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I got my hair cut. Like, a lot. I now have what the hairdresser called a "reverse bob." Which, in other words, it means that it's REALLY SHORT in the back, and still pretty lengthy in the front. If by lengthy you mean about two inches past my chin. Which I do.

Basically it's adorable and I love it and I'd show you pictures but I haven't taken any yet as my camera is in Statesboro and I am not.

Which is the other thing. I'm in Augusta for the time being. Tomorrow my youngest sister graduates from high school! :O! SHE MADE IT! I'm proud. XD She's a lot more...normal than me. Ahahahaha. That's not hard though, I guess.

It hasn't been too bad up here for me. Robin's gone a little crazy trying to adjust, which I understand entirely, but I guess I'm kinda used to it now. Home and school are just very different lifestyles. But then, my school isn't my school anymore so I'm going to have to deal with that sooner or later. As much I don't want to. I love it there and miss everyone already. But! Steph and Terrell are coming up on Sunday evening and then we're going to RENFEST! With Snuzzie. Who I am QUITE LITERALLY kidnapping from Atlanta. I don't think I'd mentioned that. :D

Oh yeah, Snuzz. That's who's coming, BTW. Stephanie is amazing in every way possible and Terrell is a redneck smartass southern gentleman. Yes, it will be interesting. And I do believe Hunter will be meeting us up there too. Which means things will definitely be AMUSING. Whoop!

I even brought my Renfest pirate costume up to Atlanta with me so I could wear it! Can you tell I am excited about this? I am excited about this. I love Renfest so much. *_* I need to find a pirate hat while I'm there. It's a necessity. Yes.

Annnd that's all for now, I believe!!
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So Snuzz like, obviously BELIEVES IN CHAT POSTING. When it's hilarious. And I get to post because she apparently doesn't want to be the annother annoying LJer spamming you with chatsnippets.

But at least I lj-cut.

This is for all you die-hard Y!M chatters )

IN OTHER NEWS. I started watching TeniMyu and have been infinitely amused.

Also, Grandma is in town and has comandeered my room, thus I am roomless and mostly lacking MY computer, so if I'm slow at things, have pity.

Second of all, I love you all. ♥


Apr. 10th, 2007 02:45 am
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I think I love re-watching the Rikkai matches with Snuzzie.

Though between anticipation at re-seeing things and NOT SPOILING IT FOR SNUZZ...

I think I'm going to die. ^^; Hahaha

Oh man I love this show. *_____* And Fuji. holyshit. Falling in love all over again, ftw.

Also, Saiyuki is ridiculously pretty and I think I want to marry Hakkai, kthx. omfgggggg.

*collapses in a fit of love for anime/manga characters and ignores RL*


Apr. 9th, 2007 03:21 pm
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AT HOME. Have been since yesterday evening, not that's it's overly noticable. I mean, I'm still online. XD There are so many computers at my house that it's silly. I have comandeered the laptop and now I WANT ONE KTHX. ;___; Sitting in the living room curled up with it on my lap? Perfection.

An interesting observation from the other night by Snuzzie:

Gimmjaw = Atobe. OMFG. XD Too funny. XD

I'm kinda lacking in other amusing things to write about and therefore will prolly stop writing before I make some truly atrocious typo where I somehow drag the cursor back and start typing in the middle of the sentence.

Because for some reason, I do that on this computer. >.>

Still cold. Evil. I eagerly await the return to proper April weather.

OH. And I actually went to church.

Yeah, that's right. Fall over in shock now.

I'll get the smelling salts.
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So. Me and Snuzz just spent the better part of half an hour trying to be able to sing along with Wonderful Days.

Yeah, that ending from PoT.




....and I will prolly have no use for it except to sing it at Snuzz. Constantly.

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Or not, because I'm sure I've had far randomer entries.


chat snippet )

But, that is amoung many funny things of the day. I woke up about five minutes before I had to run to class on entirely not enough sleep and somehow managed to survive German. Next stop: Starbucks. Where they now recognize me easily and will probably soon have both my name and order memorized. Then off to write a SA tag because even if Snuzz and Riah FAIL at this jump starting thing, I am still logging with Riah. Actually. That's done. I need to go write an ENTRY and we can comment spame. I love the ByaRen there. sofun.

BUT. Then was geology, which I did NOT survive and instead napped through half of, waking up to see a picture of a coffin in someone's front yard. Floods and all, yanno. Popped down after class to tell the prof the toilet story.

The Toilet Story )

So after that I head back to the dorm for my 2 hour break, make a necessary pit-stop for diet coke because I was OUT and manage to not find time to take a nap. Heading back out to class, I run into Mark, an old friend from HS. The following conversation ensued [something along these lines at least]:

I am a lit geek with strong opinions )

There's a reason I mentioned that, I'll get there in a minute. And Brit Lit was brilliant and I ended up laughing SO MANY TIMES just because my prof is this short British lady that just bowls over anything that could spark controversy in the Bible Belt and makes it a laugh. She's great. I love her.

Then there was a break in which I sat with Kathrine in the Newton breezeway upstairs, as we do, oh, every monday and wednesday and this big cloud of flower petals blows by and I internally go BYA *____* because I'mma dork, but it's ruined, of course, when Katy asks what all the crap flying around is. Ah, well.

Then I had Lit&Rev, which started with the prof entering, looking around and shouting "HAIL SATAN!" because we've been reading The Master and Margarita which really isn't bad at all. Class progress, he compares this globe that the book's version of Satan has to a Planitir [you know, LotR] and then goes on about how it's this little microcosim and ending with "HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS"

Point of the Mark bit. Heading back OUT of class and towards the dorm, I run into Mark AGAIN. Stalker jokes ensue. Which is hilarious for all the well, recent stalker jokes in chat about me. Strange Bleach conversation where he mistakes Ichigo for a blonde and can't remember his name to save his life. Not too much there except the stalker bit, which was a bit awesome.

MOVING ON, few hours to myself after that in which I tell half of this to Snuzz and Riah before REHEARSAL OHNOES. But of course, the main reason I keep going to every. single. one. of those is that they are HILARIOUS.

Best moment today: Dylan, the one gay guy on the cast got bored waiting for his part. He takes a metal pole used for practice sparring into the studio next store and starts twirling it. He drops it. Gobo goes "DAMN GAYS!" [it's all in good fun, we all love Dylan] and as indignant shouts are heard, Kenneth chimes in "The just drop their poles for anyone." Dylan enters and starts scolding GOBO which is hilarious considering how benign that comment was in comparison to Kenneth's and then eventually turns to Kenneth, scolds him, stalks off, comes back and CRACKS UP.

As we are all lying on the floor hyperventilating with laughter.

And there are more funnies but this is enough for one post, I think.



Mar. 24th, 2007 01:36 am
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What do you get when you put me, [ profile] snuzzie, [ profile] fieryfaerie86 and [ profile] _tehriah on the phone together AT THE SAME TIME?

Lots of technical difficulties.

And so long and thanks for all the fish.


Mar. 23rd, 2007 11:36 am
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I should, you know. Make an effort at least to sleep before tests.

Even if I still finish in 15 minutes flat and am the first person to make my way awkwardly out the door.

This is why I like taking easy core classes Junior year that have SCANTRON TESTS still. Makes up for all the lsdkjalksjdhjkasd crazy long essay tests that leave my fingers sore for hours. [I will never, ever forget taking THREE ESSAY EXAMS IN ONE DAY. My hand felt weird for like, a WEEK and by the third, my handwriting was shit]

In regards to my previous entry, it was very, very worth it. But I'm not telling why. Because, well. I had to do THAT. I sold my soul.

But I have something to add. :|

WHILE SNUZZ may indeed by Surpreme Dictator, even Surpreme Dictators are subject to Gods. Even if they be the generally benevolent and jovial sorts.

Because, really. This one makes the Snuzz go "..................." even more than I do. It's sort of amazing.

Three guesses who and the first don't count. Perhaps I may be bribed into another post. Perhaps.

sakdjhasjdh downfall of short, easy tests is having NOTHING TO DO for the rest of the hour. *sits in computer lab and twiddles thumbs* Oh, and the little scrolly thing on this mouse is broke. Lame.

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