Jun. 3rd, 2008 12:19 pm
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Dad: Welcome to the world of dinosaurs, Megan.

So I've filled out applications for two bookstores and a library now. [SOMEONE HIRE ME, PLS!!] The library was the only one with like, an actual physical application. Which bothers me.

I mean, seriously. Whatever happened to the days when how you looked and acted when you walked in to apply for a job mattered? It's all so disgustingly automated. People are just too lazy to have Human Resources and skim through applications, I guess. And since they don't have to even look at you while you type away at your home computer and answer a million survey questions which anyone could fib on...

Dad said this makes me a dinosaur. Because I still believe things should be based on HUMAN INTERACTIONS.


But hey, if I get hired, who cares.

*crosses fingers for LIBRARY!*
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Well not exactly. My life is basically is out to get me though. I WILL SURVIVE. I hope. Hahahaha.

Rehearsals for Dragonfly Wings have gotten completely insane. We're still a few weeks out and we had to be there for FOUR HOURS the other night. This, mind, is after class and work and on a Tuesday. So you just have to turn around and do it again the next day. And it wouldn't really be a problem if it were a straight drama or comedy or whatever and not a MUSICAL. My voice was completely dying by the end and there are two or three songs that it doesn't matter how many times you go through them and try to build up stamina for them, when you get off stage, collapse is imminent. It's really high energy and I'm just not USED to that anymore. So it's wearing on me. And my appetite has gone up SO MUCH because of it.

In other news, I fucked up my left hand pretty badly on Monday at rehearsal. Jammed the three middle fingers. Usually I'd take my butt to the Health Services and get them to take a look at it but I haven't had TIME. At all. So it feels better now and typing doesn't hurt like mad [bit of a twinge] but there's still some swelling behind the knuckles of the first and middle fingers. But it's better. So I'm guessing that means I didn't do anything TOO bad to it? I hope.

I have the actually rather rational fear hanging over me that I'm going to sick again on top of everything. Remember last year? Spent almost a month sick as a dog with back-to-back-to-back cases of the flu? It's allergy season and I'm fighting with everything I have NOT to fall into that. Bailey was already knocked out from them for a day or two. I had to take her home early from class Monday and then force feed her citrus and stuff. And she hates me because it worked.

I slept for something like nine hours last night and it still isn't helping me not be CONSTANTLY EXHAUSTED. I get home at night and practically fall over. But I'm doing well in classes, which is always good. Would love a nap now though.

But I'm at work and a Christian Motorcyclist crew keeps popping their heads in my door.

Yeah. They have a bible on their jackets and bikes.

It's sorta weird.

Guess that's all for now! I do have fun stuff to post about later on, but I just needed to complain for a while. ♥


Mar. 6th, 2008 03:29 pm
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So I think someone finally caved and changed the radio station here at work. Because I've listened to oldies here for probably the last six months to a year and I DEFINITELY heard that annoying Delilah song earlier. You know, the massively overplayed one? I thought maybe the station was just having a weird day on Saturday because I had definitely heard James Taylor on Friday and no one else had been in the shop, but they played Jimmy Eat World's The Middle and Mambo #5.

But yeah. Hey There Delilah or wtfever wouldn't even fall on a late-90's or whatever day. So SOMEONE has changed the station. Which I guess is refreshing. XD;

I got my notification that Trinity has RECEIVED MY APPLICATION~ So that's really and truly taken care of. *crosses fingers*

Spoilers for One Piece 491 are circulating. There's a full script out there but no full raw to play with. Those usually show up around this time tomorrow. *waits impatiently* *and even more impatiently for a properly scanlated chapter* It's interesting stuff! I'm curious. :D Which means I kinda want NEXT week already. Whoops. I should stop wanting time to speed along.

My extra-userpics expired yesterday, apparently, as my icon list got MUCH smaller. But seeing what I have left is pretty funny. All One Piece except for 1 Bleach and 1 Gundam Seed Destiny. Huh. I guess that illustrates which icons I use most frequently! Still, want the rest of them back because I have about 30 more OP icons, I do believe. 66 of my usual 113 are OP. >.>

Fandom To-Do List:
-Write something for a belated Sanji Birthday
-Write that cracked out Gan Fall/Gol D. Roger thing [probably need to reacquaint myself with Skypeia first though. Bah.]
-Write what I'm calling a multimedia fic. THOUGHTS: Would anyone read a fic that is MEANT to be read while listening to a specific, provided song? My main question is whether or not it would be possible to get the timing right so most people can keep up with the pacing. It's...not exactly a slow song. Gonna be tricky.
-Stop missing posts on [livejournal.com profile] grandlineonline, damnit.

Edit: So I couldn't last another five minutes without my icons. Impulse buying, much?
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SUP FOLKS. I come bearing the bad news that our gorgeous weather ceased to be over the course of about 8 hours where the temperature plunged 30 degrees. Suffice it to say that I am not adjusting well. Weather is a cruel bitch and that, quite simply, is that. Now have a list of funny things:

[♥] Despite the lack of bats, my job has continued to be absolutely hilarious through this week. Tuesday was everyone ASKING about the bats and today? Well, today I walk in and realize that all the lights are off and the shop isn't open Now I come in at one. We open at nine. I was justifiably confused.

So I call the Boss Man.

Me: Hey John? I walked in and all the lights were off, is there something going on I need to know about?
Him: No? Who was supposed to work this morning?
Me: ...Well actually you usually do, John.

Yeah, my boss forgot to open the shop. Excuse me as that STILL amuses me.

[♠] Joe can successfully blow smokehearts, provided the wind is not being retarded.

[♦] And speaking of Joe, google documents offended his sensibilities.

[♣] And last but not least, enjoy a rundown of the contents of my purse, as it's oddities often serve me well.

+ 1 wallet plus moneys [duh]
+ 1 cell phone [duh]
+ 2 checkbooks
+ 2 lighters
+ 1 small bottle hand lotion
+ 1 map of the London Underground
+ 1 Oyster Card [only useful for above]
+ 1 magic wand
+ 1 whoopie cushion
+ 1 pocket kite
+ 1 tire guage
+ 1 black marker
+ ? lipsticks/lipglosses
+ 1 pencil
+ 1 pink highlighter
+ ? play tickets

And my purse is not large. I am prepared for anything.

[♥] I have found enough giraffe-man icons to make me happy. Be proud of me!

[♠] Happy Valentines?
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I am trying seriously hard to not update every five seconds. wtf. XD

So yesterday I pulled a Stupid at work. I was supposed to be here at 2. I thought it was 9. So I was here massively early and cleaned and undecorated the shop until it was the time I would NORMALLY be sitting here chillin' on the laptop. Yeeaaah. I PAID ATTENTION today though and got to sleep in. \o/ And I have tomorrow off. \o/

One Piece Update: 314 chapters down, 170ish to go. Still loving it.

And on that note, ot3! totally canon. )

Enjoy. ;)

Edit: 11 OP icons added since last night. Oh my god.
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First, waking up for work is hard. *snores*

Otherwise I have a few observations from last night:

1. Okay anime/manga drawers/animators/whatever. Have you ever actually smoked a cigarette in your LIVES? Do you know how damnably ANNOYING it is to sit there with a cigarette actually hanging out of your mouth? Just for like, thirty seconds. Not to mention 24/7 [or so it would seem] IT IS DAMNABLY ANNOYING! Smoke gets in your eyes, your nose, your mouth, and basically everywhere and every way it SHOULDN'T BE. I am entertained and appalled at the anime/manga characters and their apparent resistance to this phenomenon.

2. I go from watching an anime where the GREAT GOAL OF A LIFETIME is to go to the Great Stream. To a manga where the GREAT DREAM AND GOAL is to go to the Grand Line. UHHH ARE WE SEEING A PATTERN HERE. OKAY. GREAT. MOVING ON~!

In other news my hand hurts for no clear reason, I finally found a hairtie at complete random this morning [*____*] and the weather is gorgeous. And by gorgeous I mean it's been raining for like 12 hours. Excellent.

I wonder if I'll get free food today.
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So I walked into the shop about half an hour ago now, took one look around, and was randomly struck with the inspiration to rearrange half the shop.

So I did. I think I'm covered in some sort of dust now from dragging huge racks around, and I have one more I think I'm going to move in a bit when I get up the energy to drag it that far [this one is at the BACK of the shop and I want it at the front, while the others I was basically moving just around the front square of the place. The shop itself....is actually pretty big. haha]

I love having the unwritten permission to do this though because John only asks me to brainstorm things like this every other WEEK. And I rarely come up with anything. So it's a standing offer: Get bored, rearrange. Good times. At least this time I wasn't trying to get the damn mannequin redressed without detaching every single limb on her body. >.< Anything that looked like molestation was DEFINITELY not intentional and only happened because I am a lot smaller than the damn mannequin and it...hates me. Or something.

OTHERWISE. My schedule next semester looks excellent to the point where I'll actually be able to keep up and focus. Which is, well, novel. To say the least. XD There's a musical theatre class I'm auditioning to get into on Tuesday. *____* Predictions are that I'm going to hate half my classmates, or at least want to knock their brains out with large blunt objects, but I shall refrain. Actually Bailey bullied me into asking for the audition because she didn't want to be in there alone with them. Amusing. We should manage to have WEEKS AND WEEKS worth of front porch jabber off that and the other theatre class I'm taking, as like, EVERYONE I HANG OUT WITH it seems is in that class. Gary won't know what hit him. Or rather, he will. But I predict much beard-shaking humor for that one [I swear to god he looks like santa. LOVE HIM. Great prof.]

Oh god I'm rambling hard core again. Don't shoot me. ;__;

WE CAN NOW SEE IN OUR KITCHEN! And it's clean. The two combined are like. A miracle. Basically the wiring to the overhead light completely Does Not Work so we've had a little desk light in there all semester. Yesterday Bailey got the brilliant idea to hang this...paper lantern thing in there. So we were scrambling on the tiny counter and putting hooks in the ceiling and basically doing a multitude of acts of Daring-Do in order to BRIGHT LIGHT TO THE KITCHEN. This is a big deal. Seriously.

On that note, I am beginning to suspect that my roommate is secretly a cannibal and is fattening me up to eat at some point. Not that I mind. The food's damn good.

Still addicted to Bones. Still in love with Zack. Why is his amazing nerdiness and inability to function like a normal person so adorable? Don't know, don't care. Love.

Joe came by last night. And is now on my flist! Yay for new friends. *\o/* We played GH [I won consistently. Obsession pays off] and watched Adult Swim.

Bleach was on. The ep that ends with Aizen up on the wall.

I do not watch dubs often. This is why:

Kira spoke. Hands fly to ears. "NO"

Byakuya spoke. Died. Almost three remote at screen. Had massive hissy fit.

Someone said "Abarai" I cannot even begin to tell you had badly they mispronounced it if you haven't seen it. Died. Shouted it correctly everytime they said it.

Said "BASTARD!" every time they showed Aizen. Confused Joe.

Heard Gin speak. Cried. WHAT IS THAT SHIT. ;___;

And yet. Still bounced all over the couch as the end of the episode drew nigh. I like it when shit hits the fan.

Overall it was painful but apparently hilarious. :|

POLL: What is this new y!m and should I download it?

I think I'm done. >.>
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Right, so, working for nine hours = hell in my opinion. Me no like. At all. Especially when i start at 8 am. There's a REASON I refuse to take 8 o'clock classes, I am *so* not a morning person. And I was thrown in concessions for the little kids' shows and it was crazy and I just was not awake enough yet. Lol. I downed a glass of coke in a spare moment, helped some. I'm not sure if I ever really woke up.

Staying up past 5 am the two days previous would have been a bad idea had I any idea that the theatre was even OPEN that damn early in the morning. My lord. I think the only reason they get any business then is because the movie itself is free. They're G or PG films that have been out for a good while. Neat concept though.

I just don't want to work it again.

When we officially opened, I took tickets, and did so for the rest of the day. That's like 5 hours of ticket taking. Ick.

QUESTION- is there some sort of hack or tool that I can use to swap my entire journal between public and friends-only? Because that'd be DAMN useful.

My language has gone down the tubes. Somewhat amusing, IMO.

Found out I work friday-monday, but opening. So I get off at 6. (and I don't start at 8, hooray). BUT THAT MEANS I CAN GO TO THE BOOK PARTY. So yay.

I think I'ma wear jeans, my SBP t-shirt, and my Gryffindor scarf. So find me. XD

Um um um...crap. No idea. Had something else I was going to talk about, but can't remember.

Tata, loves.
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Few things of note recently...

Little kids do and say the darndest things. I know, it's an overused phrase, but SERIOUSLY.

So. Fantasic Four came out yesterday, right? I hear it's pretty craptastic according to reviews. It's free for me. I'll see it regardless.

Point is that we have buttons. Advertising and such, you know? (I almost typed 'yanno', crazy irish bloke is rubbig off on me, messing with my grammar. Damn him.) But, it's on the right side of my check. over my boob.

Little boy wants button.

Little boy grabs button.


Little boy's mother makes very, very funny face and pulls him away.

I'm far too amused, sorry.

The other little kid story was a little girl asking me if I had kids. Well, that's backwards. Usually people think I AM a kid. Like, 14. I'm disturbed if she thought 14-year-olds should have kids. Still sucks that I'm 19 and look 14, but hey.

In other Fantastic Four ramblings- that is the most annoying thing to say rapidly and repeatedly. Stuttering City. Yikes. Had to change things up CONSTANTLY while tearing tickets. Got a lot of laughs this morning because I was halg asleep, dropping things, and unable to spit anything out.

I made a lot of popcorn today.

OTHER NEWS. My brain...has gone somewhere odd. I keep cracking sex jokes. What the hell?

Very raunchy and ahrd to follow unless you brain is very deeply in the gutter sex jokes.

Okay, who stole my brain? I'd like it back.

...I made sex jokes about BOOKS.

Something is wrong with me.

I'm abusing the enter key.



Jul. 5th, 2005 01:12 pm
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Wow, I seriously need to start using my alarm clock again. So, I don't *have* to wake up or anything, but it's rather silly that I typically stay in bed until past noon. Quite silly at that.

In other news! Car still looks ridiculous without hubcaps, but there's little point in replacing them at the moment because they'd likely just get stolen again. >.< I need some that are almost impossible to get off. That would be good.

I'm making full use of this whole 'You can go to the movies for free!' deal. I went the past two days because I was off. XD Same manager took my name both times too, so he got a good laugh out of it. I saw Bewitched and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They were both really fun! Good humor.

BUT OMG! I saw the RENT trailer BOTH TIMES! I completely spazzed. I AM SO EXCITED. Look at me, this is a pitiful obsessed person. What's funny is that mum seems to be looking forward to it as well...I told her she'd prolly have to take birdy when it comes out. She was cool with that. I think she's decided that she hears it enough, but never really pays attention and would actually like to fin out what it's ABOUT.

You know what drives me batty? The fact it was in Augusta before I got obsessed with it, and therefor MISSED it. Arg.

Right, I need to take a shower, get dressed, and pester financial aid again. Toodles.
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Someone. Stole. My fucking. HUBCAPS.

Yes, my hubcaps. I was at work, it's one am, I'm walking out to my car with one of the managers (female walking through dark parking lot alone = not a good idea), I point out my car, get closer and state "...I HAD hubcaps..." Get up to it. "I had FOUR hubcaps. Earlier today even." Some idiot apparantly saw the need to steal the factory default hubcaps off of my car.

I mean, seriously! They have little 'VW's on them, so unless they HAVE a Volkswagon, what's the point? It would look pretty damn silly. I am so confused.

My manager called the police on duty and I filed the report. Both of the cops looked pretty baffled too. I mean, who the HELL steals hubcaps?!

This makes NO sense and truly is far too incredibly stupid to happen.

And so, of course, it happens to ME.
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hehe, sorry I haven't been updating, but the job has been slowly killimg me. Or killing my feet at the very least prompting me to spend all my not-working time whinging about my feet instead of typing in here...

So, basically, I'm an usher at the moment. Supposedly they're goin to train me in concessions sometime soon. *shrugs* But I've been working until midnight, or close to it, for the past three days. Standing on my feet for about 7 hours solid. Thus, the hurting feet.

But I come home to a lot of fun, typically. I go into the OutMinds chatroom. And my brain dies. Seriously, it dies. XD But I have a blast. I just want to tell you all that Rabid and Chris are the FUNNIEST people to talk to, especially in the middle of the night. Originally, I had decided that Rabid was a male version of myself. However, I have now come to the conclusion that he is the [livejournal.com profile] shoebox_project version of Sirius Black personified. And that I am Remus Lupin. And it was decided last night that Chris is James. I think Jamie might be Peter. It's hysterical. Nicknames run rampant! I've become Meg, Meggers, Megel, all similar variations, Lila (occasionally), Remus, Moony, Moons, MOOOOOOOOOOOOONY!, and also, all similar variations. It far too fun, seriously.

I slept until 1:00 this afternoon though. That was crazy! I just didn't bother to set an alarm and figured I'd get up when I was no longer sleepy. Didn't expect that to be past non, really. Hehehehehe. But yay for sleep!

While I was sleeping, mum went to the grocery store! WE HAVE FRAPS AGAIN! YAY. *is very happy*

Um, I am slowly running out of things to say...ahahahaha. I like life. I just wish there was more sleeping time. Or that time stopped when I went to sleep. So that then I could have like, 24 hours to do stuff, and still sleep...hrm. Interesting idea, don't you think?

Oh dear, Laura's grumpy. And has been grounded all day. There's literally a soap-opera outside my open bedroom door. I didn't really want to watch TV right now. Hrm. Not nice.

Sorry, rambling. Tata all!

Is it a bad thing that 23 out of my current 34 icons are based on [livejournal.com profile] shoebow_project? The current one I quoted numerous times last night.


Jun. 27th, 2005 11:10 pm
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I have *finally* managed to get a job! One that isn't working for my dad. One that I went out, applied for, and ACTUALLY GOT. I am so excited.

I'm working in the Regal 20! AHHH! I have orientation tomorrow, no clue waht I'm doing yet. Updates then!

Life's going SWELL. No kidding. It rocks.

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