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The Everything Test, wtf )

If you take it and see the POSSIBLE 22 PAGES and how it says many won't apply? For me at least, it lied. I went through ALL. 22. PAGES. I have enver been asked so much about sex in a quiz in my life. o.o wtf. Reasonably accurate, I suppose.

Ummmmm SPRING BREAK NEXT WEEK! SCORE! I will be flying to Houston to hang out with my Grandma for the week. Which is gonna be AWESOME, thank you very much.

Brawl wins at life. I love new character time.

And SA wins at life too. Why do plants follow me in RPs? I do not know. They just do.

I honestly don't know what else to blather about. Joyous.


Jan. 30th, 2007 02:26 pm
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First, life is going to kill me. And sooner rather than later. UF Western this weekend. Miami English next weekend. Tests throughout. Still catching up. Gotta write papers and read a whole book. Missing more fun shit for the Equestrian team AGAIN. Lame.

American lit was randomly entertaining. Because I got to be vocally opinionated and argumentative. Woo.

Still abnormally cold.

quiz yoinkage to o.o at )

....It just occured to me to be amused that it called me badass. *dork*
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First off, poem: Titled Introspection

Look at me.
I'm not what you think.
When you can't really see,
It makes my heart sink.

Sometimes I feel I could stand at the summit,
And yet so often of late,
my heart seems to plummet.

It's living a lie,
It's having to hide.
It's wishing you knew what I felt deep inside.

I'm just what you wanted,
You think I'm quite perfect.
Maybe once I was what you thought,
But I can't be too sure of it.

Look at me now,
Look in and look deep.
Don't stop at the surface.
Do you like what you see?

Look at me!
Just look at me please!
Just see who I am,
And not what you want me to be.

See who I am...
...and not who I was.

And now, how geeky of an LJer am I?
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yep! fun fun! ^_^ )

Oh, and the bruise is now green.
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yep! fun fun! ^_^ )

Oh, and the bruise is now green.
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Finally finished the updates. *IN LOVE!*

Oh, and stolen from Nick.

?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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