating. There's a full script out there but no full raw to play with. Those usually show up around this time tomorrow. *waits impatiently* *and even more impatiently for a properly scanlated chapter* It's interesting stuff! I'm curious. :D Which means I kinda want NEXT week already. Whoops. I should stop wanting time to speed along.

My extra-userpics expired yesterday, apparently, as my icon list got MUCH smaller. But seeing what I have left is pretty funny. All One Piece except for 1 Bleach and 1 Gundam Seed Destiny. Huh. I guess that illustrates which icons I use most frequently! Still, want the rest of them back because I have about 30 more OP icons, I do believe. 66 of my usual 113 are OP. >.>

Fandom To-Do List:
-Write something for a belated Sanji Birthday
-Write that cracked out Gan Fall/Gol D. Roger thing [probably need to reacquaint myself with Skypeia first though. Bah.]
-Write what I'm calling a multimedia fic. THOUGHTS: Would anyone read a fic that is MEANT to be read while listening to a specific, provided song? My main question is whether or not it would be possible to get the timing right so most people can keep up with the pacing. It's...not exactly a slow song. Gonna be tricky.
-Stop missing posts on [ profile] grandlineonline, damnit.

Edit: So I couldn't last another five minutes without my icons. Impulse buying, much?


Mar. 4th, 2008 01:52 pm
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So my social life has basically gone completely batshit insane in the past few days. I've had my little 5-ish person crowd I hang out with basically every night of the week for like, a few months now. But Saturday we [minus one] went to the cast party for King Lear, which happened to be a the TKE house which would seem to be the beginning of the insanity that just won't end.

Spent ALL DAY Sunday hanging out with at least ONE person. Then last night I went to Irish Folk Music night after class and rehearsal, which I am doing again tonight as Carie so aptly pointed out that this is our LAST CHANCE to do it. It's basically a ridiculously fun time at one of the nicer local restaurant/bars in town with a one man show of tradition, and sometimes not so traditional, Irish music. So that was last night and tonight, I have rehearsal every night this week, I still need to get to Lear, which might have to be Saturday from the looks of things....My sister is coming into town sometime in the next few days and we're hosting a prom party saturday night after the show closes.

HELLO, BUSY MEG. Because on top of all the social things, of course, I have class, work and rehearsal so if I don't survive the week, you know why.

IN OTHER NEWS: I have defeated the rain. Well, sort of. Every time I've come to work for like, the past two weeks it seems, I have gotten DRENCHED walking across campus and then remained that way all through work. BUT TODAY. I beat the rain. I got everything out of the open air in front of my apartment and was in the car a solid TWO MINUTES before the rain started. GO ME.

And now it's pouring and has been basically ever since, whoop.

Now to watch more One Piece so I hopefully maybe finish sometime in the next century so I can start this Baccano thing that looks so intriguing. Though I'm guessing, from the experience of others, that watching anything so soon after OP is a bit difficult at first. We'll see how it goes!

So yeah

Feb. 25th, 2008 11:05 am
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[ profile] xredribbon and I went a little crazy on GLOL last night and now I am dead. And have things to do. And MIGHT have rehearsal tonight when I thought I didn't and would be able to go home and SLEEP.

If I do, I will be very >O Because we've NEVER had Monday rehearsal and the play doesn't open for AGES, why?!?! Shoot me.

But I think. Despite it all. It was worth it.

Oh and [ profile] nickelodeon, sorry for spamming the shit out of your post. But it's a new record. It officially has more comments than the FIRST post. By one. And that post was ALSO yours.

Geeze, you're spammable.
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So I feel pretty accomplished right now.

After the hell that was sheer exhaustion and cramps last night, I woke up much more refreshed. So then Steph came and picked me up just after noon, we got lunch and I found her another dancer for the show she's in because one of the ones they had decided to vanish off the face of the planet. Point 1 for today! Then we went to the Costume Shop and I hemmed about a thousand costumes. Okay, more like five or six but it was a lot of hemming for someone who doesn't exactly sew regularly. I just go in when I KNOW they're behind schedule [which I know because Steph works there and gets PAID for it, unlike me. XD] to help out. So that's Point 2 for today! Plus it's fun. I like working with things with my hands. :D And I'm getting pretty quick/good at it. And now I have a little time to kill before Steph comes back and we cook dinner for who-knows-how-many-people. Always fun! We have to go to the store first though, as we're PRETTY MUCH OUT OF FOOD. GAH! Except the really random stuff we definitely don't need and almost never use so it doesn't really count. So that will be Point 3 and life is good.

AND OMG LATEST CHAPTER OF OP. *____* Can I just say I am REALLY excited to see where this is going??? Because I am. Is it next friday yet?!


Feb. 21st, 2008 10:26 pm
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So I'm so tired right now it's stupid. There's no way I'm staying up late tonight, hahaha.

Saw the lunar eclipse last night, which was really cool and had a great time hanging out with [ profile] evilpsychojoe until stupid o'clock in the morning. Which sort of explains why I'm so DEAD today.

So to keep myself entertained and AWAKE at work, I took a page out of [ profile] nickelodeon's book.

You can find 79 caps from One Piece Episode 4 HERE. Yeah, you read that right. 79. I think I have a problem when it comes to those Red Haired Pirates. *___*

We got a new girl working at the shop now, which is nice because it means it's NO LONGER just on me and Mallory to be there 5 days a week. \o/ Which means I get Saturday off. Which means I'm going to volunteer at the costume shop all day instead. Which basically just makes me insane.
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Title: Mystery Popcorn
Rated: PG
Prompt: Popcorn and swimming
Words: 1009
Time: 30 minutes
Characters: Straw Hats. Mostly Sanji and Usopp. Through post-W7, spoilers for crewstuffs.

I can't believe I did this in 30 minutes! )
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Hi folks, guess what? You get to read just me blathering. Lucky you. Though I guess I won't blame you if you just scroll on past. This is going to prove to be very dorky.

Now, first of, I have discovered the best, and possibly one of the most hilarious ways to pass time. Watching One Piece in German. Now I know that doesn't SOUND terribly amusing, especially if you don't SPEAK German, but to me, it's downright amazing. I can understand about HALF of what they're saying and I'm totally picking up new vocabulary and I think it's pretty much a win-win situation. Plus, it's just downright funny. Falkonaugen Mihawk? Eisburg? The Sogeking themesong? One of the things I've noticed is the German dub is a LOT FARTHER ALONG than the English one. And I encourage anyone to search "deutsch, one piece" on youtube and watch random clips because some of the voices are HILARIOUS.

In other watching news, I finally have actually seen all of Firefly. Not entirely in order YET, as I saw the last four episodes over the Christmas hols and am only just now caught back up to that point from the beginning. I really like it. Which is surprising on one count because I hates Buffy and Angel when I was forced to watch them every day after school and unsurprising on another because they're, well. Space pirates. I scared myself half to death last night though. Reavers are creepy at the best of times, but at 2 am in the living room by yourself? Yeah, downright terrifying and I don't recommend it. BUT I DO RECOMMEND FIREFLY ON THE WHOLE. HIGHLY! It's sort of HILARIOUS.

I'm also still flabbergasted by how much I love writing fic for One Piece. I wrote TWO yesterday. The one properly posted and then a Smoker/Ace fic in the comments for [ profile] xredribbon. So fun.

OH! And that meme. The nice one where you pick ten people who make your day a little shinier! I'd paste the instructions but I don't have them handy. Tagged by [ profile] takewing though, and it's just such a sweet meme I had to do it. Was gonna post it yesterday but posted fic instead. Whoops. And I could only really think of 8. So hey. No real order. Find that under here! )
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Fic time, you got it. Am super-bored at work. Still not the ZoLu I'm working on. And it was NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS LONG. But there you have it. Partially inspired by [ profile] evilpsychojoe. Something in here happened to him once, but I'm not telling you what so it'll be a surprise. ;)

Title: The Tale of The Great Captain Usopp and the Fire
Rated: PG/PG-13? I never know. People drink and curse. Sanji smokes. That's about it but America is paranoid.
Word Count: 1,641
Characters: Straw Hats through post-Water 7, but no real spoilers other than crew members. SanSopp if you want it to be. [stfu, I like them]
Summary: Do you really need one with a title like that? Usopp tells one of his stories. Things get interesting.

Allow the Great Captain Usopp to tell you the story... )


Feb. 15th, 2008 11:40 am
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I see lots of things on my flist I reaaaally want to read. BUT CANNOT AS I HAVE ALL OF ABOUT MAYBE 5 MINUTES BEFORE I HAVE TO GO RUN OFF AGAIN. I'm kinda in the Language Lab around the corner from my German Class which I just finished my homework for.



It only took him FOREVER to get here. I already pulled him out in the middle of the Forrest Drive building to check him out and give him a BIG HUG after being stuck in a box that long. HE IS SO CUTE. askfjafh But he sorta has to ride around in the box for a bit today, cause otherwise I'd be carrying a stuffed animal AND a box. -__-; BUT I'M DONE ON CAMPUS AFTER THIS CLASS SO IT'S OKAY. I'M EXCITED.

You nkow my OP watching pace is going to pick up now that I have him to cuddle with while I watch. *__* I might actually finish sometime before the end of my college days. HAHAHA. But I like going slow. I get to SAVOR IT now. Since if I ate at the speed I read the manga I would have a very bad stomach ache that would probably STILL be paining me a month and a half later.

Yeah that's all for now. *___* <-- me. constantly.
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SUP FOLKS. I come bearing the bad news that our gorgeous weather ceased to be over the course of about 8 hours where the temperature plunged 30 degrees. Suffice it to say that I am not adjusting well. Weather is a cruel bitch and that, quite simply, is that. Now have a list of funny things:

[♥] Despite the lack of bats, my job has continued to be absolutely hilarious through this week. Tuesday was everyone ASKING about the bats and today? Well, today I walk in and realize that all the lights are off and the shop isn't open Now I come in at one. We open at nine. I was justifiably confused.

So I call the Boss Man.

Me: Hey John? I walked in and all the lights were off, is there something going on I need to know about?
Him: No? Who was supposed to work this morning?
Me: ...Well actually you usually do, John.

Yeah, my boss forgot to open the shop. Excuse me as that STILL amuses me.

[♠] Joe can successfully blow smokehearts, provided the wind is not being retarded.

[♦] And speaking of Joe, google documents offended his sensibilities.

[♣] And last but not least, enjoy a rundown of the contents of my purse, as it's oddities often serve me well.

+ 1 wallet plus moneys [duh]
+ 1 cell phone [duh]
+ 2 checkbooks
+ 2 lighters
+ 1 small bottle hand lotion
+ 1 map of the London Underground
+ 1 Oyster Card [only useful for above]
+ 1 magic wand
+ 1 whoopie cushion
+ 1 pocket kite
+ 1 tire guage
+ 1 black marker
+ ? lipsticks/lipglosses
+ 1 pencil
+ 1 pink highlighter
+ ? play tickets

And my purse is not large. I am prepared for anything.

[♥] I have found enough giraffe-man icons to make me happy. Be proud of me!

[♠] Happy Valentines?

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