Jun. 10th, 2009 02:04 pm
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I am now 23! And not hungover. Really I'm not sure which is more exciting but I'll tell you right now I am quite content! With pizza. If you want full details look over here, because I'm sure half of you really don't care that much and I like keeping a sort of real-blog. The sort of thing I can direct people to WITHOUT fandom coming into it. IDEK. [Bad username or site: sugarlungs title=zeyn @ livejournal.com] went DOES ANYONE HAVE A WORDPRESS and I promptly decided that while my answer was "no" it should become "yes," and so it did.

RP stuff: I came out well after that anon meme, for which I am glad. And did pretty well on our HMD too! For which I am blown-over. ilu all, though most of the RP is not reading this, hahaha! I am so bad at friending people. /fail
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SO. I'm back to my usual Dublin routine now. [livejournal.com profile] duchessdollydot and I had a BRILLIANT time and I did end up back at the Guinness factory due to timing and shitty weather but it was all a resounding success! We also ate pizza and watched Eurovision, which was a huge bundle of laughs and I've basically been crashed out since she left. TOO MUCH TOURISTY STUFF. I'm about recovered now and back to the RPing and researching and fanfic and...all the usual when I lack lectures to attend.

Which reminds me that I should probably go catch up on comments from last night. I'll get to that eventually, promise.

BUT. Sort of point to the post is this: I have two DW codes if anyone is still looking, though I'd prefer they went to a good home of someone who'll actually use it as most of my reading page there...doesn't. Which makes me sad, a bit, because I love how the site is operated and I don't regret having mine for an instant. And it's shiny. So let me know if you want one, if no one does, I'll hang onto them until they're getting scarce again and re-post this. ;)
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So Trish ([livejournal.com profile] duchessdollydot) keeps beating me to updating about all the things we have done. And I don't think I mentioned on here that she was coming for a visit. IT IS SO FUN TOURING PEOPLE AROUND DUBLIN. Especially when they don't mind the....very constant walking everywhere. I have known her for yeeeaaaars. Literally. Longer than I've even known [livejournal.com profile] snuzzie &co. So yeah.

She got here on Thursday and we went around Campus, book of Kells, O'Connell street, Temple Bar, etc. Then chilled and watched TV for a bit because watching TV can be a bit novel before going to Roddy Bolands because...I like it there and everyone must experience the LOLARIOUS music selection there at least once in their lives. I listed off a bunch of songs that they would play and lo and behold, they did. It's very easy to predict. Shannon., Oana, George and I play a game of trying to guess WHICH SOME WILL BE NEXT. It works with frightening frequency. Clearly they need a new DJ or something to change things up.

YESTERDAY we had a big breakfast in Stephen's Green Shopping Mall and went around the Green as I looked up at the sky and cursed the shitty weather. But it got better! Then we walked around Grafton Street, Powerscourt Townhouse (briefly b/c it's neat), down Dame Street to Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, St. Patrick's Cathedral and ended up accidentally close to St. James Gate. Then un the train up to Howth which is always good fun. I like Howth. SEAFOOD YUM. Shannon got me hooked on mussels and if there is an oyster bar, oysters must be eaten, I'm sure you understand. Then the ever lovely La Cave in it's brilliant wine-bar-ness where the waiter flirts with us (Nez- you created a monster taking me there I love it so much) and swung by Murphy's to finish off the night. ALAS, Derek apparently has Fridays off. Woe.

TODAY we are going over to the North side a bit to see Jameson's Distillery and scooping up Shannon and Oana, possibly, to go into the mountains to see Powerscourt house and gardens. And then probably going dancing. I'm thinking Whelan's as it's the easiest to move around in, especially if you can get in the back area. And it has the best music. And is free before 10:30. \o/ IT'LL BE GOOD TIMES. And has been basically a tour of all my favorite places in the city. Without me going to the Guinness Storehouse a fourth time, which is probably good.

And now for a [livejournal.com profile] thecityrpg diversion: AHHHHG I AM WOEFUL THAT I MISSED THE SNAPE POST! I skimmed through it just a bit but. ;;. Also. WHAT IS THIS WHEN DID WE GET A LILY I am excited.
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Because I can't be arsed to upload my pictures. TAKES TO LONG, MAN.

But. But in the midst of trying to focus on Beckett and time and memory in the later plays, [livejournal.com profile] snuzzie has crept in and done her evil again. So I took a pause and wrote up a GENIUS (in my opinion) application to play Merlin at [livejournal.com profile] thecityrpg

I JUST HAVE TO AKFHAFJHAF BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN and holy crap I actually took the time and effort to fill out a real application for an RP. BE SHOCKED AND SURPRISED, FOLKS!

Best bit is that it starts Saturday. AKA after my paper's due in. PERFECTION. And BRAND NEW RP! Nothing quite like one of those. *_* Basically I am boiling over in excitement. GO LOOK AT IT. BE TEMPTED.
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All my shit is together. IT JUST NEEDS TO BE IN SUITCASES.

Fun costumes. Excited. need blue marker or something still, should have one SOMEWHERE, forgot to find earlier.






ps- stuck my name in that rp love thinger, top of page 10. then had to run around and didn't find everyone to give ♥ to, so if I didn't and I ♥ you, have some ♥ here, you are all lovely.

pps- financial aid still sucks ballllllls, but the lady at the office in Dublin is amazing and I will probably find her and give her cookies. as though we responding immediately at 4:30-5:00 am my time didn't make her thing I'm crazy enough.

ppps- uh. I dunno. gotta sleep!
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OKAY OKAY. I cannot even begin to explain how awesome tonight was at [livejournal.com profile] mallowmateys. CANNOT EVEN BEGIN.

So I'll start in the middle. I AM SO SAD THAT PEOPLE MISSED THIS. LIKE MISSA AND PENISE! Because it would have been even more epic. possibly.

I have never really seen the appeal of random genderswitch in crack RP until NOW. I went to dinner and came back to chat deciding that Dino was now a girl. AND FOR SOME REASON, we then had a random passing genie turn the whole SHIP into the opposite gender. Which combined with the Sweet Death Crew's curse means that mm just had its first disaster. *_*


1. Dino and Ipin practically flirting in the kitchen post-bazooka
2. Gokudera and Hibari fighting over their chest sizes
3. Love square of Tsuna, Gokudera, Haru and Kyoko, but all genderswitched with Gokudera and Tsuna getting progressively more girly and Haru and Kyoko trying their best to be Manly.
4. Firo's (cursed) inability to deal with men and how perfect this makes the Reborn ship (SLUMBER PARTY TIEMS)
5. Dino mothering Gon and Killua
6. Gokudera and Tsuna talking about their dream weddings (GOKUDERA WANTS TO MARRY BRAD PITT IN THE BAHAMAS ON A BEACH AT SUNSET, HOW SWEET IS THAT?!)
7. Hibari watching PS I Love You and The Notebook
8. ....Hibari thinking he's fat and that he has LOVE HANDLES (or should this be SHE)
9. Zoro asking if girls fart


I know. You wish you were us. I laughed the ENTIRE TIME. ILUALL.


Apr. 26th, 2008 10:05 am
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I hate working Saturdays. The morning hours of my shift are always out to KILL ME OF BOREDOM AND SLEEPYNESS. Which is also partially because I haven't been sleeping well for a while now. >/ I mean, I SLEEP! I go to bed at more than decent times most nights! Very rarely do I get sidetracked past 2 am and I fall RIGHT asleep, but it's restless all night and I wake back up still completely exhausted.

I think this semester has been out to get me. But it's ALMOST OVER!!! But everything has just been wearing down on me so hard. Gaaah. Stupid things, depressing things, annoying things and just downright BUSY things have kept me running for the past four months solid and I NEED A BREAK!

14 days. @_@ That's all that I have left.

My cake went over REALLY well though. After spending somewhere close to ten hours on that, it BETTER have, ahaha. But yeah. Big hit. Gary was happy, which means I'M happy and probably got a good grade for it. Getting it actually TO class was an adventure though, as I usually walk 20 minutes between my car and my classroom. I parked in 30-minute and crossed my fingers and it worked. Yay me!

I've also been having a lot of fun RPing. And also had to cave and buy paid time because I just can't handle 15 icons and no expand. People. Expand. It's the most amazing thing ever. Thumbs UP, LJ for that one. Especially for us crazy spammers. *_* How did I live for 7ish days without it?!

One Piece this week. *_* Steph mentioned Captain Kidd, but seriously folks. Everything ABOUT this chapter is like "Hey Guys, I'm about to give you REALLY AWESOME BADASSERY in my typical insane way." And THERE'S A SKYPEIAN ON THE BLUE SEA. I want to see him more. *_* pls.
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Last night had me laughing my ass off in SO MANY WAYS.

First off, I just bounce back fast. I can't be sad forever. I just can't. So when I got to the show for call I'm like. YESTERDAY DID NOT HAPPEN LET'S HAVE FUN AND ROCK THIS SHIT. Which basically means chasing people around, making funny faces and basically failing at putting on clothing.

...Okay that last part has nothing to do with anything but I do basically fail at putting on clothing backstage. I'll be standing there in my underthings and fishnets and then just got I HAVE TO ___ and run off and do it. This tends to stay confined to the dressing room/bathroom, but people like to forget to close the door. All I'm saying is that it's a hangover from the first two nights of the show when the AIR CONDITIONING WASN'T WORKING AND IT WAS ABOUT A MILLION DEGREES IN THERE. Habit became to get off stage, go to the dressing room and strip down until you absolutely had to put clothes back on.


One of our directors took up the role of Queen Bee last night and OH MY GOD. Right BEFORE the show she had the lines pretty well and has ALWAYS completely owned the song...She was originally going to BE Queen Bee, but they didn't have enough money to make two costumes for her AND the girl who's been playing her so. Yeah. She just wore the robe thing and didn't worry about the dress.

Not the point. This scene is like. Everyone's favorite. It's BASICALLY a black southern baptist sermon and a gospel song. I'm not even kidding. But when Krystal got on stage last night to do it, all the lines clearly flew RIGHT OUT OF HER HEAD and all of a sudden, we're in a dark wood with no friends but SHE'LL be our friend and OH MY GOD. We were all just there. On stage going "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON!!! :D!!!" But it WORKED. And was AMAZING. And she can't even REMEMBER what all she said.

Yeah so there was that. skjhjasghad dying. still. But I may or may not be RPing somewhere that isn't GLOL again and AHHH FAILED AT SLEEPING SO HAARRD. Thank god class was canceled akjsshfkasjhf. BUT SO FUNNY. SO WORTH IT.

So basically the world took pity on me for being an ABSOLUTE AND UTTER BASTARD and decided to make my life hilarious again.


THOUGH PSA, FOLKS. I think I'm about to get productive and friends cut out of a need to BE ABLE TO READ MY FLIST. Too many of you guys and I don't even know where I picked up some of you. WORRY NOT, I STILL RARELY FLOCK SO CARRY ON READING IF YOU SO CHOOSE! And if you really want to stick around, TELL ME~


Apr. 15th, 2008 01:10 pm
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So some crap went down on Sunday that has completely destroyed my typically LONG FUSE for annoyances. I think I've gotten more pissed off in the past two days than I have all semester. Which isn't cool.

See, I take massive issue with people forgetting I exist while I'm sitting right in front of them in my own living room. Suffice it to say that I sat there and yelled at the lot of them, even the ones who didn't deserve it (Jesse is the best person in the world for just sitting there and then hugging me. He's like an awesome giant teddy-bear. And I mean giant, the boy's ridiculously tall.). Buuuut yeah. If it didn't sin into their heads I might have to make heads roll.

Hi. I have a temper. And a loud voice.

But since then things that are generally minor annoyances have really set me off and it's at once frustrating and embarrassing because I take PRIDE in being relatively level-headed, for being comic relief, for not getting involved in icky wangsty stuff unless it's completely unavoidable. I don't LIKE confrontation, but I'm not afraid of it, yanno? Cause I always have surprise on my side but if I don't get this temper flare to GO THE HELL AWAY....shock will no longer be my friend in bending idiots to my way of thinking.

Parts of Sunday evening were hilarious though. Mostly when Bailey did this blue air-pink air relaxation exercise thinger (which was hilarious in its own right because I was just listening to her and it sounded like a mixture of a fucked up version of Mr. Bubbles and a sex dream) and halfway through she spots a cockroach on the wall, shakes my foot, points it out, and keeps on going until the end when she said in the SAME CALM VOICE "Now when you're ready, open your eyes...And someone please kill the cockroach." Seeing EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM LEAP in the air was one of the funniest things of my life. Just. Amazing. Plus The Professor (aka Ryan) actually was INTERESTED in the concept of online RPGs. So I got to talk about that for a while. *_*

But yeah, not going into details of why I got angry because it will make me angry again and I'm trying to NOT be pissy, seeing as I have to spend several hours a day with the lot of them until like, Sunday when the show closes.

People are retarded. And piss me off more than getting bumped into in the parking lot an hour ago. That just made me laugh.

HOWEVER!! I did acquire the Chipmunk Adventure soundtrack from RL!Steph yesterday and have every intention of torturing them alllll with it tonight before the show. >D I'm a winnar.

Also, I need to stop RPing until way-later-than-my-bedtime-this-week and write my jump exchange fic which is due, oh, IN A FEW HOURS. I also need to write a research paper proposal which was technically due like, a week ago. Agchk. Not enough time in the day, folks. Not nearly enough.

But Bones last night was amazing. *__* And I need more OP and FT like, now. Come on week, pass faster. Without destroying my brain, preferably. I only just got that back.
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I love it when I stay up SO MUCH LATER than I meant to and then still have piles of energy the next day. Or not. Because this is going to be followed by a huge terrible crash of doom and I know it.  Nothing like a nice shock of inevitableity, I always say.

Also. Everything is Snuzzie's fault. :| Even when she is not here. :| Do not argue this point.

I think all of my very favorite giant HP AU's are like, being updated all at once lately. It's fabulous.

One of these days I will actually write a rec list of all the shit I read.

And post it as Remus. Whee.

</useless ramble>

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