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Dec. 9th, 2011 08:50 pm
themegaloo: (SBP- It's Lunatic)
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Ok, so for the past four out of five days, I have had headaches. (Yesterday was the one where I didn't.) They have started sometime between 3 and 5pm, and lasted most of each evening. The circumstances of the days were all different (hair appointment, work, trip out to Little Washington to visit a tiny british imports store, slept in and did nothing at home.)

Painkillers have had little to NO effect. So long as I am still and things are quiet, it's tolerable. If I move, tilt my head wrong, etc, throbbing pain.

I can see NO REASON for this, but it's ridiculously annoying. Any ideas out there? All I can think of is the weather has been shifting back and forth a bit, or maybe there is some sort of allergen in the air (though that wouldn't explain why this didn't happen last year when I worked in the same place, slept in the same bed, lived in the same room, ate the same basic things, etc) I thought perhaps it was my glasses, but it started today before I ever even put them on or did anything to require them. I got in the shower, that's all. Maybe sinuses? I HAVE NO IDEA. I just want them to stop :(
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