Jun. 10th, 2009 02:04 pm
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I am now 23! And not hungover. Really I'm not sure which is more exciting but I'll tell you right now I am quite content! With pizza. If you want full details look over here, because I'm sure half of you really don't care that much and I like keeping a sort of real-blog. The sort of thing I can direct people to WITHOUT fandom coming into it. IDEK. [Bad username or site: sugarlungs title=zeyn @ livejournal.com] went DOES ANYONE HAVE A WORDPRESS and I promptly decided that while my answer was "no" it should become "yes," and so it did.

RP stuff: I came out well after that anon meme, for which I am glad. And did pretty well on our HMD too! For which I am blown-over. ilu all, though most of the RP is not reading this, hahaha! I am so bad at friending people. /fail


Oct. 24th, 2008 07:33 pm
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As mentioned on my facebook status earlier (because updating that takes far less time and I WAS TIRED, OKAY?!), I am now LEGALLY living in Ireland!

By which I mean I spent all day at the GNIB, which if I ever have to do it again, it will be too soon.

Not that it was like, horrifically painful or anything because I was super prepared and all. Mostly it was waiting for many, many hours. I've had this Magic Red Folder since I left Georgia into which goes all vital paperwork. So things like proof of fees paid, bank statement, receipts of big things, letters from the college (those from home, those collected here), handbooks, you name it. It all went into the Magic Red Folder that I took to carrying around all week as I collected MORE THINGS. The bank is sorted, by the by. The account exists and the check is IN it but not cleared yet because it's from the bank ACROSS THE STREET. Oh, banks. How I despise you! I should get my ATM card on Tuesday OR SO (and the check should clear by then) and I will be able to PURCHASE THINGS like...dishes. And pay my rent. Apparently I word things just right so that the financial officer like, is really nice to me about it. This is not the case for all unfortunate souls with banking issues, as I frequently have to prop the door so Kali can get inside the flat. I have no idea what I said, but I'm glad I said it!

I was going to segue neatly into something of importance or interest here, but I can't remember what. [EDIT: I was going to talk about BANK HOLIDAY meaning NO SCHOOL on monday and go from there, doh!] Instead, I will move towards Living in Ireland Part God Who Know: In Which Megan Goes to School at a Tourist Attraction

And general notes about attending Trinity College Dublin on the whole. (as requested by Gabby) )

But ALL THAT enormous amount of stuff being said, I think I'll cease. As I've been typing for rather longer than I meant to and I'm due to turn up across the hall in a few minutes. I hope a few of you actually made it through and enjoyed that enormous ramble of epic proportions and that I've maybe given the curious a better idea of what my schooling is like, BECAUSE I DO GO TO CLASSES: FACT! It's not all pubs. The pubs just make better stories. ;)

More next time!
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I've come to the conclusion that I hate grocery shopping. Because I KEEP HAVING TO DO IT. Which is annoying. We also need things like potholders and skillets still. That would make life much easier.

But we do have ketchup? :D?

So the past two nights I've been entrenched in birthday celebrations! Aaron's was on Thursday and the guys threw him a party. I got to help. FUN TIMES. This being the party that resulted in my waking up hungover yesterday and doing that meme, haha. There was a window that was crawled through, boys being silly with a football (soccer ball), a lot of chilling and drinking beer and some impromptu jam sessioning again. I was pissed because my voice was not even CLOSE to back, so I was like, croaking along on the songs I did know and just sitting like an idiot for those I didn't.

I now have a nice pile of music that I'm learning for these instances. It's really, really good stuff! Listening to Dream Theater right now and really quite fond of it. I literally just brought George a flashdrive and said "Give me things I need to learn." There are one or two that I'm supposed to learn to sing. CAN DO. But yay, new music! And I really love the nights when we're sitting around making music. it's so retardedly chill and fun and SUPPOSEDLY we're going to one day do it NOT after a night of drinking. We'll see how that goes.

Today is Niki's birthday, so we had another party in HER apartment last night! There were BALLOONS. And flip cup. And cake. Dangerous, I know. I actually did not partake in the drinking games. I was too distracted by balloons and throwing them at people and playing those games where you try to keep them all in the air or attaching them to ALL MY FINGERS....uh. You get the idea.

But then after, we WALKED to Flannery's. Or my part of the group did. That is a bit of a hike, guys. Everyone else hopped in cabs. It was an alright walk though, good company and conversation!

But apparently Flannery's is someplace with bad luck for our group as Shit Happens that is Not Always Happy at the ends of the nights. So either we need to stop trying, or keep going til we get a good night. Parts of it are always a lot of fun? George's jacket got lost with his glasses in the pocket, which is Very Not Good. So Jason and I waited while he talked to people and looked for it and we put our very drunk compatriots into cabs and sent them home. And ate chips.

Got home at 3 am, slept quite well and now need to shower and go shopping, blast.


Sep. 22nd, 2008 01:15 pm
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So I have 4 cards, 3 of which I actually use or will use. An account connected to my parents at Bank of America, my own account at Wachovia, a credit card that's tied to my parents and my own Capital One credit card which is BRAND SHINY NEW.

If you have never gone a-traveling, here's a tip- you actually have to CALL YOUR BANKS before you take off so they know it's you making those charges in a foreign country and don't decide to freeze your account, cause lemme tell ya, dealing with them from overseas is not an easy thing and it REALLY SUCKS not to have your debit card functional when you need it. Once they freeze it they can't just UNFREEZE it that easily, which likely means they'll mail you a NEW one with a NEW pin and it is tre annoying.

So you have to call them first.

I called Capital One first because it's new and shiny and they weren't too bad, even if I was plugging numbers in and recording responses and shit because I never actually talked to a person. But the option was THERE to do the calling thing, which was a bit of alright.

Bank of America was next on my list and I called and listened to all the options like 3 times and went "..." and hung up confused.

Wachovia was sweet and easy. Just chill on the line long enough and keep asking for "Other Options" and you WILL eventually get a human being. My human was very nice and helpful and I was very appreciative and I think I said thanks about five times.

So then I went back upon my dad's advice and called Bank of America again and just started mashing zero. ANOTHER TIP, FOLKS! Mashing zero is not something they tell you but is something that works. I GOT A PERSON! Who...transferred me to another person which was Not a Person but I ended up finally at a REAL person and that REAL person got it taken care of for me.

So in conclusion: Call your banks, mash zero if they're confusing. \o/

And hope I don't need to use any of my cards if I make it home at Christmas. @_@!

....Now I need to pack. ;_;
(two checked bags, no more than 50lbs, one carry on, one personal item and I sorta want a new purse, blast.)


Sep. 21st, 2008 04:46 pm
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SO THAT MEME. Why not.

01. Take a picture of yourself right now.
02. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair
03. Post that picture with NO editing.
04. Post these instructions with your picture.

pic under cut! )

Tuesday is THE DAY, guys. I have one full day left. We're leaving here at like, 6 am Tuesday because LAST time I flew overseas I managed to MISS MY FLIGHT due to the horrors of security.

I did finally get my course handbook too, which means I got to read ALL ABOUT the hard work I'll be doing for the next year, which is a lot. but I am le crazy and am mostly EXCITED about it!! Mom took me shopping yesterday and I got all sorts of new clothes that fit REALLY well because everything in the petite section of Anne Taylor Loft is like, perfect. She also bought me new underwear and bras. One of the pairs of underwear says "CALL YOUR MOTHER" on it. My mom is silly and awesome.

Wanted to RP yesterday, but was way, way too braindead to do so. MAYBE TODAY! And then...tomorrow I hiatus. Eep.



Sep. 12th, 2008 12:53 pm
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So I mentioned in chat that I'm in Statesboro this weekend. Whiiiich I am And having a grand time too because I feel very MISSED. *_* I got tackled as soon as I walked in the door and LO AND BEHOLD, internet works this time around. So HI FOLKS. SORRY I'M NOT ON AT NORMAL HOURS.

I also mentioned a few days ago that my battery on my computer was being extraordinarily stubborn and going "plugged in, not charging." Well, it got worse. In that I could NEVER get it to charge anymore. So I mention this to Jen, one of the people who lives here and am talking about how I need to call Dell and get them to ship me a new one.

Turns out her Dell recently DIED and she got a new computer (Gateway) and the charger was just...sitting there.


Back to my normal tricks soon! For a while at least.
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So I'm back, have been since yesterday! It's good to be home, but I'm not staying long. I have to go move out my stuff from my apartment, my lease ends soon and they want to clean the carpets before someone else moves in. After that, I'm taking my sister to her orientation in Columbus. Busy week.

The mountains were fun. The car ride was hellish and I still haven't downloaded my pictures from my camera. It was a good time.

I just spent like, 15 minutes trying to figure out terminology of cousins. That is confusing as all get out. Second and third cousins and what have you still confuse the piss out of me. I think it's like....oh god I am not explaining this, it makes my head hurt, but they're YOUR generation. Removed means they aren't.

Mom got a phone call on thursday about my first cousin once removed, her first cousin. See? I get it now. You have to know the words to know something, you know? Plus, distraction from actually talking about it. He shot and killed himself. Which is. Rough.

Mom took an accidental hike on Friday. She went five miles up and down a mountain looking for bears. My mom is clearly insane, but I guess I understand. We got lost driving back too. Because she doesn't believe in mapquest. Went the wrong way on the interstate and backtracked into Tennessee before we realized. Hilarious, right? She printed mapquest for me to take Laura to Columbus, I laughed my head off at her.

I'm currently addicted to Grey's Anatomy. I'm almost done with season 2. It's so bad it's good.

One of my best friends is angry at me and won't tell me why. It's slowly driving me insane. If this doesn't get resolved soon I'm going to...I dunno. Something.

I had a job interview this morning at the library. I think I would have gotten it if I weren't leaving the country in a few months. I paid the deposit for my housing yesterday.

Life keeps going, you know? No matter what happens, it just keeps going. Things are sucky, but other things come along and are less sucky. Karma, balance. There has to be balance. I'm glad I have a busy week. I wish my glasses hadn't broken on wednesday. That would make the driving around easier. I'll get my old pair when I get to Statesboro. And get them to fix my good ones.

Gonna watch more Grey's Anatomy now.
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First of all, the cabin is AMAZING. It's. Well, it's literally on top of a mountain. Driving here can be vaguely terrifying, but it's alright. It's so NICE, but the bugs are weird. Not the point!

We went down into Gatlinburg today to do shopping and stuff and just see the basic sights and it was INSAAAANE and fun. We rode this thing up the side of the mountain that was basically like a ski lift, right? My sister is terrified of heights. She was in the little bench seat in front of us with a friend, me and my YOUNGER sister were behind her and making fun of her the whole time, just yelling out all the ways she could fall out and die. She wanted to kill us. It was amazing. THEN we walked around and went in all sorts of funny little shops and me, Birdy and Eric had "OLD TIME PICTURES" taken. In other words, they dress you up, take a picture, put it in Sepia and put it in a matting.

I now have a big picture of me with two guns and a whip that says "WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE." It's basically amazing. Yeah. I had to have the whip. >.> Dino and all, yanno. XD

Which reminds me to LOL at mm for sinking his ship. I love you guys XDDDD ♥

BUT, the point of this post.

TODAY, I went to the SINGLE, COOLEST MUSEUM IN THE WORLD. No, not Ripley's, though that's here. I don't really care too much about that one.

I went to the only Salt and Pepper Shaker museum in the world today. Yes, you heard that right. A museum for salt and pepper shakers. IT EXISTS. IT CONTAINS OVER 20,000 PAIRS OF SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS. SOME OF THEM WERE TOILETS. THERE WAS A WHOLE WALL OF CHRISTMAS. THERE WAS A WHOLE ROOM OF FOOD SHAPED ONES! It was the funnies thing og my life. We bought some too! Laura got NUNS. The salt one has a white habit and the pepper has a black one. Robin got owls that hug, mom got really fat pigs. There were ANTIQUES and GLASS and WOOD and METAL and COLORED PLASTIC. Various places from around the US had SPECIAL ones. Some were two parts of a famous building put together to make a whole! Some were connected! Some hung off things! Some...WERE JUST PLAIN ODD.

I mean, seriously. It was batshit. And amazing. And you should ALL BE INCREDIBLY JEALOUS.

Jaz. You have to go. It's $3. You HAVE to.
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Well, not really. More of, that song's just been utterly stuck in my head since I woke up around 8:45 today! LOOK AT THAT, MORNING! THIS SIDE OF IT! BE IMPRESSED! *_*

Off to the mountains for...6 days? SHOULD BE FUN! Dollywood, whitewater rafting! Hopefully, I won't die. I doubt it. I have all the Harry Potter books shoved in little nooks and crannies. SO YEAH. I've been plannin to re-read them all summer but...Reborn distracted me. WHOOPS! Here's my chance!

I'll check in when we get there, I think! WITH PICTURES. I have my camera, my computer, and a plethora of wires. Oughta work? I HOPE! Don't have too much fun without me, folks~

♥, Meg!

Okay then!

Jun. 16th, 2008 06:52 pm
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So it's been a few days since I updated, and I've finally come to the conclusion that I was, in fact, still drunk when I did so as less than two hours later I was attacked by the worst hangover of my life. I didn't empty my stomach again, but I felt like I should for the next two days. Trust me. Not an experience I intend to repeat. And I have a nice reminder of it on my wrist too as I discovered that I apparently burned myself with a cigarette at some point. It took some asking for me to find someone who remembered me doing it, because I sure as hell don't. But it's there clear as day--burn mark just to the hand-side of my wrist bone. Whoops!

So I stayed in Statesboro until Friday and drove home after it got dark. Let me tell you, I cannot even DESCRIBE how much more bearable that was. You all heard my whining about how I was going to die on the way down. People are not meant to be in shiny metal cars with no AC when the temperature is a solid 100+ degrees out. I don't want to know the heat index. *shudder* Driving home was in the 80's. SO MUCH BETTER. And the hangover was gone. Which also made life better.

But then, oh then! I woke up on Saturday morning to the CRAMPS from hell! Woe is me, the world hates my abdominal muscles this week! And that part wasn't even my fault! It's just the joy of being utterly female. So I am finally entirely UN-queasy and UN-cramped today for the first time since, oh. A week ago. Huzzah.

So I went out job hunting! Right now I'll be content with JUST ABOUT ANYTHING. I even tried for the liquor store. Which wasn't hiring but hey, I tried. I think I've got a good shot at some restaurant work though, which would be fun. I bet I could get good tips! I am very bright and cheerful. Usually. As long as I don't actually KNOW you. If I know you I feel that I have free reign to make fun of you for weeks.

One good thing that came of Saturday and the Cramps of Death, however, is that while having a girly chocolate movie night with my mom, she brought down this blanket that was MEANT to be mine months ago but was stolen by my sister who now decided she doesn't want it.

It is huge. It is fluffy. It is like a million teddy bears have been sacrificed and skinned to provide me with the most comfortable blanket in the world. Really, not a wise thing to give me if ou want me to get out of bed ever. O! how it is comfortable. It's like a series of teddy bears puked up all that is good and right in the world just for my immense comfort. And O! how I love it. And O! how jealous you all should be.

And on a final note which still embarrasses me a bit: I read and enjoyed all the Twilight books last week. They're strangely addictive and yes, I am horrified at myself that I put down m Joyce to read those instead. And yet, I cannot be unhappy about it because it was fun. And everyone I hold dear IRL has simultaneously decided to become obsessed with them so it's like, my life is full of Twilight and I don't even NEED fandom. Which is fun.

Oh wait! That is not my final note! I have been reading Harry Potter fanfiction like it's going out of style for OVER A MONTH NOW and I simply MUST give you ALL my opinion on the final Big Bang.

It is huge. It is fantastic. And nothing can ever, EVER measure up to Creevey at Large. It is the best thing ever. Ever ever ever. Dennis Creevey is my new homeboy. He is amazing. And MOON! CLOWNS. MOON. OH GOD! If you even have a passing interesting in Harry/Draco fanfic and love really big really creative really FUNNY fanfictions, READ IT NOW. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!

Okay. I'm done now.

I should do this more often to SAVE YOU FROM THE HUGEEEE.




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Oh my god my friends are cruel bitches. Hello! I'm alive, the heat did not, in fact, kill me as I was so certain it would. Thank you for all the birthday wishes! they make me warm and fuzzy.

So coming down here for my birthday was simultaneously a wonderful and horrible idea. Wonderful because I felt amazingly loved and popular when almost half the bar was there last night purely BECAUSE it was my birthday But as they then all decided to BUY ME SHOTS, I did not end up in a happy place by the end of the night.

I remember MOST things, like how no one gave me the opportunity to fail at walking and I was carried from my seat to a car and from said car to my bed, that I was stripped and put in my PJs by Steph and Bailey, that they also shoved water, bread and advil down my throat when all I wanted to do was sleep and that Long Island Iced Tea is the devil incarnate in a cup with ice and a straw.

Things I've been reminded of include projectile vomit and the fact that there was a shot of straight tequila in the midst of all that.

In a few hours, I'm going to be very embarrassed about parts of all that, but right now I'll settle for being vaguely queasy and wondering what the hell happened to my cigarettes.

I had fun though!


Jun. 3rd, 2008 12:19 pm
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Dad: Welcome to the world of dinosaurs, Megan.

So I've filled out applications for two bookstores and a library now. [SOMEONE HIRE ME, PLS!!] The library was the only one with like, an actual physical application. Which bothers me.

I mean, seriously. Whatever happened to the days when how you looked and acted when you walked in to apply for a job mattered? It's all so disgustingly automated. People are just too lazy to have Human Resources and skim through applications, I guess. And since they don't have to even look at you while you type away at your home computer and answer a million survey questions which anyone could fib on...

Dad said this makes me a dinosaur. Because I still believe things should be based on HUMAN INTERACTIONS.


But hey, if I get hired, who cares.

*crosses fingers for LIBRARY!*


May. 29th, 2008 07:15 pm
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So it apparently really BOTHERS my sister that I don't always get out of my PJs on days when I don't expect to be doing anything or whatever. they're just more comfortable, yanno? And it's not like I run around in lingerie. I wear perfectly normal PJ pants and a tank top WITH a bra. -_-; I think she's just jealous that she could never allow herself to be this comfy.

That said, I've been pretty lazy this week. I've stayed in PJs for most of the time since RenFest on Monday, because walking around in full pirate regalia in that heat sorta kinda exhausted me. Along with the driving. Oh, the driving. But it was FANTASTICALLY FUN. Before that I had relatives in town like crazy for Laura's HS graduation and was going through the OMG YOU'RE BACK IN TOWN week of overly-social-with-people-I-don't-really-know fun times. So yes, I've been taking it easy for the past few days. :D

Robin also made the comment that MOST of the world needs to actually be ENTERTAINED, and that I was crazy for my ability to just lounge and not be bothered in the least by it.

Really, I've just been reading. I'm working on Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by Joyce and on re-going through the entirety of [livejournal.com profile] sam_storyteller. For at least the third time, I think. I'm better at navigating it now though, so I think I've actually been reading stuff that I'd never found before. Which is somewhat surprising, really. He has got SUCH a knack for getting into Remus's head and writing amazing prose. Never time wasted there, I tell you. But I've basically just been lounging and reading HP fic, some of which are very long and I've apparently read like, 4 times now. @_@

Which brings me to [livejournal.com profile] mallowmateys! I'm kind of super excited because my random HP fic binge has revived my complete and utter adoration for Remus Lupin and it dawned on me that there is NO character I lvoe playing as much as I loved playing him. So I'm going to play him as a pirate. WHY NOT, I SAY!! It's going to be fantastic. *_*

I think I'm going to put on real clothes now. Just to fuck with Robin's head when she gets home. >D
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I got my hair cut. Like, a lot. I now have what the hairdresser called a "reverse bob." Which, in other words, it means that it's REALLY SHORT in the back, and still pretty lengthy in the front. If by lengthy you mean about two inches past my chin. Which I do.

Basically it's adorable and I love it and I'd show you pictures but I haven't taken any yet as my camera is in Statesboro and I am not.

Which is the other thing. I'm in Augusta for the time being. Tomorrow my youngest sister graduates from high school! :O! SHE MADE IT! I'm proud. XD She's a lot more...normal than me. Ahahahaha. That's not hard though, I guess.

It hasn't been too bad up here for me. Robin's gone a little crazy trying to adjust, which I understand entirely, but I guess I'm kinda used to it now. Home and school are just very different lifestyles. But then, my school isn't my school anymore so I'm going to have to deal with that sooner or later. As much I don't want to. I love it there and miss everyone already. But! Steph and Terrell are coming up on Sunday evening and then we're going to RENFEST! With Snuzzie. Who I am QUITE LITERALLY kidnapping from Atlanta. I don't think I'd mentioned that. :D

Oh yeah, Snuzz. That's who's coming, BTW. Stephanie is amazing in every way possible and Terrell is a redneck smartass southern gentleman. Yes, it will be interesting. And I do believe Hunter will be meeting us up there too. Which means things will definitely be AMUSING. Whoop!

I even brought my Renfest pirate costume up to Atlanta with me so I could wear it! Can you tell I am excited about this? I am excited about this. I love Renfest so much. *_* I need to find a pirate hat while I'm there. It's a necessity. Yes.

Annnd that's all for now, I believe!!


May. 19th, 2008 05:35 am
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So first of all, HI NEW FRIENDS! You're about to get your first dose of the sheer insanity that is my life. :D

So today has been RIDICULOUS. I woke up to a demand to go to the pool, which I did. We then had an adventure renting Gladiator and getting Pizza, watched said movie, drank good wine, and basically had a grand time. This is not that interesting, really. What is interesting is what happened after.

At around 12:30 am my friend, Mike, comes over. He has decided he wants to go to the beach. this is not strange as it is summer break and the beach is only about an hour away. What is STRANGE is that he wanted to go right then.

So we left for the beach at 1 am. Because I am easily convinced of things.

OF COURSE, we get lost in Savannah. I'm not sure how, exactly, but we do. Suddenly we had been having a great conversation about how everyone in life has three basic motivations: money, sex or power. Everything pretty much everyone does can be linked to one or more of these three things and it's just nuances and details from there. And then suddenly...we're like. Where are we. Oops. So we are just about to play rock, paper scissors to decide which direction to go when it finally comes clear and we eventually end up at the beach. XD The first beach we visit is the one with the pier, which we go up on because it has a bathroom and we needed to, yanno, use it. I suddenly get very paranoid and check EVERY STALL because someone could totally be in there waiting to rape me. Not that I don't have a guy RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR, but still. No one was there but the mirrors were tripping me out so I did my business fast and scurried.

And then it turns out that we are both complete wimps. We're up on the pier and looking around and LO AND BEHOLD, there are people on a swing. BUT THEY ARE IN DARK CLOTHES AND VERY STILL. Our thought? Corpses or Zombies. As we run around trying to figure out if there are actually people there. Ahahaha. then we walk down the pier and there are MORE PEOPLE and the end of the pier is very dark so we just went "fuck no" and turned around and went back down to the beach.

After a while we decide we want to find shells. BUT THERE ARE NONE ON THAT BEACH. So we go to the other side of the island which is where the fun really starts. XD First of all, people like, POP OUT OF NOWHERE ON A DARK BEACH. We walked past the big pile of chairs and things and there was totally a guy sleeping next to it. We jumped about five feet sideways and ran off. Understandable. But the whole night was an adventure of WHAT'S THAT?! This is the series of things we found:

A jellyfish?

...a cup. Damn you, people.


WHAT'S---Is that underwear?


More dirt.


We found a few really cool ones! And then headed home at like, 4 am or something. At which point we sang Beatles songs and Beatles REMIXES [this, of course, had him cracking up at me because I am a retard] and finally, AVENUE Q. Where by default we would pick characters and sing back and forth. Except Gary Coleman. We both sang him. XD I got all the girls plus Nicky and Princeton. Because I can't NOT sing "What Do You Do With a BA in English?" as I just GOT ONE.

And this is way long and annoying. BUT I'M AMUSED. HAHAHA. Hope you lot had more normal and sleep-centric nights!! ♥!!
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Finals week started two days ago and I've yet to actually have a final. My first one is in 5 hours and 45 minutes. I've been reading. A lot. Some of it's been fanfiction, strangely of the Harry Potter variety for the most part, unless something on my flist catches my eye. But mostly Harry Potter and not much of that.

This got long. Melodrama, rambling, maybe a few excuses and who know what else. )

And on a final note, The Gathering by Anne Enright is a really fantastic novel. The language is pure sex and the story is nothing but life, jumbled up and regurgitated as a combination of experiences, fantasy and hazy memory. And clearly, it's made me introspective. Go read it, folks.


May. 2nd, 2008 03:02 pm
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Hot damn, I'm alive! Well. Mostly at least. I GOT A FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL WEEK THOUGH!!

God that's sad. My nap yesterday completely failed as about an hour after I conked out to the dulcet tones of MEAGAN IN MY LIVING ROOM! Seeing as she moved to SC a week and a half ago...This was unexpected. She's staying through graduation and we had to hit the bar last night. Good times, yo. And a nice way to unwind after Hell Incarnate.

Speaking of which. I have one day of class and 2 days of finals and I'll never do anything for undergrad again except for walk across the stage in just about a week.

All I have to say to that is HOLY SHIT!

PS- drinking too much Rockstar makes you piss neon yellow. Eventually. Or it did me yesterday. Or at least I'm pretty sure it did. I hadn't exactly slept so I might have been delusional.

Still am, really. Gonna take a good bit more sleep to fix THAT hot mess.

PPS- Pieces of Flair is the most awesome app on facebook. You should all add it so I can send you stuff. *_*



So yeah

May. 1st, 2008 08:12 am
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I just hit that point where it's pretty pointless to go to bed. I have QUITE LITERALLY been working on a paper pretty much all night. Thankfully, I did take a nap this afternoon, so I'm not completely dying, and in fact feel pretty good considering the fact that it's about 8:15 am. Oh and Jesse's currently asleep on my couch. XD He tried so hard and I love him for it. I had Katie here too, also writing a paper. So when Jesse crashed we were still both good because hey! At least we're not sitting somewhere ALONE, making it far too easy to accidentally take a nap.

I really like my paper. It's different, controversial and strangely coherent. And isn't due for...2 hours and 45 minutes. Not bad!! Especially since I hit page 8. I'll waste time by checking the syllabus to make sure I didn't do anything stupid I need to fix because lord knows if I go to sleep now, I'm totally not waking up in time to turn it in.

I was sitting here for about two hours solid at one point STARING at a line and going WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! It was driving me crazy. Completely batshit crazy. I never REALLY got a good interpretation out of it, but I think I made it work. And it wasn't one of my two sites of focus, so I basically just glossed over it within the context of the previous stanza. But through my two hours of verbal confusion and contemplation, I got some pretty interesting ideas. So I'm happy about that. It's like, a progression. I start off with one thing, following logically to the next and then negating myself, re-working the interpretation and finally, merging the two together in a cultural context.

And apparently I'm REALLY good at never mentioning exactly what I was writing about. HAHAHAHA.

But the cool thing about it is that it's a paper for Keeley. I've been through four classes with him now. I think I managed to incorporate things I learned from all four classes into this paper. I think it's a very modern, somewhat edgy work that really illustrates what I'm taking away from the Irish studies program here.

Yeah. I'm proud of myself. It wasn't what I set out to do, but I'm damn pleased.

Time for another read-over.
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So you lot remember how I had a tendency last semester to stay up on all-nighters WITH people who are staying up in my apartment. I'm not really sure WHY, but I think it might be an after-effect of my old insomnia from last year. If there are people awake, I want to be awake with them or something.

Well TONIGHT not only did Bailey and JD have a lot of work to do, but so did Stephanie and Jesse. So here I am, 4:45 in the morning, still keeping Jesse company as he attempts to work on a paper for Brit Lit. The funny thing about this is that at the start of the evening, we were farting around on facebook and I changed my status to "Megan still has far too much cake," while it had previously been about me being up to my EARS in cake from that crazy project of mine.

Well, within two hours I get one wall post about how there's no such thing as too much cake, and IM about cake from my sister and another wallpost from Ryan, one of the comm arts profs who hangs out with us and does a lot of theatre stuff about how he felt obligated to help get rid of the cake. I replied that he could just stop by and eat it, right then if he wanted to.

About an hour later there's a knock at the door. This is almost 2:30 am, by the way. It's Ryan. For the cake. It turns out he was IN SAVANNAH, aka about 45 minutes away, got that message and decided that he could easily drive back, get some cake and then go grade papers.

He just left about 15 minutes ago.

I am so RIDICULOUSLY amused right now about this that it is so not even funny. The cake, it beckons to you. Show up at my door and I will feed you cake. Etc. AND IT HAPPENED. MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! ROFLOMG.

But I basically have nothing I really HAVE to do in my classes tomorrow, I just need to go by the library to get a book for a paper due Thursday and work on that, which now that I've settled on a topic shouldn't be too hard at all. And I need to be alive at 8 pm because Ryan and Jesse will probably be back along with Steph and the usual crew to watch BONES! And probably The Chipmunk Adventure. So I think Rachael will be here too. It's going to be fun and I'm excited. *_*

And maybe I can get rid of some more cake.

EDIT: It's now 6:37. I just finished making cookies. And will be making French Toast soon. WOO!


Apr. 26th, 2008 10:05 am
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I hate working Saturdays. The morning hours of my shift are always out to KILL ME OF BOREDOM AND SLEEPYNESS. Which is also partially because I haven't been sleeping well for a while now. >/ I mean, I SLEEP! I go to bed at more than decent times most nights! Very rarely do I get sidetracked past 2 am and I fall RIGHT asleep, but it's restless all night and I wake back up still completely exhausted.

I think this semester has been out to get me. But it's ALMOST OVER!!! But everything has just been wearing down on me so hard. Gaaah. Stupid things, depressing things, annoying things and just downright BUSY things have kept me running for the past four months solid and I NEED A BREAK!

14 days. @_@ That's all that I have left.

My cake went over REALLY well though. After spending somewhere close to ten hours on that, it BETTER have, ahaha. But yeah. Big hit. Gary was happy, which means I'M happy and probably got a good grade for it. Getting it actually TO class was an adventure though, as I usually walk 20 minutes between my car and my classroom. I parked in 30-minute and crossed my fingers and it worked. Yay me!

I've also been having a lot of fun RPing. And also had to cave and buy paid time because I just can't handle 15 icons and no expand. People. Expand. It's the most amazing thing ever. Thumbs UP, LJ for that one. Especially for us crazy spammers. *_* How did I live for 7ish days without it?!

One Piece this week. *_* Steph mentioned Captain Kidd, but seriously folks. Everything ABOUT this chapter is like "Hey Guys, I'm about to give you REALLY AWESOME BADASSERY in my typical insane way." And THERE'S A SKYPEIAN ON THE BLUE SEA. I want to see him more. *_* pls.

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