Jan. 19th, 2009 08:29 pm
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I have managed not to die. Yet. I barely slept the past two night while running in frantic circles to write an essay (which was really quite good, actually!), the madness of which can be be explained by the fact that my works cited was two pages long while the essay itself was 13.

I picked up and deposited my refund check today as well, that should go through in the next few days and then I'll pay my rent and have MONEY and can things. Which will be nice. *_* Though I should probably apply for a laser card because buying everything in cash is getting a bit ridiculous.

Uuuuhm. I am working on applying to stay here for three more years. On the PhD program. It is a bit stressful because they gave me ONE WEEK, NO MORE THAN THAT! to get it all together. Thankfully "all" of it is my updated CV, a research outline and two references. Really, picking the topic and getting the refs are the tricky bits. I'm a bit torn. But I shall get it done!! And...hopefully get it. Then Oana and I can go apartment hunting and life will be good.

Danny might be moving into my flat. That would also make life very, very good as I would not feel so UTTERLY ALONE when I'm in the midst of those crazy literary sprees because no one here gets it. It is depressing. But that's life, I suppose. Not everyone can fling themselves into that sort of chaos and gleefully muddle about in it until it makes sense. Or gets half as irate as I do when poets I like are underappreciated.

Speaking of! Several Irish writers who are NOT, in fact, that underappreciated, but are in fact very very cool are going to be very very much in Dublin tomorrow to give a series of readings for Amnesty International.

Guh. Want. to. go. And it's free! I just need to be like....caught up with my shit. Which is easier said than done. :(

Also happy belated birthday, Denise! I kept meaning to post it on the day but that is when my brain sorta....died. :( Hope it was awesome!!

- Read ch 9 and 9 of Joyce's Ulysses.
- Update CV
- Chose topic to spend life researching (pearsepearsepearse?)
- Make that into a coherent research proposal
- Acquire those references. Which is easier said than done when one won't email me back. ahhhhhh!
- Read a pile of Heaney poems (omg he is one of the people for tomorrow BTW)
- Read Eureka Street
- Read ch 10 and 11 of Ulysses
- Get bank draft and pay rent
- Sleeeeep!

Things I would LIKE to do
- Finish re-watching Merlin
- Catch up on, oh, ALL MY MANGA. I am WEEKS behind, guys.
- Watch Robin Hood
- Bake things
- Have more time to sleep

As for now, shower and then study session. I WILL MAKE IT, I WILL.
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Finals week started two days ago and I've yet to actually have a final. My first one is in 5 hours and 45 minutes. I've been reading. A lot. Some of it's been fanfiction, strangely of the Harry Potter variety for the most part, unless something on my flist catches my eye. But mostly Harry Potter and not much of that.

This got long. Melodrama, rambling, maybe a few excuses and who know what else. )

And on a final note, The Gathering by Anne Enright is a really fantastic novel. The language is pure sex and the story is nothing but life, jumbled up and regurgitated as a combination of experiences, fantasy and hazy memory. And clearly, it's made me introspective. Go read it, folks.


May. 2nd, 2008 03:02 pm
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Hot damn, I'm alive! Well. Mostly at least. I GOT A FULL NIGHT'S SLEEP FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL WEEK THOUGH!!

God that's sad. My nap yesterday completely failed as about an hour after I conked out to the dulcet tones of MEAGAN IN MY LIVING ROOM! Seeing as she moved to SC a week and a half ago...This was unexpected. She's staying through graduation and we had to hit the bar last night. Good times, yo. And a nice way to unwind after Hell Incarnate.

Speaking of which. I have one day of class and 2 days of finals and I'll never do anything for undergrad again except for walk across the stage in just about a week.

All I have to say to that is HOLY SHIT!

PS- drinking too much Rockstar makes you piss neon yellow. Eventually. Or it did me yesterday. Or at least I'm pretty sure it did. I hadn't exactly slept so I might have been delusional.

Still am, really. Gonna take a good bit more sleep to fix THAT hot mess.

PPS- Pieces of Flair is the most awesome app on facebook. You should all add it so I can send you stuff. *_*



So yeah

May. 1st, 2008 08:12 am
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I just hit that point where it's pretty pointless to go to bed. I have QUITE LITERALLY been working on a paper pretty much all night. Thankfully, I did take a nap this afternoon, so I'm not completely dying, and in fact feel pretty good considering the fact that it's about 8:15 am. Oh and Jesse's currently asleep on my couch. XD He tried so hard and I love him for it. I had Katie here too, also writing a paper. So when Jesse crashed we were still both good because hey! At least we're not sitting somewhere ALONE, making it far too easy to accidentally take a nap.

I really like my paper. It's different, controversial and strangely coherent. And isn't due for...2 hours and 45 minutes. Not bad!! Especially since I hit page 8. I'll waste time by checking the syllabus to make sure I didn't do anything stupid I need to fix because lord knows if I go to sleep now, I'm totally not waking up in time to turn it in.

I was sitting here for about two hours solid at one point STARING at a line and going WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! It was driving me crazy. Completely batshit crazy. I never REALLY got a good interpretation out of it, but I think I made it work. And it wasn't one of my two sites of focus, so I basically just glossed over it within the context of the previous stanza. But through my two hours of verbal confusion and contemplation, I got some pretty interesting ideas. So I'm happy about that. It's like, a progression. I start off with one thing, following logically to the next and then negating myself, re-working the interpretation and finally, merging the two together in a cultural context.

And apparently I'm REALLY good at never mentioning exactly what I was writing about. HAHAHAHA.

But the cool thing about it is that it's a paper for Keeley. I've been through four classes with him now. I think I managed to incorporate things I learned from all four classes into this paper. I think it's a very modern, somewhat edgy work that really illustrates what I'm taking away from the Irish studies program here.

Yeah. I'm proud of myself. It wasn't what I set out to do, but I'm damn pleased.

Time for another read-over.


Feb. 15th, 2008 11:40 am
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I see lots of things on my flist I reaaaally want to read. BUT CANNOT AS I HAVE ALL OF ABOUT MAYBE 5 MINUTES BEFORE I HAVE TO GO RUN OFF AGAIN. I'm kinda in the Language Lab around the corner from my German Class which I just finished my homework for.



It only took him FOREVER to get here. I already pulled him out in the middle of the Forrest Drive building to check him out and give him a BIG HUG after being stuck in a box that long. HE IS SO CUTE. askfjafh But he sorta has to ride around in the box for a bit today, cause otherwise I'd be carrying a stuffed animal AND a box. -__-; BUT I'M DONE ON CAMPUS AFTER THIS CLASS SO IT'S OKAY. I'M EXCITED.

You nkow my OP watching pace is going to pick up now that I have him to cuddle with while I watch. *__* I might actually finish sometime before the end of my college days. HAHAHA. But I like going slow. I get to SAVOR IT now. Since if I ate at the speed I read the manga I would have a very bad stomach ache that would probably STILL be paining me a month and a half later.

Yeah that's all for now. *___* <-- me. constantly.


Feb. 6th, 2008 01:27 pm
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So Bailey, Steph, JD and half the REST of the theatre department took off yesterday morning for ACTF and they won't be back til Sunday. Which....sort of leaves me with an interesting amount of time on my hands to do NOTHING around campus. So I've checked my mail [no plushie. D: But I got a new wallet which I REALLY NEEDED as, uh, pretty much every pocket of my old one had holes in it and any change I put in the change pouch would end up in the lining of the OTHER side of the wallet....Not good!], gone to two classes, actually braved the line at Chick fil A in the Union to get lunch, read Time Magazine, chilled out next to the pond [the weather is GORGEOUS. Like, 75 degrees, man. In Feb. It was in the 80's yesterday. XD] and now I'm in the library killing time on a MAC. It reminds me why I wanted one for so long. It's just so....STREAMLINED AND NICE AND PRETTTYYY. Though Safari clearly is not fond of my typing. >|

However I am ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHING something while I am here.

I am printing out my application for Trinity.


Except I just figured out this computer can't print.



Jan. 18th, 2008 02:30 pm
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So once again I'm plopped on my butt at work doing all of Approximately Nothing. An excellent time to update, I always say!

First week of class is officially OVER and we already have a holiday WOO WOO for MLK Day. I love random 3-day weekends. *_*

Cast lists went up! I am ENSEMBLE in On Dragon Fly Wings. Which means....something. Supposedly there are a lot of little roles through there not assigned because we don't even have the fully edited script yet (they should be getting it today/tomorrow) but our first read-through is next week so I presume I'll figure out just what's going on then. SHOULD BE FUN. Bailey's in the Ensemble with me so yay. We'll have fun.

We were talking today about how our theatre department is unabashedly cliquey. It's life, no one cares. Everyone always talks about cliques like they're such a horrible thing but really it's just like. Separated big groups into little tighter-knit groups and I can't see TOO MUCH wrong with that. We're trying to predict the cliques. Kinda funny. :D

German's gonna be...interesting this semester. We haven't got a proper text book. O.o

The carpool system is working out PERFECTLY. We all get to class and it WORKS. Even if it's been STUPIDLY COLD AGAIN. Warmed up this afternoon but holy fucking shit has it been chilly. We ALMOST got snow and then the world went "BITCH, PLEASE. STATESBORO HASNT HAD REAL SNOW SINCE 1989 YOU GET LITTLE ALMOST-FLURRIES" Even though like, practically everywhere ELSE in Georgia at least got a LITTLE snow. ;_; The weather hates us. Maybe next week? Supposed to be a cold front coming through from what I hear.

Still treking through the OP anime. It's still rocking my socks off every other second.


And he sings the blues so well. *___*

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So I haven't posted in a couple of days. Probably to make up for the THREE POSTS IN TWELVE HOURS LOLOLOL. Sorry about that? It was all important stuff, yo.

So, what to say, what to say...

School starts back on Monday [NOOO, MY FREE TIME! ;_;] but it's my LAST SEMESTER HERE which means it shouldn't be so bad but yeah. I actually got re-excited about the idea of going to Ireland for school last night because we had one of our strangely frequent dinner parties and it turns out that Meagan [not me, clearly, I only have one a in mine!] is applying for Trinity too, which is what I had been thinking about doing.

Which means that if we both do it and by some stroke of luck, GET IN, that we'd be over there together. I'd know someone. I could possibly already have a ROOMMATE. And yanno, that's damn good incentive. But hey. I'll try for it, and that's what matters, right? I'll be in debt for YEARS, but I'll also have a foot in the door for a decent job doing what I love.

And if I don't get it, to the workforce on a boat I go! Either way, I have plans. And a few months ago I sure as hell didn't. So life is good and not currently trying to kill me.

I started watching the One Piece Anime a few days ago! It's much slower going because well, you're kinda set on how fast you can watch as no matter HOW fast you read, you can't speed up the video! But I completely love it and EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear Luffy laugh it just makes me grin like a maniac. He's amazing and I adore him.

As far as OP fandom goes I still don't know what the hell I want to ship. I read a good number of ZoSan a few days ago, then started reading ZoLu yesterday and I would REALLY LOVE to see some LuZo but I haven't seemed to stumble on any yet. It's been a good time though. I think I really like not shipping anything in particular because there are just SO MANY OPTIONS. I was like this with Harry Potter to an extent, but not as much as with OP. I had definite favorites. And then just liked other stuff too when I ran out of fic for my favorites to read [possible, I assure you.] But with One Piece....just. Anything goes. And yeah. LOVE IT SO MUCH.

My new glasses are great. *__*

And DDR makes my legs hurt.

Oh, and I'l the Jenga Queen and the Hungry Hungry Hippos failure. My hippo was totally bulimic. THE BALLS WOULD GO IN HIS MOUTH AND JUST POP OUT AGAIN! WTF IS THAT.

Yeah. Enough. ♥!


Nov. 15th, 2007 01:41 am
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It occurs to me that all of my entries are insanely long. Even the pointless ones. How DO you guys put up with me? *SIGH*

So I'm exhausted. I spent two days/nights already this week writing papers like a mofo, turned those two in and BEFORE FINALS [first week of December], I still have three more to do. Yeah. Death. Would almost be preferrable. Dear sweet fucking god why. WHY. I didn't know about the third one until TODAY. And just looked at my professor and made the most pitiful "what" that he'd likely ever heard to the point that he said I must have practiced it. But seriously. I turned in a paper for him on MONDAY. WHY WHY WHY. No sympathy. NONE. Old English? Bite me. Fuck off. And remain dead. Thank you and goodnight.

IN MORE PLEASANT NEWS. I auditioned for a musical theatre class today and am OFFICIALLY IN IT. Well. Mostly officially. The paperwork for the override (the class was technically full) goes through tomorrow and THEN I'LL BE OFFICIALLY IN. So yeah. Go me?

This semester just needs to END. But time needs to slow down at the same time so I can FINISH SHIT. alkfjlkasfjakshfkjhsaf. goddamnit.

But yeah. Got my 12 hours for next semester and ALL IS WELL.

I can't wait to only be taking ONE lit class. *_____* I might can actually keep up for the first time in two years since I started piling them up. It is not POSSIBLE to take less than three every semester and still have all the hours you need without going to summer school. Well. Maybe if you started taking two at a time back in oh, WORLD LIT. Because that's the first time you can. You have to get through all the---No, wait. You'd still need one semester of three methinks. WTFEVER.


Feb. 20th, 2007 11:41 pm
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Done with tests for THIS week, have two essays and another test next week.

You know that rough draft? The one I wrote the morning it was due while not-feeling-my best? Yeah. The prof has totally told me like, 3 times now how great she thinks it is and how she liked it even better on a second-read through. sdakjshdajsdajhsdak WTF. XD I WIN AT LIFE, OBVIOUSLY.

In life-goals news, I keep imagining myself teaching classes and what my profs do that I would emulate and what they do that I would avoid. Hahahahahaha. I really think it's my calling in life. I just have to GET THERE. Whee.

Rode today for the first time in weeks on account of the OMG SICK AS HELL thing and now feel like rubber because lsakjdlkjasdlksdadsalkjdslk I am out of shape. Not on.


I'm an understudy for the play "I Hate Hamlet" this semester, so on occasion I have to go to rehearsals. Today was one of those days. And one of the actresses is apparently ADD and her meds are low so she kept stacking things from her purse in front of me like gifts, which was pretty hilarious, but the best part by far was towards the end.

She wrote me a check. Signed and everything.

For Monkey Sex and 22 cent. [memo: fur]

I laughed for over an hour and it's now on my wall.

IN OTHER NEWS. The AMAZING SNUZZ AND RIAH have been working their little fannies off for the past....oh, 48 hours or so and that Bleach AU RP I mentioned yesterday in the throws of excitement? Is totally open and ready to go and shit and we've been having some fun times already and HOI YOU LOT. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO CHECK IT OUT. I'm playing Renji and Gin. ;)


OKay. Because I know it's up on other journals I'll be nice and cut this. BUT LOOK AT IT. IT'S PRETTY. )


Moving on. I love every single tennis boy in brawl. Nuff said. I think you're all entirely brilliant and want to hug/love/molest/stalk you all. ♥ Or just make really bad puns about names. >.>

So hay

Feb. 20th, 2007 12:27 am
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How many people do you know who can get an AU Bleach RPG up and running entirely from scratch over the course of less than 24 hours?


Omfg excited.

Brit Lit midterm was today. American Lit tomorrow. Lit & Rev next thursday.

The fucked up thing is the Lit& Rev on is ONLINE. How the fuck does that even make sense?

Online literature exam. What the fucking hell.
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I keep telling myself "Today, I will post." And yet, inexplicably, each day goes by and I don't. Perhaps I'll begin, but quickly I'll erase it all. No point. What am I on about, why am I bothering?

Well, to prove to you lot, of at least the rather large percentage of you who I don't [alas] talk to daily on IM, that I have not, indeed, been abducted by little green aliens or eaten by some awful snow monster.

Not that there's any snow. Not that I even wore a jacket or thick sweather outside today. Oh, Georgia.

Perhaps I could also be updating to tell you that combining a southerner with incurably bad balance, ice, and narrow little blades strapped to her feet might not be the wisest course of action. Alright, alright, I exaggerate. I'm pretty decent compared to a lot of other people, but when I wipe out, I do a damn goo job of it. I ache and my left knee is all purple. Mind, I like the color purple aesthetically, just not when it's on my body as a result of internally busted blood vessles. I suppose, in the end, that's neither here nor there.

Hmm, I've not updated since afore Christmas, have I? Midnight Mass was amusing. I'm terrible, I forgot parts and fidgeted the whole time. The whole church thing just isn't something I do much anymore. And it's funny, because I've realized it's not for lack of faith, it's for want of sleeping in on Sunday mornings and the fact that Sunday evenings are spent flailing and telling myself that "In five minutes, I will start my homework," and then rarely actually getting around to it before midnight, before the next morning. That's just the way my life works, you know. But Mass was amusing. Catholics are funny. Because we have, what, some of the most strict ideas on sex and sexuality and birth control and shit, but no one actually seems to care that much. If you don't mention it, it's not an issue. Funny.

What else am I on about?

Oh, most people do a "Christmas haul" thing, don't they? I got clothes. Lots of nice, new clothes. I think I want more. I'm learning to walk in high heels. I got makeup. I got "Knitting for Dummies" and an awesome LotR calander which I have gone through and written in the birthdays of all the important people in orange sharpie. And told them who's month they were in, for the most part. I got my mum a popcorn popper and my dada a wafflemaker. Both were excellent ideas, in my opinion.

I'm starting to miss school and the hustle and bustle and constancy of activity, though not the stress load that inevitably brings. I have a 3.90. I'm content with that, I'll try and raise it a bit this semester. I want to go to Trinity, and then probably somewhere else after for a PhD. Somewhere big. Maybe in the US, maybe Oxford. I don't know. Somewhere. I still might go to Rice. I like Houston. But I want to see what it's like to live someplace that it snows.

The barrage of engagement announcements has decreased. Will it increase again for a few days after New Year's? I know Februrary will be full of them. Should I risk wearing heels to the block party tomorrow? I might die. But I can always come back and change them. It's supposed to rain.

I've hung out with my mum a lot this December. She's fun, she's seen a lot of places, done a lot of things, has a lot of ideas. Parents are funny like that, they know a lot and are really quite fun to talk to if you can get past the whole parent bit. Most adults are. Once they realize that you want to listen.

It's almost New Year's Eve, half an hour. I'll have no one to kiss at midnight tomorrow.

I'm happy. I hope this bodes well for the year ahead.

Edit: New Years quiz thing )

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