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Jun. 16th, 2008 06:52 pm
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So it's been a few days since I updated, and I've finally come to the conclusion that I was, in fact, still drunk when I did so as less than two hours later I was attacked by the worst hangover of my life. I didn't empty my stomach again, but I felt like I should for the next two days. Trust me. Not an experience I intend to repeat. And I have a nice reminder of it on my wrist too as I discovered that I apparently burned myself with a cigarette at some point. It took some asking for me to find someone who remembered me doing it, because I sure as hell don't. But it's there clear as day--burn mark just to the hand-side of my wrist bone. Whoops!

So I stayed in Statesboro until Friday and drove home after it got dark. Let me tell you, I cannot even DESCRIBE how much more bearable that was. You all heard my whining about how I was going to die on the way down. People are not meant to be in shiny metal cars with no AC when the temperature is a solid 100+ degrees out. I don't want to know the heat index. *shudder* Driving home was in the 80's. SO MUCH BETTER. And the hangover was gone. Which also made life better.

But then, oh then! I woke up on Saturday morning to the CRAMPS from hell! Woe is me, the world hates my abdominal muscles this week! And that part wasn't even my fault! It's just the joy of being utterly female. So I am finally entirely UN-queasy and UN-cramped today for the first time since, oh. A week ago. Huzzah.

So I went out job hunting! Right now I'll be content with JUST ABOUT ANYTHING. I even tried for the liquor store. Which wasn't hiring but hey, I tried. I think I've got a good shot at some restaurant work though, which would be fun. I bet I could get good tips! I am very bright and cheerful. Usually. As long as I don't actually KNOW you. If I know you I feel that I have free reign to make fun of you for weeks.

One good thing that came of Saturday and the Cramps of Death, however, is that while having a girly chocolate movie night with my mom, she brought down this blanket that was MEANT to be mine months ago but was stolen by my sister who now decided she doesn't want it.

It is huge. It is fluffy. It is like a million teddy bears have been sacrificed and skinned to provide me with the most comfortable blanket in the world. Really, not a wise thing to give me if ou want me to get out of bed ever. O! how it is comfortable. It's like a series of teddy bears puked up all that is good and right in the world just for my immense comfort. And O! how I love it. And O! how jealous you all should be.

And on a final note which still embarrasses me a bit: I read and enjoyed all the Twilight books last week. They're strangely addictive and yes, I am horrified at myself that I put down m Joyce to read those instead. And yet, I cannot be unhappy about it because it was fun. And everyone I hold dear IRL has simultaneously decided to become obsessed with them so it's like, my life is full of Twilight and I don't even NEED fandom. Which is fun.

Oh wait! That is not my final note! I have been reading Harry Potter fanfiction like it's going out of style for OVER A MONTH NOW and I simply MUST give you ALL my opinion on the final Big Bang.

It is huge. It is fantastic. And nothing can ever, EVER measure up to Creevey at Large. It is the best thing ever. Ever ever ever. Dennis Creevey is my new homeboy. He is amazing. And MOON! CLOWNS. MOON. OH GOD! If you even have a passing interesting in Harry/Draco fanfic and love really big really creative really FUNNY fanfictions, READ IT NOW. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!

Okay. I'm done now.

I should do this more often to SAVE YOU FROM THE HUGEEEE.




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So I started writing this yesterday just as a fic. And then the ploy to make Gray possessed and post it emerged, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nickelodeon, and now that's died down for a minute so, HERE HAVE SOME FIC!

Title: Totally Normal
Rating: Like, PG/PG-13??
Pairing: Natsu/Gray
Summary: Oh just read it. It's silly and fun. :D

Once upon a time in Fairy Tail... )

If you're curious and want to see the EPIC FALL-OUT of the RP post, it's HERE Warning, it's about 300 comments of Gray and Natsu trying to rip eachothers heads off. :D


Apr. 15th, 2008 01:10 pm
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So some crap went down on Sunday that has completely destroyed my typically LONG FUSE for annoyances. I think I've gotten more pissed off in the past two days than I have all semester. Which isn't cool.

See, I take massive issue with people forgetting I exist while I'm sitting right in front of them in my own living room. Suffice it to say that I sat there and yelled at the lot of them, even the ones who didn't deserve it (Jesse is the best person in the world for just sitting there and then hugging me. He's like an awesome giant teddy-bear. And I mean giant, the boy's ridiculously tall.). Buuuut yeah. If it didn't sin into their heads I might have to make heads roll.

Hi. I have a temper. And a loud voice.

But since then things that are generally minor annoyances have really set me off and it's at once frustrating and embarrassing because I take PRIDE in being relatively level-headed, for being comic relief, for not getting involved in icky wangsty stuff unless it's completely unavoidable. I don't LIKE confrontation, but I'm not afraid of it, yanno? Cause I always have surprise on my side but if I don't get this temper flare to GO THE HELL AWAY....shock will no longer be my friend in bending idiots to my way of thinking.

Parts of Sunday evening were hilarious though. Mostly when Bailey did this blue air-pink air relaxation exercise thinger (which was hilarious in its own right because I was just listening to her and it sounded like a mixture of a fucked up version of Mr. Bubbles and a sex dream) and halfway through she spots a cockroach on the wall, shakes my foot, points it out, and keeps on going until the end when she said in the SAME CALM VOICE "Now when you're ready, open your eyes...And someone please kill the cockroach." Seeing EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM LEAP in the air was one of the funniest things of my life. Just. Amazing. Plus The Professor (aka Ryan) actually was INTERESTED in the concept of online RPGs. So I got to talk about that for a while. *_*

But yeah, not going into details of why I got angry because it will make me angry again and I'm trying to NOT be pissy, seeing as I have to spend several hours a day with the lot of them until like, Sunday when the show closes.

People are retarded. And piss me off more than getting bumped into in the parking lot an hour ago. That just made me laugh.

HOWEVER!! I did acquire the Chipmunk Adventure soundtrack from RL!Steph yesterday and have every intention of torturing them alllll with it tonight before the show. >D I'm a winnar.

Also, I need to stop RPing until way-later-than-my-bedtime-this-week and write my jump exchange fic which is due, oh, IN A FEW HOURS. I also need to write a research paper proposal which was technically due like, a week ago. Agchk. Not enough time in the day, folks. Not nearly enough.

But Bones last night was amazing. *__* And I need more OP and FT like, now. Come on week, pass faster. Without destroying my brain, preferably. I only just got that back.


Apr. 9th, 2008 11:32 am
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So my matching bag for my laptop came yesterday. *_* IT'S SO NICE! I was digging through it going OO! POCKETS! And the spot where the laptop goes is so sooooft. I want a bed made out of that stuff. No fair, lappy. No fair at all.

Actually I'm just tired and want ANY sort of bed. ;_; I NEED A NAP. MAYBE I'LL GET ONE TODAY. *_* there's nothing left to come to my door and interrupt perfectly good napping time, SO WE SHALL SEEEE~!

Last night was our first dress rehearsal for On Dragonfly Wings. Oh. My. God. You GUYS. You WISH you had costumes as cool as these. I'm a GUPPY and a BUMBLE BEE. It's amazing. Not as amazing as Vince's CRANE COSTUME WITH THE 3 FOOT TALL BIG HEAD THAT HE CAN BARELY SEE THROUGH THE NECK OF, but still pretty amazing. I hauled my laptop there in it's shiny newness with its shiny new bag and made people plonk down in front of the camera. SMILE AT THE FLASHING BLUE LIGHT, GUYS! It was pretty spiffy. I'm really failing at typing on this keyboard in the language lab. My brain is shot to hell and back. This is freaking fantastic.


Enough of that. I found last night that even WITH the whole 1 mbps issue on Shanks [which would be my laptop's name, stfu, it's RED, okay?!?!] I can still RP on it loads faster just because stuff LOADS AS IT SHOULD!!! No clicking a tab or window and waiting forever for it to pull up. *_* A delay on internet response, but not on the COMPUTER ITSELF. *___* It made my life amazing. Life was generally amazing last night except for the point at which I forgot I was actually really tired and forgot to sleep.

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SO as I was typing up an entry yesterday I was interrupted by a knock at the door. I thought little of it, figuring I'd answer it, finish my entry and take a much-needed nap. Clearly that did not happen as the door-knocking fairies saw fit to bring me my new laptop MUCH SOONER THAN I EVER EXPECTED!!! So instead of sleeping, I attempted to make my internet work properly. Note, attempted.

I am having an ISSUE. I connect to our wireless perfectly, Excellent signal strength and everything, which means my speend should be pretty fucking fantastic, right?

Wrong. I get ONE MBPS!!! As a general rule. Occasionally when I fiddle with the settings on my wireless card I can get it to jump up to 11 or 5.5. My other computers typically get 11. So I get minimal, half, or typical. But 90% of the time I'm getting 1 mbps except for when I called Dell last night, finally got a HUMAN BEING and it suddenly jumped to 18.

So. Flist. I could use some IDEAS here. I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT. I've turned IPv6 on and off to no avail, I've swapped between all the wireless modes, I've disconnected, reconnected, rebooted the modem, rebooted the router, changed setting and none of them fixed the problem for a period of longer than five minutes.

I THINK it's an issue where my router is not properly compatible as it was HERE when we moved in and didn't belong to the most dependable of people before that. It's probably a good few years old. Linksys.

specs on everything for personal reference or reference if you think you can FIX this? )

But as I mentioned VERY briefly yesterday, I read Fairy Tail over the weekend. It's cracky and funny, even if the main female is pretty irksome for most of her pagetime. The supporting characters totally make up for it. The premise is SORT of similar to One Piece, but mostly in how the characters act than in any sort of plot. It's about mages. Different magic powers and Fairy tail is one of the Guilds. The crazy guild, of course. And all I think I should have to say to make you all want to read it is this:

Gray Fullbuster has an issue with accidental nudity. See icon to know who I am talking about, though he looks rather disgusted just there. It is suiting as I am disgusted with my internet. >OOO

But yes. That is all. Now to shower and go to work. Whee.

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