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Last night had me laughing my ass off in SO MANY WAYS.

First off, I just bounce back fast. I can't be sad forever. I just can't. So when I got to the show for call I'm like. YESTERDAY DID NOT HAPPEN LET'S HAVE FUN AND ROCK THIS SHIT. Which basically means chasing people around, making funny faces and basically failing at putting on clothing.

...Okay that last part has nothing to do with anything but I do basically fail at putting on clothing backstage. I'll be standing there in my underthings and fishnets and then just got I HAVE TO ___ and run off and do it. This tends to stay confined to the dressing room/bathroom, but people like to forget to close the door. All I'm saying is that it's a hangover from the first two nights of the show when the AIR CONDITIONING WASN'T WORKING AND IT WAS ABOUT A MILLION DEGREES IN THERE. Habit became to get off stage, go to the dressing room and strip down until you absolutely had to put clothes back on.


One of our directors took up the role of Queen Bee last night and OH MY GOD. Right BEFORE the show she had the lines pretty well and has ALWAYS completely owned the song...She was originally going to BE Queen Bee, but they didn't have enough money to make two costumes for her AND the girl who's been playing her so. Yeah. She just wore the robe thing and didn't worry about the dress.

Not the point. This scene is like. Everyone's favorite. It's BASICALLY a black southern baptist sermon and a gospel song. I'm not even kidding. But when Krystal got on stage last night to do it, all the lines clearly flew RIGHT OUT OF HER HEAD and all of a sudden, we're in a dark wood with no friends but SHE'LL be our friend and OH MY GOD. We were all just there. On stage going "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON!!! :D!!!" But it WORKED. And was AMAZING. And she can't even REMEMBER what all she said.

Yeah so there was that. skjhjasghad dying. still. But I may or may not be RPing somewhere that isn't GLOL again and AHHH FAILED AT SLEEPING SO HAARRD. Thank god class was canceled akjsshfkasjhf. BUT SO FUNNY. SO WORTH IT.

So basically the world took pity on me for being an ABSOLUTE AND UTTER BASTARD and decided to make my life hilarious again.


THOUGH PSA, FOLKS. I think I'm about to get productive and friends cut out of a need to BE ABLE TO READ MY FLIST. Too many of you guys and I don't even know where I picked up some of you. WORRY NOT, I STILL RARELY FLOCK SO CARRY ON READING IF YOU SO CHOOSE! And if you really want to stick around, TELL ME~


Apr. 12th, 2008 03:32 pm
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You are sensitive, charming, gracious, and insightful.

You have a strong need for a close, intimate relationship. You have a special gift with people, and enjoy helping them. You are generally full of potential, and can excel at anything that captures your interest.

I can handle that. *_*

So my parents were in town yesterday to see the show. Which we played TWICE yesterday. We did just act one at TEN AM for a bunch of kids [we had to be there at nine, oh my god we were all wanting to fall the hell asleep the entire time, but strangely still managed to pump it up the entire time we were on stage.] But!! My dad brought a second router and we added a second access port and I now get 54 MBPS. *_____* Hello, amazing! And my mom has no self-control and could not be convinced NOT to clean my room,'s very clean now, to say the least. Ahahaha.

The show went really well last night too, all the people from Hawaii the night before were there again along with two more-- the director from the second production of it and the original costumer. Once again, the only problem was a LACK OF AIR CONDITIONING. GAH. It was even HOTTER last night, like, three people almost passed out on stage. It was rough. But we still completely rocked it. EVERYONE who's seen it so far has really loved it which is basically amazing. *_*

Last night AFTER the show I bolted back here in a failed effort to beat people. We threw a birthday party for my friend, Jesse. 80's Rave themed. Preeeetty interesting. And a few...interesting characters we could have lived without. But hey, that sort of thing happens sometimes. I fell asleep standing up at something like, 3 am. SO TIRED.

BUT! My sister is coming into town AS WE SPEAK to see the show!! *___* EXCITEMENT AGAIN!! She hadn't thought she was going to make it but she IS!!! HUZZAH!


Oh my god

Apr. 10th, 2008 10:50 pm
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So tonight was opening night. It was probably the most...surreal and amazing experience of my life. First of all, the story we're telling in and of itself has a lot of importance behind it. "One Dragonfly Wings" was based on a children's book that was based on the life of a child in Hawaii, Alana Dung, who was diagnosed with leukemia at a very young age. When they found out she needed a bone marrow transplant, something like half the island turned up to see if they could possibly be a match for her. She passed away at age three and the book was written to explain what happened to her brother (I think) who was only a few years older.

The play was them written based on the book by a woman named Lisa Matsumoto. (No Bleach references, I know, the name, but seriously. I stopped thinking of that after seeing the script for about the first 5 times) It's been produced twice in Hawaii, I believe, and this was the mainland US premiere of it. Which is already pretty amazing and surreal, right?

This December Lisa Matsumoto was in a car accident and passed away, we weren't even sure that we'd still get to do it for a while because she hadn't finished rewriting the script yet. But her family and friends carried on her work and we occasionally would get changes in the mail and Ros, who wrote the music, was sending new audio tracks every week, it seemed.

The point of this is that Lisa's parents, her best friend, the man who illustrated the book and started the company that first produced the show WITH Lisa and his mother all came to the show tonight.

Not only did they come, but afterwards we all gathered in the green room after we'd gotten out of costume and they talked to us. Oh my god. Lisa's father gave every single one of us a hug, they loved the show, I. It was just. Absolutely incredible. I wish I were better with names here because I'd love to be able to talk about these incredible people with more grace. It was basically just incredible. Ros (I don't even know if that's how you spell her name, I've just heard it so many times) wasn't able to come, she's been sick and the doctors wouldn't let her, but she called and they put her on speaker phone so we got to talk to her too.

Did I mention that they all live in Hawaii? And came just for this. To see us. They laughed, they cried....I mean, seriously. It's incredible.

This is my last play here, my last semester. 29 days until graduation and it's this play that I'm leaving on. I really can't think of a better way to finish here.

Edit: The only thing really BAD is that the air conditioning TOTALLY DIED on us. We were drowning in our own sweat the whole time. But otherwise. It's just completely *___*


Apr. 9th, 2008 11:32 am
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So my matching bag for my laptop came yesterday. *_* IT'S SO NICE! I was digging through it going OO! POCKETS! And the spot where the laptop goes is so sooooft. I want a bed made out of that stuff. No fair, lappy. No fair at all.

Actually I'm just tired and want ANY sort of bed. ;_; I NEED A NAP. MAYBE I'LL GET ONE TODAY. *_* there's nothing left to come to my door and interrupt perfectly good napping time, SO WE SHALL SEEEE~!

Last night was our first dress rehearsal for On Dragonfly Wings. Oh. My. God. You GUYS. You WISH you had costumes as cool as these. I'm a GUPPY and a BUMBLE BEE. It's amazing. Not as amazing as Vince's CRANE COSTUME WITH THE 3 FOOT TALL BIG HEAD THAT HE CAN BARELY SEE THROUGH THE NECK OF, but still pretty amazing. I hauled my laptop there in it's shiny newness with its shiny new bag and made people plonk down in front of the camera. SMILE AT THE FLASHING BLUE LIGHT, GUYS! It was pretty spiffy. I'm really failing at typing on this keyboard in the language lab. My brain is shot to hell and back. This is freaking fantastic.


Enough of that. I found last night that even WITH the whole 1 mbps issue on Shanks [which would be my laptop's name, stfu, it's RED, okay?!?!] I can still RP on it loads faster just because stuff LOADS AS IT SHOULD!!! No clicking a tab or window and waiting forever for it to pull up. *_* A delay on internet response, but not on the COMPUTER ITSELF. *___* It made my life amazing. Life was generally amazing last night except for the point at which I forgot I was actually really tired and forgot to sleep.

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Thank you, everyone who's commented to me lately and I haven't responded too. It meant a lot. ♥ My high school is raising money to try to help Mary's grandkids who she was taking care of. I found out they were actually in the room with her when she was shot. Which is. aksjhasfhkjshf. I can't even imagine.

But that said. Life is settling back into normalcy, which is really, really relieving even if it's still exhausting and stressful. That much I can deal with pretty easily at least. Things are still sad and they won't stop being sad, but I've been in a good mood today. Which I refuse to feel guilty for.

Watch me break this up in cuts to save your flists.

Weather and Sunshine )

Funny/Exciting stuff uncut:

I ordered a new laptop yesterday! This is something I'm massively excited about. It's the first big purchase I've made ON MY OWN with my OWN MONEY and it will also be the first NEW computer I've ever had. It's a Dell. It's red. It's got SPACE and MEMORY and *___* In the words of [ profile] nickelodeon, it will be so sexy.

I also spent about four hours today while at work browsing Let me tell you, that shit is hilarious. The alarm clocks! The lights! The random gadgets and games and ANNOYING DEVICES! It's a great way to waste time.

I also got a good kick out of [ profile] copperbadge today, which has led me to believe that since it's actually possible, the fact that there is no fic about Chopper having to fix someone's FRACTURED PENIS is a great, great tragedy. Please agree with me here.

Theatre and some fandom )

I hope people are starting to feel a little better about yesterday and its tragedy. I know it's not going to go away or anything, but still being able to enjoy things in life is so important, at least to me. I'd go crazy if I just stayed sad for ages. I don't deal with it well. So. ♥ because that's really all I can do.
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So it's the return of the batshit crazy weather here AGAIN. You'd think once it started getting fairly consistently warm it would stay that way, right? Wrong.

It dropped about 40 degrees since this time yesterday.

Yesterday was crazy, on that note. We had rehearsal from 9 am until just afternoon, at which point at least half of us hit up El Som and probably drove the wait staff insane, as always. There was one point when they came by and we're all calling out like. More chips! Cheese dip! Mango Margarita! Another cheese dip! Diet coke! Strawberry Margarita! Sour cream! And the guy just went O.O and got something to write it down on. Poor guy. We took up the entirety of one of the two biggest tables back there. After that, the weather was so nice and HOT [my car claimed it was -91 degrees-] that we decided to reconvene at the pool after everyone got their swim gear. The weather was perfect for it, but the water was still a bit like ice water. Didn't stop people from getting in. We pulled up a car and blasted the radio and CDs and eventually, Kristie broke out the guitar and we sat around listening and singing along. Good times.

After that we split again, everyone got re-dressed and picked up food and stuff and we met back here for a grill-out and Disney Movie Sleepover Style Party. Which was good times. We made it through Enchanted and Beauty and the Beast before people started passing out, myself included.

But after all that gorgeous weather, it's currently 52 degrees. Oh Georgia.
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Well not exactly. My life is basically is out to get me though. I WILL SURVIVE. I hope. Hahahaha.

Rehearsals for Dragonfly Wings have gotten completely insane. We're still a few weeks out and we had to be there for FOUR HOURS the other night. This, mind, is after class and work and on a Tuesday. So you just have to turn around and do it again the next day. And it wouldn't really be a problem if it were a straight drama or comedy or whatever and not a MUSICAL. My voice was completely dying by the end and there are two or three songs that it doesn't matter how many times you go through them and try to build up stamina for them, when you get off stage, collapse is imminent. It's really high energy and I'm just not USED to that anymore. So it's wearing on me. And my appetite has gone up SO MUCH because of it.

In other news, I fucked up my left hand pretty badly on Monday at rehearsal. Jammed the three middle fingers. Usually I'd take my butt to the Health Services and get them to take a look at it but I haven't had TIME. At all. So it feels better now and typing doesn't hurt like mad [bit of a twinge] but there's still some swelling behind the knuckles of the first and middle fingers. But it's better. So I'm guessing that means I didn't do anything TOO bad to it? I hope.

I have the actually rather rational fear hanging over me that I'm going to sick again on top of everything. Remember last year? Spent almost a month sick as a dog with back-to-back-to-back cases of the flu? It's allergy season and I'm fighting with everything I have NOT to fall into that. Bailey was already knocked out from them for a day or two. I had to take her home early from class Monday and then force feed her citrus and stuff. And she hates me because it worked.

I slept for something like nine hours last night and it still isn't helping me not be CONSTANTLY EXHAUSTED. I get home at night and practically fall over. But I'm doing well in classes, which is always good. Would love a nap now though.

But I'm at work and a Christian Motorcyclist crew keeps popping their heads in my door.

Yeah. They have a bible on their jackets and bikes.

It's sorta weird.

Guess that's all for now! I do have fun stuff to post about later on, but I just needed to complain for a while. ♥


Mar. 4th, 2008 01:52 pm
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So my social life has basically gone completely batshit insane in the past few days. I've had my little 5-ish person crowd I hang out with basically every night of the week for like, a few months now. But Saturday we [minus one] went to the cast party for King Lear, which happened to be a the TKE house which would seem to be the beginning of the insanity that just won't end.

Spent ALL DAY Sunday hanging out with at least ONE person. Then last night I went to Irish Folk Music night after class and rehearsal, which I am doing again tonight as Carie so aptly pointed out that this is our LAST CHANCE to do it. It's basically a ridiculously fun time at one of the nicer local restaurant/bars in town with a one man show of tradition, and sometimes not so traditional, Irish music. So that was last night and tonight, I have rehearsal every night this week, I still need to get to Lear, which might have to be Saturday from the looks of things....My sister is coming into town sometime in the next few days and we're hosting a prom party saturday night after the show closes.

HELLO, BUSY MEG. Because on top of all the social things, of course, I have class, work and rehearsal so if I don't survive the week, you know why.

IN OTHER NEWS: I have defeated the rain. Well, sort of. Every time I've come to work for like, the past two weeks it seems, I have gotten DRENCHED walking across campus and then remained that way all through work. BUT TODAY. I beat the rain. I got everything out of the open air in front of my apartment and was in the car a solid TWO MINUTES before the rain started. GO ME.

And now it's pouring and has been basically ever since, whoop.

Now to watch more One Piece so I hopefully maybe finish sometime in the next century so I can start this Baccano thing that looks so intriguing. Though I'm guessing, from the experience of others, that watching anything so soon after OP is a bit difficult at first. We'll see how it goes!


Jan. 18th, 2008 02:30 pm
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So once again I'm plopped on my butt at work doing all of Approximately Nothing. An excellent time to update, I always say!

First week of class is officially OVER and we already have a holiday WOO WOO for MLK Day. I love random 3-day weekends. *_*

Cast lists went up! I am ENSEMBLE in On Dragon Fly Wings. Which means....something. Supposedly there are a lot of little roles through there not assigned because we don't even have the fully edited script yet (they should be getting it today/tomorrow) but our first read-through is next week so I presume I'll figure out just what's going on then. SHOULD BE FUN. Bailey's in the Ensemble with me so yay. We'll have fun.

We were talking today about how our theatre department is unabashedly cliquey. It's life, no one cares. Everyone always talks about cliques like they're such a horrible thing but really it's just like. Separated big groups into little tighter-knit groups and I can't see TOO MUCH wrong with that. We're trying to predict the cliques. Kinda funny. :D

German's gonna be...interesting this semester. We haven't got a proper text book. O.o

The carpool system is working out PERFECTLY. We all get to class and it WORKS. Even if it's been STUPIDLY COLD AGAIN. Warmed up this afternoon but holy fucking shit has it been chilly. We ALMOST got snow and then the world went "BITCH, PLEASE. STATESBORO HASNT HAD REAL SNOW SINCE 1989 YOU GET LITTLE ALMOST-FLURRIES" Even though like, practically everywhere ELSE in Georgia at least got a LITTLE snow. ;_; The weather hates us. Maybe next week? Supposed to be a cold front coming through from what I hear.

Still treking through the OP anime. It's still rocking my socks off every other second.


And he sings the blues so well. *___*



Sep. 28th, 2007 02:39 pm
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My life lately has gone completely retarded.

I've always been fairly busy, right? But I honestly can't say that I've ever had quite this much blindside me at once. I am SO TIRED and I don't really see an end in sight until like. Thanksgiving.

First of all, classes. CLEARLY I am taking too many of the rather-difficult sort. But I can handle that. Sort of. And the schedule they're on is complete CRAP because they're all spaced out and it makes like I'm spending three times as much time in class as I actually am. ARG.

Second, the play. I love it dearly, I do. But when you have rehearsal MOST nights until, oh, 10:30/11 on top of everything else? asjfklasjflf want to die.

Third, Equestrian Team. A twice-a-week crack-of-dawn commitment in and of itself, this weekend is out home show. Long time members of my flist may recall what this entails, but let me recap:
1. I wake up at 5:30 Saturday AND Sunday in order to be at the barn by 6 [and this is pushing for time]
2. I work. all. day. long. Both days. Usually in crap weather because the weather is NEVER good when you have to be out in it for hours on end.
3. We have workdays LEADING UP TO IT with required numbers if hours.
4. One of those workdays is ALWAYS friday so we don't even get a day to rest up and get ready for Hell.
5. I work on Fridays and thus can't do my hours until I get off.

So here I am, sitting at work, absolutely exhausted because life has been a completely and utter bitch lately, knowing that when I clock out at 6, the first thing I get to do is drive out to the barn and WORK. For like, three more hours. HOPEFULLY we will run out of things to do and someone will take pity on my poor wilting soul and SEND ME HOME. I'm not holding my breath though.

And you know, on top of all this I have a social life. Steph is supposed to come over and watch old disney movies with me tonight while JD and Bailey strike the set of Waiting for Godot and tomorrow night is the cast party for said lay, which consists of, h, the VAST MAJORITY of my social circle and I never miss a cast party if I can help it.

So I'll be there. Tired and unable to stay out too late, but I wouldn't miss it. (And the important people know I am not allowed to drink myself to excess, no matter how much I might want to after whatever the hell goes down tomorrow)

Now don't get me wrong-- I know this post makes it seem like I hate riding, hate the equestrian team and wish it would just bugger off and leave me the hell alone. NOT TRUE. Well, mostly not. I love riding. I love a good number of the people on the team, but I'm really starting to wish I hadn't done it this semester because of what a time drain it is right now. There are just so many requirements-- the work days, the strict time thing for the shows, the need to work the shows all day long, the structured times at which I can be at the barn for lessons (which really are NOT convenient for me and my schedule at ALL). I miss the days when I would ride more at better times and without the whole team business. Yes, they're fun people. Yes, I love them dearly. Yes, I also love the much reduced COST of riding like this. But oh my fucking god if people don't stop planning badly and throwing hissy fits about things not going smoothly I am going to have to chokeabitch and I have no idea who yet. I know we have some people on the team who really have no life OUTSIDE of the team. And you know what? I am so not one of them.

Next semester should be better. It had BETTER be better, because I don't think I could survive another one like this.

AND SOME DAY I WILL FINISH ALL MY POSTS FOR BRAWL. alksjflkashjfajshgklasjghlkjaskjghga

EDIT: And our toilet is leaking again. DAMNIT.
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Even when I actually make myself GO TO SLEEP in the middle of giant IC funnyness on AIM, I still wake up in the mornings exhausted. Not on. BUT ANYHOW.

BRILLIANT weekend. Went to the Beach on saturday and went wave jumping and built a sandcastle and DESTROYED a sandcastle [even though I has no shuvel. D: hahahaha]. Came back, went to see Blades of Glory, laughed my ass off at its stupidity [but enjoyed it] and went out to eat at El Som. Man. Busy.

Oh, on Friday after I gave up on Wonderful Days for the moment, went over and jammed with Michael. Beatles, Simon and Garkunkel, Flogging Molly and embarassing myself in a, well, Wonderful Days attempt. WHICH I AM BETTER AT NOW KTHX. Slowly getting the hang of that damn first verse. Let's not even talk about the Pedaru bit. lKAjsjashfkjsd toofast. BUT. Was awesome.

Then yesterday [yes, I just did the days so out of order...] we went and saw Hello Dolly, which was pretty cute and had it's moments, but hey, it's community theatre. I can't expect it to be brilliant. XDDD Mike and Steph and Sydney and Nandez and all my other friends in it were pretty great. THEN came back and spent countless hours on Oregon Trail. As can be seen by Remus's latest post on brawl. [that was one of MANY games. I made a Bleach party. Hinamori died. Talking about that IC was hilarious.]

Annnnnnd time to go to class. ♥!

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